May 15, 2017

Benefit Lemon Aid Discontinued

It’s true Benefit Lemon Aid is discontinued. Can we have a few moments of silence for a most beloved beauty product? Earlier last week, someone emailed me and asked, “Is Benefit Lemon Aid discontinued?” And I was quick to answer, “No, of course not!”

You see, I knew that Benefit was repackaging a lot of their core concealers like Boi-ing and Erase Paste and they have plans on releasing some sort of new eye brightening product. Lord knows, my concealer life started with Boi-ing! I was obsessed with it for a very long time but for some reason it stopped working on my drier eyes and it’s been many years since I used it.

Update: Benefit Lemon Aid is available for $15 with Free Shipping at

But one my love never, ever died for Lemon Aid. It’s a cult product that I honestly never dreams that Benefit would discontinue.

After that e-mail I got to thinking about some comments a few reader’s made back in December saying that Lemon Aid was going to be axed. I shrugged it off at the time but after that e-mail I was like hmmm…..

Wasn’t Lemon Aid also going to be repackaged during the Boi-ing/Erase Paste reboot? I automatically assumed that was the case but I got worried so, I decided to ask Benefit directly.

And they confirmed it, Lemon Aid is not coming back.

I am beyond devastated. It’s a product I use every single day on my eyelids. I love how it brightens up my eye area and preps it for makeup. Hell, some people even contour with it! I couldn’t believe that they would be discontinuing a product that is beloved by so many Bene Babes.

But sadly, it’s true. Lemon Aid is gone….!

If you search online it shows as out of stock at many larger retailers such as Ulta and Sephora.

I haven’t technically checked in stores yet. I’ve been meaning to get out there and grab at least five pots because it disappears forever.

I sure hope that Benefit comes out with something similiar but their new eye brightener doesn’t appear to have a yellow in the lot.

We shall see!

Will you miss Lemon Aid?

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  • Kimmyyy

    I have to admit that it ticks me off when companies discontinue products that they’ve had around for a while. I can’t imagine they can’t afford to keep a few products around just because they don’t sell quite as well, especially a huge company like Benefit. It makes me reluctant to really fall in love with anything since it may just up and vanish one day, and it’s not like you can really haul several as backups unless you use them before they expire.

    • Michele

      I agree! I was in Macy’s and tried to replace it and they told me that they were repackaging it, wish the salespeople knew what was up… I am so sad!!! My makeup just doesn’t set the same way these days!!

  • Jane

    I’m old enough to remember when Benefit had a catalogue and Glamazon liquid bronzer and a few other things that seemed a lot more interesting. I’ve completely checked out in regards to their products now. The daughters seem less good at this.

    My condolences on the loss of a makeup staple. Having a hoard is well and good, but it’s always better when it’s fresher.

    • Isabella Muse

      I remember the catalogs πŸ˜€ Sigh those were the days!

    • Lisa S.

      I’m showing my age, but I’m from San Francisco and shopped with them when it was “The Face Place”.

  • Robin

    I like this product!!! I got about a week’s worth of product left. So sad.

  • Carol W

    I started using ELF Cover Everything Concealer in Yellow when my local Ulta was out of the Lemon Aid. Worked well enough I never went back.

    • Alexandra Roth

      Thank you for the tip! I too am bereft. I bought Jane Iredale eyeshadow base in lemon, but it’s very sheer and not a concealer. Lemon Aid was one of my fave products ever. I’m gong to try the ELF on your rec.

    • Penny Walsh

      Thank you Carol! I’ll give it a try! Penny W

  • Aimee

    When I first used Lemon Aid in 2002, it totally changed my life. It was my HG for years, and then I just stopped using it. Nothing works like it did!

  • Breyerchic04

    I was always disappointed that yellow products like this and soft ocre don’t work for me. So I’m thrilled by newer peachy correctors. But I am sad for the loss of it for fans

  • Isa

    Lemon Aid was the first eye primer I ever used. I remember liking the colour but I found it difficult to spread. I suspect that’s because it wasn’t a full size; it was just an open pan in one of their cardboard kits that contained several products and it dried out because that kind of packaging is just not kind to cream products. I didn’t like it enough to get a full size but it’s always a sad day when a beloved product gets discontinued!

  • kjh

    Better check mine. It’s so old, that it’s in a square package. Never liked it much, though I used a lot of boi-ing back in the day. Occ could use it as a primer for warm shadows. But on undereye, didn’t blend in well. Looked like pale yellow over blue circles. Gorgeous, as you might imagine. Also used my share of erase paste. That was corrector before people even referred to corrector. I’m so old I had my makeup done by Jane (one of the twin founders) at Bendel’s. Neither of them seem to exist any more! Jane did a safe, midtone, boring face. Didn’t like her color choices at all! The daughters’ lines don’t excite me much, either. Not a brow person. Guess, no, know, won’t miss lemon aid at all. Total miss for me.

    • Jane

      Hi thks for remembering me… Jane, one of the co-founding sisters that gave you a boring makeover?? I think I recall you. It was a Saturday right? Yep, lets give it another try at it.. xox j

  • Leslie

    OMG…feeling devastated! I actually just discovered Lemon-Aid about a year ago…love, love, love it! Nothing brightens up my eyes like it. Sad day….let’s mourn Muse πŸ™

  • Tippy6

    Muse, an outstanding replacement for Benefit Lemon Aid is Ben Nye Media Pro Crème Highlight in Banana-shade # MCH-10. Years ago, I used Lemon Aid and then discovered the Ben Nye and it is much, much better and the cost is extremely reasonable at CRC for a .35oz/10 gram compact . I use an Urban Decay Pro Finger brush to apply and it goes on very smoothly and blends like a dream. Hope this helps.

      • Tippy6

        You are very, very welcome. Just want to add that I’ve been following your site for a bit and I commend you on your down-to-earth writing style and you seem to be a REAL person with genuine human qualities that is so difficult to find these days. No pomposity or pretentiousness and I salute it. There are other war paint blogs out there that just annoy me to no end and it’s hard to believe that they’re still alive and kicking; I could name them but won’t. Hats off to you, I truly enjoy your reviews. Keep on keeping it real!

        • Isabella Muse

          Tippy, thanks for making my day! I thrive off of comments like this πŸ™‚ thank you very much! It really made my day and made me feel special that you enjoy what I do here πŸ˜€ xoxoxoxoxo!

    • Misty

      Thank you for this suggestion. I just found out they discontinued Lemon Aid when I tried to buy one for my mother for Christmas. Boo. I was able to order the Ben Nye. It came in time for Christmas and it seems to be a great substitute. So far so good. I’m happy that in my panic, I was able to get some advice.

  • Sharon Starr

    I’m with you and Leslie. Just started using it about a year ago and now obcessed. Guess I’ll just sit and cry today. Why? Why does this happen to me? I hate the thought of going to jail for stealing other people’s stash but I’ll do what I must. Such a sad sad day. Damn.

  • MariMaskScara

    Ulta quit carrying the product about a month ago. So sad!

  • Kris

    They have it in stock at HSN. You could pick up a few spares!!!!

  • Lorraine E.R

    Noooooooo!!! No way. That absolutely stinks!! I’m currently out, ran out a couple months ago but it was at the top of my list of things to buy when I can afford to do a makeup shop trip. I love lemon-aid! I’ve used it for years!! It actually held onto my oily lids and brightened up my entire eye area.

    • Isabella Muse

      THANK GOD! it’s in stock at hsn ;D I got a few pots today! Thanks to Kris for telling me!

  • Silvia

    Keep an eye on TJ Max, Marshalls they might end up there! I don’t own one but if I see it I’ll grab one.

  • Kelly

    I just ordered 5 pods from HSN. Use NEWTOHSN to get $10 off EACH pod. And….free shipping today! Apparently Air Patrol is to replace Lemon Aid. I haven’t tried it yet though.

  • Alexandra Roth

    I found it and bought 3 Lemon Aids! And used the discount code! Thanks, women!

    I’ll tell you what is not an adequate substitute – Jill Iredale eye primer in Lemon. It’s probably okay for what it does, but it’s sheer, so it doesn’t provide coverage of those pesky purple undereye shadows and dark lids like Lemon Aid does. I don’t wear powder shadow, so all I want is color correction under my foundation, which Lemon Aid does a great job on.

    • Isabella Muse

      Thanks for the tip off alexandra πŸ™‚ that’s one I’ll cross off my list!

  • Gingi

    A bit slow to the game. Just realized it was discontinued when I couldn’t reorder from Sephora. Wholeheartedly agree with the other commentators.

    I also remember the days of the paper catalog. The line used to be so much more appealing. Who is making these decisions over there? Don’t think the daughter/ niece are good ambassadors for the line. Though there have been some good additions (Hello Flawless Foundation etc.) the rest is an absolute mess. How many brow products does one line need? A SA I was talking to at Sephora recently was actually joking about their redundant products. Said the line was nothing but brow products, blushes in boxes, and spin off products related to overpriced blushes in boxes.

    Actually rediscovered Lemon Aid during a HSN TS earlier this year which claimed to include the best in the line. Were they just trying to burn through inventory or was the decision made to discontinue only recently? Even works well with a BeautyBlender to bounce away my stubborn redness.

    HSN still seems to carry YBF’s (Model’s Prefer) neutralizing creme. Anyone try? Similar product? Will definitely check out the Ben Nye and stay clear of the Iredale (shame as they make some great products).

    Adore ya Muse. Been reading the site for years.

  • Bee

    I do not understand Benefit. They always discontinue my favorite products. A couple of years ago, they discontinued their entire lipstick line and replaced them with five weird hydra lipsticks that no one ever liked. They also discontinued my favorite face scrub ever. Their sale page looks like they are gearing up for another purge. Are they now discontinuing Coralista? Crazy.

    • Isabella Muse

      POTENTIALLY! because Galifornia launched so that might be their new “coral” blush! I hope not!

  • Jan

    I have been using Lemon Aid for almost 20 years! It is selling online now for $40-$60 for ONE! How can we contact Benefit, which is now owned by LVMH (headquartered in Paris), which in turn is owned by Christian Dior?

    Sometimes companies make a mistake… they hire some new person who makes an unwise decision. This is definitely a mistake, and cannot be a wise decision. It is sometimes the older, standby products that bring people to the Benefit counter. If they don’t have Lemon Aid I doubt I will buy others Benefit products. Let’s let them know! Any takers on trying to get an electronic letter together to Christian Dior senior management? Does anyone have the skills?

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m sure they have a contact email on their website that you can reach out to them using. Perhaps reach out to them via social media and have other fans do the same?

  • Cathlen

    I have called Benefit directly to complain. I know it wont solve it immediately, but if enough people complain maybe they will bring it back. I have been using it for about 20 years. I’m considering never leaving the house again!!!
    Ive tried a couple of the recommended replacement items (air patrol or boing) but they do not work the same at all. They aren’t even the same color so of course its not the same.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh no πŸ™ I’m sorry Cathlen! Try HSN! I purchased five pots to tide me over!

      • Cathleen

        I tried based on the thread here. But they don’t have it anymore πŸ™
        Have you found a suitable replacement yet?

        • Isabella Muse

          damn! sorry! :-/ I haven’t! Not in this perfect a shade of yellow sadly. I’m still hunting for a replacement!

  • Nancy Reno

    Just located some Lemon Aid at Amazon. But typical with Amazon the price is $59.95!! Sorry, as much as I ADORE lemon aid, I will not be taken by Amazon’s gouging!

    • Tippy6

      Amazon is not the entity doing the gouging, it is someone who is using Amazon to sell their wares that is setting the price and doing the gouging. Reliable Wholesalers is the culprit in this case, not Amazon and there are some others out there using Amazon to sell Lemon Aid that are gouging even more.

  • Jennie

    I am so upset!!! I had no idea they were discontinuing this product until I tried to buy a new pot. I have used and loved this product for years. I am down to my last week’s worth. This is such a bummer. Loyal customers should be able to count on a staple such as this. Shame on Benefit!

  • Shellie

    This is so messed up. This is my go-to! One I would wear as my luxury item on Survivor. Why do you ladies do this? First Flamingo Pink and now this? There is no substitute either.

    Unhappy Customer.

    Guess what? Bobbi Brown is stealing your business – for me anyways!

    I don’t like you “ladies” much anymore. Keep Lemonade! Please – for the love of makeup!

    • Emma

      I feel such hate towards Benefit for this. I managed to track some down after over 1.5 hours on-line, hunting like mad! I bought two and they were Β£13 each :O I would have bought more but am not familiar with the site, so until they are in my hand, and on my eyes (:P ) I will wait before ordering more….if they still have any. But for now, I am as happy as a pig in s**t πŸ˜‰

  • Emma

    I feel all you ladies pain! I went to Boots today (UK here) and asked for a Lemon aid (mine has about 2 weeks worth left). The girl on the Benefits counter told me, “Oh we haven’t any”.. (as she searched about 8 drawers, while my stomach churned). Then she dropped the worst news of the day, month, year – “I think they’ve actually discontinued it”. “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”. I nearly fell to my knees! I went straight to John Lewis, hoping to salvage any pots they had in their drawers, it was closed! I tried Debenhams, House of Frazer, to no avail! practically ran home – went straight on-line and have searched (and am still searching) every possible store…….all out of stock. I am truly devastated and actually have tears …yes I really do! I have used Lemon aid for a few years now after nothing ever, ever worked to hide my dark under eye circles. Since I discovered Lemon aid I have gained so much confidence, even wearing my sunglasses less, and people even commented how much younger I looked. This has to be the worst thing Benefit could do! WHY?!!!!!!! Why do they do this? I have been searching for a similar product, but as soon as I think I have found a close match, fairly close, as nothing (imo) will ever live up to Benefit’s Lemon aid, I read more and find it isn’t great. I had a ping up hope reading above (HSN) so immediately added 5 to my basket to then discover they do not ship to the UK. Heartbroken all over again! My husband asked -“What would it be like to me?” I said “It would be like from now there is never going to be any Nespresso coffee delivery ever again!”. He replied………”OMG no, it’s bad, I am so sorry!” πŸ˜‰ I think he understands now. Please help! I am willing to buy the entire remaining stock from anywhere that has it!! Benefit you may have lost a very good customer here, I buy so many of your products, and spent another Β£70 today on a few items, but now I feel a boycott coming on!

  • Emma

    I almost fell to my knees when I was told by the girl on the Benefit counter that there was no more Lemon aid! Devastated was/is an understatement! This was the first, and only, eye saviour I have known in 25 years! I was on a mission and searched the interest until I had a headache. First stop this morning in town was John Lewis – I practically ran up to the counter and said to the girl “You need to save my life, do you have any, just one even, Lemon aid?!” She said “Yes, we do have some!”. She pulled the drawer open and there were 4!! I had to stop myself from kissing her. I bought all 4, plus she threw in some freebies too! I figure these 4, plus the 2 that I ordered last night on-line from some site across the world( have not been holding my breath on those) should last me…humm, oh..5 years?! Then I’ll be on the hunt for it again. Unless, Benefit, you decided to be nice and BRING IT BACK! We love it!!

    • Isabella Muse

      Aw Emma I know how you feel! it’s a fav of mine too! I purchased four backups from HSN recently and hopefully it’ll last lol! I’m glad you got backups! Maybe by the time we use it up Benefit will regain their senses and re-release it!

      • Emma

        I sure hope so Isabella! I love the stuff, it really is magic in a pot! I have (hereditary) dark eyes, and am always conscious of them. But this works miracles and hides them 95% . I don’t know of ay other product that comes close! Benefit need a clip across the head! πŸ˜‰ I’m glad you also found some! I have kept three of my supplies under the stairs – cool and dry πŸ˜‰

        • Isabella Muse

          I do too!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep our fingers crossed πŸ™‚ Oddly enough HSN keeps restocking it so maybe it’ll stick around there!? It’s really sad they’d retire a cult favorite product like this πŸ™ I’m glad you did too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Keep those babies close at hand, they are like gold hehe!

          • Emma

            The site I first ordered the two from was called “Seruya”. It seems they are in Spain. I’d never heard of this place so checked them out, all seemed okay (just a couple negative reviews, there’s always gonna be those) loads of positives! I was desperate at that point so wasted no time. Then when I found them in John Lewis the next morning, and bought 4, I thought I ought to cancel the ones from Seruya – I began to listen to some people saying that some of these companies sell fakes, or add to the product (in some way) therefore it can be dangerous. The correspondence I received from them was all so nice and helpful and nothing was too much trouble. I have had confirmation of refund processing so πŸ˜‰ Have you heard of them? They may be fine, but it would still have given me 6 Lemon aid that I don’t think I’d get through before they go off :/ I bet now (in 4 years) when I run completely out, I’d have wished I kept my order -_- Hmmmm!!! I can’t order from HSN, or I would! Oh Benefit, why do you make it so hard! The girl on the Benefit counter told me that they have repackaged many of their items and this is why they got rid of Lemon aid, and now the new. next best product replacing Leon aid is “Stay Don’t Stray”. Well, this is absolute BS as it is nothing like Lemon aid and doesn’t do the same thing! Idiots! :/

          • Isabella Muse

            You do indeed have to be aware of fakes! i’ve never heard of Seruya to be honest and even with good customer care you still def have to be careful! I heard the same about stay don’t stray and air control what they are trying to push in place of Lemon Aid but I still love my Lemon Aid!

  • Emma

    I am loving Galifornia – I previously sued Rockateur, love that but fancied a brighter, more glowing look….Galifornia does that, it’s beautiful! I now see the new “Majorette Cream Blush” πŸ˜› I think that may be nice. I used to use Fine One One, another nice one, but my all time favourite is the Galifornia – it’s so nice!!

    Ps) I use Porefessional too – so good!!! They better not discontinue that!

    • Isabella Muse

      I really love Galifornia too! Such a beautiful shade πŸ˜€ I didn’t know they had a new Majorette blush! Gotta check that out πŸ˜€

  • Emma

    Oh, and nit to mention my second savior to Lemon aid……Hello Flawless!! :O AMAZING…..I am stocking up on that one – they won’t get me again!!

    • Isabella Muse

      haha I don’t blame you! Hello Flawless is indeed fab πŸ˜€

  • diane suchan

    Lemon Aid left me best! I can’t believe that they discontinued this product I think that it was a best seller the person that made the decision to discontinue it should be fired

  • Elizabeth

    Happy to see I’m not the only one who is going to miss this product terribly! Have been using it for years and I’m officially out…on the hunt for a substitute but I have my doubts anything will be as good…

    • Isabella Muse

      sigh! πŸ™ I’m so sad it is gone! Thankfully grabbed a few on HSN and I’m stocked up!

      • EMMA

        I tell you what is the next best thing (for me anyway). NYX – dark circle concealer. I bought the 01 fair (it’s kind of peachy and not what I’d call fair, bit does a great job of hiding my dark circles. And best thing is, it’s only Β£7!! It goes on the skin really smoothly and had good coverage, doesn’t cake and I hate to say it looks better than the Lemonaid

  • Emma Queen

    Hi there

    I am super upset that Benefit did this! I am in Australia…is there anything I can get that is even slightly similar? Thank you to everyone in the comments…but I am having no luck this end, finding anything I can use instead.


  • Emma

    I’ve used this since it first came out and nothing else will do! Before, I used something back in the 70s (showing my age here) by Yardley of London, long since discontinued. When I saw Lemon Aid my heart sang. Yay! Sadly, now my heart is sad again. You can’t do this to an older lady.