April 19, 2017

Yay or Nay: Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette

There isn’t any question, the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette is a cult favorite product that gave birth to an entire line of products and helped Urban Decay venture into a completely new realm of shades that weren’t readily available in the past. Because, let’s face it, Urban Decay is known for their loud, bright, outrageous shades right? But nowadays, I think that the Naked Palette single handedly changed how you think of the brand.

This June, it’ll be seven years since the brand released that faithful palette and gained an entirely new breed of fans in the process.

Do you love Urban Decay’s Naked Eyeshadow Palette? Is it a yay or a nay for you?

Yay for me! I love this palette and although, I have a soft spot for some of its predecessors I still tend to come back to the original time and time again. It’s truly a perfect assortment of flattering nude, natural shades that work with my skin tone beautifully. It also pays home to a great selection of colors that will create a perfect smokier brown look. This is especially brilliant if you simply don’t feel comfortable in a more traditional smoky eye look.

So, yay for me.

How about you?

Do you love the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette?

Or do you not get the hype?

Do share!

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  • Christina D.

    YAY YAY YAY LUV LUV LUV !!! UD and Naked 1 completely revived my interest in prestige brands of makeup.

    But can UD please re-release it in a nice hard case (a la Naked 2 and 3)? I really don’t like the faux brown velvet.

  • Kimmwc03

    Believe it or not, I never bought the 1st one! I like 2 and 3 a lot but I never use them anymore. If they re-release the first one in better packaging I might buy it.

  • Isa

    Believe it or not, I don’t have any Naked palettes! Or any palettes from Urban Decay now that I think about it, although I do have a couple of singles.

    I wasn’t that into eyeshadow or watch much youtube when Naked released, which was why I missed the hype train on that I guess. These palettes have been on my radar the past couple of years, but whenever the Sephora sale rolled around, there were always other products I would rather get instead!

    I don’t think I would ever get a single palette now because since I don’t have any, the vault they release periodically would probably be a better deal. It’s just that I’ve never seen those in Singapore! Hopefully the next vault would be available here, since they just opened a few of their own boutiques in the last year or so.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh my gosh you need at least one 😀 And the vaults are def a great deal for those that don’t have any of the palettes. They seem to release in a weird pattern around the holidays! Hopefully ‘pore gets them at some point!

  • amy

    While I really loved the original, I pretty much stopped using it once Naked 2 came about. However, Naked 2 still wasn’t an ideal “one-and-done” palette for me, and was quickly replaced by NYX Butt Naked palette. Naked 3 was nice, but still not a solid “everyday” palette. Naked Smokey, on the other hand, is the one that gets the most love! It’s actually what I hoped Naked 2 would have been.

    I’m going to Disneyland in a few weeks, and I’ll most likely just take my 4 Naked palettes & 3 Naked Basics palettes. I keep them all in one makeup bag, which I tend to grab when I’m in a rush.

  • Ruth

    totally yay!! I still continually use naked 1 & 2, 3 not so much. the quality hasn’t changed for the time that I’ve had the pallets and they go on just like the shadows are brand new. When I got Naked 1, it was my first expensive to me pallet & my gateway drug into the make up world, but I couldn’t bring myself to use it for weeks! I’d take it out of the box, marvel over all the beautiful colors, close the lid, and put it back in the box. complete nonsense!

  • Leah

    Definite yay, but the packaging is pretty awful. I enjoy the 1, 2, and 3 pretty equally. They are actually different enough to all have a place in my collection!

  • kjh

    Will I be the only nay? Like 2 & 3 far better. I’m coolish and my eyes are rather deep set. it gets muddy, unless I consciously pat only, with a tiny diffuse at the edges. The only brown palette I ever truly liked was kvd monarch. RIP, monarch. Taupes are a far better way to go for me…the ultimate palette being Zoeva En Taupe.

    • Randi MacDonald

      I’m pretty sure Monarch is on sale at the Kat Von D website.

  • Chris

    I only own the Naked Basics2 and the Naked Smoky palettes. I think they are great.

  • Jess

    That’s a big NAY from me. It made the whites of my eyes look yellow, my skin look patchy, and just gave me an overall sick look. I bought it before I realized that warm tones don’t work for me. Now I’m older and wiser and only buy cool toned makeup. I ended up giving this away.

  • Carol G

    Yay for me! I love it. UD eyeshadows are some of my favorite. This is a must-own for any makeup wearer, be it a newbie or a veteran. Can’t go wrong with nudes.

  • Allie

    Nothing really calls to me in that palett and it is way to expensive. I do have 3. It was a gift and I love pink eyeshadow. So many more affordable “Naked/warm toned” paletts out there.

  • Kim

    The original one is a big yay for me. I think it’s the first neutral palette I ever own. It took a while to get it in Canada. To be honest, I don’t use it anymore, but I still have it. I should revisit sometimes, I do enjoy the color scheme and you can do a lot of different looks that are great for everyday and evening. I tried the Naked 2, big meh for me as my skin is super warm tone. Naked 3 is okay. I really liked it when it was first released and used it the day of my wedding (a friend lend it to me). For some reason, I never bought it and I don’t need it in my collection. I never tried the smokey one. I had the Naked Basics the original. I ended up giving it away because it is too cool tone for me. And I never tried the Naked 2 Basics. So I guess the overall opinion is more of an average okay lol, but really, I think there is a palette for almost everyone and they are not meant to fit everyone. And it’s a good place to start if someone would like to invest in a nice eyeshadow palette to use everyday and doesn’t have a ton of makeup already.

  • Christian

    The UD Naked palette was my first palette ever. I bought it around my 17 th birthday and still use it in almost every eye look ( yes the same 6 year old palette). I love colorful eye looks so all of my other palette are full color and I always brink the naked for neutral colors and transition shades. Also because urban decay’s formula lasts so long on my crazy oily eyelids I’ll sometimes put the naked colors down as a base just to make my other eyeshadow last longer.

  • Carrie

    Yay!!! I have Naked 3, the basics 1 and 2 and the newer one. (I forget what it’s called at the moment.) I happen to love Urban Decay’s formulas and I tend to prefer neutral/natural looks.

  • Lindsey

    I love the original Naked palette. That is what I turn to the most for quick everyday looks. So it is a staple for me. 🙂

  • Nat

    Big ‘ole yay from me. I have 1 and 3 and have used those palettes more than any other in my collection. 🙂

  • Brandy

    I don’t own any Urban Decay palettes, but I’m looking into buying one of the Naked Basics for my birthday next month since I don’t have any all matte palettes. I’m not sure which of the Naked Basics is more cool toned though. It’s hard to tell in pics.

  • Thea

    Nay on one and two (browns look bad bad bad on me), but I use three all the time. First eyeshadows I’ve ever hit pan on.

  • AJ

    Bought 1 and 2 when they were the only palettes available and on sale at Ulta–and let my niece pick one of them for herself. These palettes included lip glosses I think, and they had those wonderful eye brushes. We both really love them. The formula creamy and the shades are beautiful. This was just before L’Oreal bought UD, so I haven’t purchased any since. I have seriously lusted for Naked 3 and finally my conscience found a substitute: Makeup Revolution’s imitation palettes. They are just $7 or $8 and beautiful, too. The quality, of course, is not the same. I would love to purchase another Naked 2 but I just can’t.

  • Listie

    I only own the first one and I love it!
    I don’t use it anymore because my mom took it, but it is now my go-to whenever I do my make up at her place.

  • Lorraine. E.R

    Yay! Fo sho. I’ve only had it for a year and a half and I love it, it’s the first all-neutral palette I own. It’s just SO useful and pretty. It’s funny you posted this because I’ve been using it the past week straight!