April 6, 2017

Yes to Coconut Hydrate & Restore Ultra Hydrating Sheet Mask Review

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

I finally got around to try out the Yes to Coconut Hydrate & Restore Ultra Hydrating Sheet Mask ($3.29) that Yes To introduced last year. I know, I’m so damn lat Yes To has been on a roll releasing an assortment of different masks lately for not only your face but even your eyes and lips that are both available in sheet and cream formulas.

No one can say I’m not a create of habit when it comes to life and skincare. After a long work day on Monday, I typically keep to the same weekly schedule which includes an early dinner with my friend Nikki where we proceed to eat the same exact thing every week (caesar salad and Bass Alison at Carbone) and home in time to catch Antique Roadshow. The only thing that changes during my Monday routine is the face or cream mask I decide to use that night but no matter what I always mask on Mondays (and a few other days of the week). For whatever reason, Monday has become a time I overindulge and spoil my skin. Typically this means a good cleansing, exfoliating, and of course, multi-masking with a cream and a sheet mask.

I love the idea of these because who doesn’t like a quick, cheap way to indulge your skin right? Pick up a few, slap them on while watching Antique Roadshow, and love your skin after.

Right? Well, maybe not so much.

I am an avid Asian sheet mask girl. I love the instant, visible (yet sometimes fleeting) results. I use them two or three times a week religiously. So, when US brands started dipping their toes into the sheet mask game I became very excited. But so far, I haven’t really been impressed with the offerings.

Yes to Coconut Hydrate & Restore Ultra Hydrating Sheet Mask is definitely one such disappointment. Before I rant it, I must say that the Yes to Coconut range has been promising thus far! I’m not found of the Yes to Coconut Micellar Water they recently introduced but the Yes to Coconut Ultra Hydrating Facial Souffle Moisturizer and Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Overnight Eye Balm were incredible offerings!

This is a drier mask and isn’t as heavily saturated with essence as many Asian Sheet Masks are. A few reader’s recently told me they felt like Asian Sheet Masks are a bit too slippery and a bit too saturated for them. I guess I’m used to it, I just love a good slick facial mask. This is a lot more drier so, you won’t have essence dripping down your neck while you wear it.

If you never tried a sheet mask before it’s typically a single use cotton fiber mask that’s saturated with essence which can be worn anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. After you’ll remove it, toss it out, and gently pat the extra essence into your skin (Don’t wash your face after! Just follow up with your normal skincare routine). I didn’t love the fit of this mask. The mouth area and the eye area was a little too larger and the mask didn’t adhere to my skin very well and kept peeling off at the sides and bottom portion. Sheet masks should be thin enough to adhere to your face like a second skin but not so thin they’ll tear. Sadly, this seemed a little too larger in certain areas and kept slipping off because it wasn’t terribly wet. It does have a very strong tropical tanning oil fragrance. It was pleasant enough but sensitive users will be disturbed by it.

I got the ten minutes in but after three minutes I was ready to remove it because it burns and tingles a good deal. My skin is pretty tough so, I didn’t come out of the experience with any redness nor did I have blemishes that popped up after. But this wasn’t a relaxing experience. It feel quite uncomfortable wearing it and I wouldn’t recommend it for sensitive users (or anyone else either for that matter). After removing it I didn’t feel like I experience any intense moisture or hydration that it promised.


I think Yes To is on to a great thing with these single use sheet and cream masks. They are budget friendly and nice to have around for a quick skin indulgence. The marketing is great, the price is fab, and the packaging is adorable. The formulas? That needs a lot of work because many of these masks aren’t that great sadly.

Yes to Coconut Hydrate & Restore Ultra Hydrating Sheet Mask is one I’d recommend skipping out on.

Yes to Coconut Hydrate & Restore Ultra Hydrating Sheet Mask is available now at ulta.com and target.com!
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I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Susan

    Sorry, the mask didn’t work for you. I picked up the coconut eye balm based your review and I love it. Just right for me under my makeup. I have to try more offerings in the sheet mask department. My skin has been a little drier lately. Love your blog and all the work you put into it!

  • Brittany

    Omg! I thought I was the only one experiencing the burning sensation. I kept it on my face for about 2 min. And then had to take it off. I don’t consider myself to have sensitive skin but this left my skin red, burning and sticky. I had to rinse my skin a couple mins. After taking the mask off. Just horrible. And I love sheet masks.

    • Isabella Muse

      nope, you aren’t alone! A lot of their masks tingle and burn 🙁 and I’m not even sensitive! I rinsed with cool water too!!!!!!!!! Def not rebuying this one!

  • Susan

    I usually prefer the Korean ones too. And am I just a cheap bee-yotch because I hate paying more than $1-2 apiece?? My fave sheet mask is probably the Benton Snail Bee one — I swear that one must be full of hallucinogenic drugs because as soon as I put one on I get so relaxed I don’t hear what’s going on around me and almost fall asleep. Also love any honey sheet mask.

  • Amy Baldwin

    Thank you for the review, I thought the same about this mask, actually it was my first time withva sheet mask and I did not enjoy the experience.
    You came to mind when I bought the mask, thinking to myself “I bet Muse would like this one” it was so wet and it moved and …yuck , didn’t like it. I’m happy to hear it’s not Muse approved 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      I feel so sad you experienced sheet masks for the first time like this because I promise you’ll really love them! It’s just this one sucked 🙁 Sorry dear! haha 😀 I’m glad the first thing that came to your mind was me 😀

  • Hayley

    I bought this mask, but after reading another review that said they felt it burned, and now your review that says it burns, I just want to toss it!! What’s the point of a moisturizing mask if it burns?!

  • Silvia

    I will be staying away from Yes to whatever. I think although I hardly breakout only sometimes (mostly during pms) and have combination skin normal/dry might be a bit sensitive to some products. I developed a reddish burn rash while using Regenerist yep! in the red bottle! Lately I tried Que Bella/clarifying cucumber peel off mask andxwhike it left my face super clean i didn’t notice any moisterire benefit and did have a few teeny pumps afterwards. Have to be careful with those masks. My daughter introduced me to my first Korean Collagen mask from the store Daiso Japan (the envelope is a bright pink and contains 7 sheets) that stuff is awesome! Lots of moisture and just softness and thus is a cheap one. Can’t wait to try others!
    So No to Yes whatever or Que Bella for me it it did not leave me ‘bella’ Lol!
    Thanks so much for the advice Muse!