July 19, 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Will Rule Your Fall Eyeshadow Palette Wardrobe

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Eyeshadow Palette is set to rule over your Fall 2017 Eyeshadow Palette when it releases next week on the brand’s website (July 25th to be exact) and today you can get it at sephora.com. This is being hailed by everyone as Modern Renaissance’s but the palettes seem crazy different to me and not alike enough to be related. Subculture is a lot more tame and contains some quintessential autumn shades like khaki green, brown, mustard yellow, and purple.

It’s hard to say but a lot of the colors in the promo image appear to be mattes! I have to admit at a glance the colors look gorgeous but my mind quickly went to, “Hmmm how will these work together?!” They seem a tad bit mismatched but I’m a little creatively challenged when matching up shades so, I could be utterly wrong about the crazy awesome eyeshadow looks you can create.

Like past palettes, Subculture includes 14 eyeshadow shades as well as a eyeshadow brush for application. I imagine the price will remain the same at $42 as well.

You can get it next week, July 25th, at www.anastasiabeverlyhills.com and I’m sure soon after at sephora.com.

What do you think of it?

I’m a little torn! I have to see more images before I decide what I think.

SUBCULTURE – July 25th #abhsubculture

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  • Caroline

    I love my Modern Renaissance palette with all my heart, but I think I’ll be skipping this one. The colors are just so weird and disjointed. They don’t inspire me at all, and I have no idea what looks I would do with them! Bummer, because if it’s the same formula as the MR I’m sure the shadow quality is incredible.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m so glad you agree because the ravings have me thinking I’m nuts thinking it is mismatched. I’m def going to buy but still the colors seem a little odd together!

    • Cici

      I am totally in agreement with you. I will also be skipping this palette. I can’t quite see a cohesiveness in the palette as a whole. The colors are interesting though. Maybe ABH is trying to bring back a more edgy look… leaning slightly more to avant garde.

  • Susan

    This seems like an oddly mismatched palette but I still like it, probably because it’s not the year’s ten bazillionth rust-sunset palette. But I don’t see where they get off calling it (in earlier press) cool toned. ??? A few of the shades are cool but most seem warm to me. I’ve been impressed with ABH’s quality so am planning to get this and then hope you can steer me towards some good looks/combos. p.s. there are 14 shades, not 12.

    • Isabella Muse

      ok good because sometimes I think I am crazy when I saw these things! I’m glad you said it was mismatched too lol! I didn’t notice them saying that! It’s so not cool! It seems warm to me! I will def be getting it ;-D Oops! Sorry gonna edit that right now 😀

      • Susan

        Those last two are so dark they were hard to see. 🙂 I think they called it cool once or twice in earlier hints. Maybe I’m dreaming. Maybe I’m hallucinating.

        Usually with palettes like this I say, “I don’t like it and I don’t know why,” but in this case I DO like it and don’t know why!

        • Isabella Muse

          LOL yes this is me too. I like it but I don’t know why either because it is utterly mismatched to me 😀

  • kjh

    Actually, this reminds me of earlier abh palettes, rather than mod ren. Some of those seemed a tad disjointed. Once you play, you get it. But, I don’t really see this as a color story. I do see quite a few looks, but also see an overall yellow tone to it. Three straight yellows, a yellowed gray, yellowed green, a yellow glitter/sparkle, a yellowed brown., yellowed peach …. Not particularly good on me. I am working on a true cool abh eighter, which is fairly inexpensive per shade at abh.

  • Agona

    I just think it’s interesting that UD Naked launched a trend and ABH Modern Renaissance launched a trend. I wonder who/what will be the next one?!

  • Susan

    Me again. I’m really confused because I just read at one site that Cube looks like a stark white but it’s actually a pale pink-violet with a shift. WUT. Def need to see this in person!

  • Maria

    Muse. I agree with you 110 percent. I only see 3 or 4 colors that go together. The other shades are all mismatched. I am not a pro or artist. I love Modern Renaissance palette, but these shades look all random to me, except for 3 or 4 warm toned shades.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m glad you all feel the same as the colors just seem a bit weird together 😀 I’m not either so, maybe we are missing something as mere hobbyists and not pros or artists hehe 🙂

  • Betty

    Love maybe 3 colors in the palette but the others not so much, not tempted by it at all.

  • Christina D.

    I’m intrigued and I’m loving the look of Mercury, Axis and Rowdy in particular. And if the majority of the shadows are matte, I’m in.

    Who am I kidding? I’ll be buying in asap.

  • Maria

    Muse. Why is the palette called Subculture? Does it mean it is below American culture.? Does it mean mismatched? Lol.

    • Isabella Muse

      lol no I think they might be referencing makeup addicts in general and how we are a unique and diverse group with different interests and ideas that all enjoy the same thing. Or at least that’s where I think they are going with it haha.

      • Emily

        This from their Instagram: “It all started here!
        ABH branched out into makeup (for the second time in our company history) on Instagram.
        What social media did for our brand, and others alike, is connect us with our makeup family.

        In August 2012 when this page started, this page was the home base for our Subculture; where makeup lovers united, and still do.

        Subculture is the second palette in the ABH collection created with our insta family in mind. @norvina and I hope you love it, just as much as you love Modern Renaissance
        Thank you for your continued support ❤️ Launching 7-25”

    • Isabella Muse

      lol let’s hope so because most days of my life I know nothing Jon Snow 😀

  • Vanessa

    The colors remind me of the Jeffree Star Androgyny palette. Which I wanted but didn’t want to buy from him. Definitely going to buy this.

  • Barbara

    I’m with you. At first glance, it reminded me of the ABH & Mario palette, but with less sophisticated shades. I don’t really like when palettes have mainly primary and secondary colors, I find very hard to use them together daily. I guess we will have to wait for swatches to be proved wrong lol

    • Isabella Muse

      I gotta see it in person and see if it proves me wrong 😀

  • Melissa

    I questioned it too, but I saw a photo on Instagram where they sectioned it by quads and I can see the different combos now. It looks so much more pleasing to the eye then lol

      • Melissa

        I think colourpopcult posted the photo is where i saw it, if you want to take a look. It definitely makes you appreciate it more. Btw these are my first comments on your blog I love your info

        • Isabella Muse

          Hey again Melissa! Just looked! It really does look a lot better when viewed like that 😀 The blue and mustardy-gold go well together! Thanks for the tip 😀 Aw thank you! I’m glad you came out to comment today xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!

  • Susan

    Hold the phone, ABH just posted heavy swatches. Cube is indeed PINK. :-O

    And TF just posted a pic of their new White Chocolate Palette, and some of the shades look similar to this Subculture palette (but overall I think WC looks bland).

    Melissa, thank you for the quad idea. That’s just the kind of hint I need!

    • Carol

      Susan, just checked out the swatches and it does make it look better than just seeing it in the palette. This will still be a skip for me, but if anyone is on the fence, look at the swatches because it makes it look way better.

  • chibi639

    I’ve been completely uninterested in ABH products, as I felt I could find comparable products at better price points. However, I’m gonna be the odd woman out and say I really love the look of this palette. I love crazy eye looks though, and I can see a lot of bold possibilities here without having to go the neon route. If the quality of the eye shadows are as good as people rave ABH to be, I’m looking forward to creating fun looks in a more subdued spectrum.

  • Daffyduck

    I don’t know I actually like the fact it has so many different colors to it. I see so many looks that could be made instead of just a few. I wish it had a lighter purple in there too. This would be the kind of palette I would want. I dont know that I am buying but we will see. I have so many palettes I need to start using. Not that that matters, lol.

  • Dominique

    Am I the only one who’s REALLY HYPED for this ? I didn’t buy Modern Renaissance, as I already have gazillions of warm tones reds & bricks. But this ? My fall outfits are already singing they joy ! The dark blue is calling my name.

    I also have to agree : it is definitely mismatched. But so few of us use only one palette when we do our makeup (but this one isn’t for traveling that’s for sure), so we’ll have to find complimentary colors in Tartelette or other neutral offerings.


  • Emily

    It is different than anything else the big brands have been putting out, but for me, that’s about the only selling point. I just can’t find any unifying theme. I am sure people will do great things with it, but it is an easy pass for me.

  • J

    I am also terrible at matching up eye shadows and I agree the colors in this palette don’t really make sense together to me. I don’t want to think too hard when applying makeup hahaha. I won’t be getting it! 🙂

  • Deborah

    Ooooh! I can see this working to be honest, especially with that instagram perspective in mind. There’s quite a number of yellow-toned eyeshadow looks with the bold/smoky-coloured underliner trend. I guess, it’s not really for everyday use but definitely something to go for those fun experimenting days

  • Sjofna

    This is one item I am really excited for! I really love the colors in this palette and have been waiting for this since it got leaked a month or two ago. This is the one thing I am going to break my no-buy for. I can see a lot of great fall and winter looks in these colors, but I am also someone who doesn’t mind using multiple palettes for a look.

  • Diana

    The only way I see these 2 palettes being alike is that MR has those two bright/distracting pink/reds I rarely use (Bc really, you only needed one Bc they’re pigmented & blending gives you 2 different looks) & this one has those 2 mustard shades. Seems unnecessary & I think it’s a waste of a pan. But whatever, that’s just me. *shrugs*

  • sg

    Something in the modern ren pallette makes my eyelids puff up! I had to quit using it, so I will avoid this one.

  • Brooke

    This palette reminds me of the JS Androgyny palette. I’m a HUGE fan of Modern Ren, however just not all that excited about this one. May have to see it:play with it in person and see if that sways my choice.

    • Isabella Muse

      likewise, I think I really need to see it and maybe I’ll end up liking it!