May 5, 2017

Rimmel Shake It Fresh Mascara Review

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

Rimmel Shake It Fresh Mascara is a new formula that ensures you have a fresh application of mascara every single time. I think in theory this sounds great. Imagine never having to worry about your mascara drying out? You’ll never have one of the my mascara stopped working days due to a dry formula. But on the other hand, I toss drugstore mascara within 30 days anyway so, is this really necessary?

None the less it’s a novelty and I had to try it for myself to see how exactly it works.

Rimmel Shake It Fresh Mascara arrives in a rather large cocktail shaker looking barrel. It literally looks like you’re about to make a martini with this thing. It’s quite a large and heavy barrel with an applicator that’s pretty basic and not overly large or club-like. The applicator is a pretty standard bush, straight line brush but as I said it isn’t one of those huge club-like sizes that Covergirl favors.

The idea of the mascara is you can refresh your mascara formula and prevent it from drying out by shaking the mascara before each use. Interesting concept right? There’s a heavy weight of some sort within the barrel of the tube which moves up and down as you shake the tube. It acts as a mixer of sorts. You know those silver balls that keep nail polish from settling and separating? Rimmel uses the same sort of technique to keep the mascara formula from drying out.

When I first removed the wand from the tube the formula applied very smoothly and evenly. It gave me decent length but I wouldn’t say the volume was anything to get too excited about it. I got the non-waterproof version and it did smudge on me by the end of the day. Keep in mind, I have drier eyes and smudging is fairly abnormal for me but this did in fact smudge a good deal. The applicator was decent enough and it grabbed lashes well from corner to corner while pulling them upwards and outwards. I would say the results all in all were pretty basic with this formula. Length was ok but volume and curl weren’t really there.

So, I was very eager to try the whole shaking thing as the first time I tried the formula I didn’t shake the barrel. The next day, I shook it up a bit, removed the wand, and created a mess. I see where they are going with the shaking action. In theory, it’s a good idea. It actually mixes up the formula and will probably keep it from drying out. However, it also makes the formula very, very wet and goopey. I applied after shaking and I had a ton of excess mascara on my applicator and want not to mention my lashes ended up sticking together and the formula never seemed to dry down. The photo below pretty much sums up how my lashes looked after applying this wet, drippy, goopey mascara.

Sadly, this was a bust. I think they are onto a good idea but the formula doesn’t really hold up well during the shaking process. It seems to thin out and go watery which is a nightmare to apply! If they can perfect the formula to remain stable after shaking they might just be onto something but at the moment it’s just a big old hot mess.

No like!

Rimmel Shake It Fresh Mascara is available now at and

Tried it?

Do share your thoughts and results!


I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Nia Patten

    Yeah, I found it smudged. So no need to have the shaker really, won’t be getting to the end of the bottle

  • Agona

    You’re so lucky that you have drier eyes and mascaras don’t usually smudge on you. I have oily eyes (even though I have super dry skin on my face) and I think I’m making the switch to tubing mascaras.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’d kill for oily lids/eyes 🙂 You’ll stay years younger 😀

    • Thea

      I have the same oily problem you do, and tubing mascara made a world of difference in the smudging (and flaking) problems I always had. My holy grail is the Tony Moly Panda’s dream mascara, if you can find it.

  • Abby

    I was intrigued by this mascara but I really didn’t like it. I found it clumped really easily and smudged:(

    • Isabella Muse

      It made my lashes all wet and sticky. Funny, the first try it was ok, not great but ok! As soon as I shook it, forget it, big mess!

  • Carol G

    Thanks for the review. I was curious about this and it seems like a hot mess. Money saved!