June 12, 2017

The SPF That’s On Everyone’s Lips at the Moment

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Glossier Invisible Shield is the SPF that’s on everyone’s lips at the moment. Why? Because it has the potential to change the way you think about how you wear your sunscreen. Beauty editors far and wide are shouting the joys of this new formula but those of us that have used Japanese SPFs likely already experience some of with Glossier is offering in their new Invisible Shield formula.

Glossier Invisible Shield is a new SPF 35 that has a water gel consistency filled that instantly absorbs into skin without leaving behind a gross greasy film not to mention it has zero white cast. It’s formulated to prevent sun damage as well as skin cancer.

Sounds interesting? It is because it’s probably one of the first US brands to launch a lightweight gel SPF. For anyone who has ever tried Rohto Skin Aqua Moisture Gel SPF 27 it sounds like Glossier’s new Invisible Shield has pretty much the same texture and formulation that we love about Rohto’s formula but it’s way easier to come by stateside. And needless to say the stricter rules that Japan is enforcing on SPF shipments to the US might just make you want to make the switch.

I’m totally game to try this but I just wish it was a higher level of SPF so I don’t have to apply as often but I’ll take what I can get when it comes to lightweight sunscreens because let’s face it, there are so very few of them in the US.

Get it at www.glossier.com.

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • kimkats

    Ah well… avobenzene and I are not friends, so will have to pass on it. That’s Ok, I still wuv my Olay sensitive spf 30. Pretty much rocks my world year round. 🙂

    • Leih

      Me too! I’m afraid of any sunscreens on my face except for the physical ones, like zinc oxide. And you know how those feel!

    • Brandy

      Olay Complete sensitive spf 30 is my fav also. It’s cheap, doesn’t cause my skin to feel like it’s on fire, doesn’t dry out my face, and no white cast. Can’t get much better than that in a facial sunscreen.

  • Kimmwc03

    It’s not enough SPF for me, either.

    I read somewhere that this does not block UVA A rays but I haven’t done any research on it.

  • Kim

    Totally thought this post was going to be about LIP SPF from the title 😛

  • Nanners

    I read a Fanserviced-b post on this sunscreen that sums up my thoughts– it’s nothing new, especially not for the level of SPF. I’m gonna stick to my bae Biore for higher SPF at a fraction of the cost 😉

  • Heidi

    I thought this sounded cool at first but it has chemical sunscreen which tends to irritate my skin, so it’s a pass. I’m curious to try the zinc-only formula from Neutrogena.

  • Jay

    The gel SPFs I’ve tried that were imported from overseas dried my skin out way too much (I’ve tried a few). And they had an overwhelming smell of alcohol. I currently like a clear one from CoverFX, but it’s super expensive. I’m just gonna stick with the lotion from CeraVe. Back to basics lol.

  • Christy

    “the stricter rules that Japan is enforcing on SPF shipments to the US”–yikes, what’s going on with that? I only wear Japanese sunscreens!

    • Isabella Muse

      Japanese post will no longer ship sunscreens or SPFs to Canada and apparently that extends to the UK and USA. There’s a host of rumors about the alcohol content being an issue, others claim it’s because some formulations are quasi drugs (really!? That sounds dumb to me as how many SPFs actually contain quasi ingredients?!), and others claim it’s because ingredients are not approved within the US/Canada/UK. It deserves mentioning I still see Japanese sellers are still chugging along and marking contents as “cosmetic” however, if there is anything that says “sunscreen” on the customs form it apparently might be cause for confiscation. It’s not a major deal as you can just outsource your sales to Hong Kong of Taiwan if it really does become a major issue in the US. Hope this helps 🙂 I’m with you, I only wear Japanese sunscreen as well, don’t be alarmed, it’s still pretty much available from other Asians sellers. Major retailers like Sasa are in China so this doesn’t really come into play unless you are shopping directly from Japan!

      • Christy

        Phew! I am so relieved I should still be able to get them–thank you so much for letting me know! They seem so much better AND so much less expensive than good US sunscreens. (Skin Aqua UV Super Moisture Gel is my new favorite.)