July 10, 2017

Bath & Body Works Embraces Lush Shower Jelly this Summer

Bath & Body Works Shower Jelly arrive this Summer in a variety of delicious scents so, if you’re a big Lush Shower Jelly fan this might come as happy news for you! Notice that Bath & Body Works is doing a lot of Lush-like things lately like the introduction of Bath Fizzies and now Shower Jelly too? Can we expect solid Shampoo Bars in the near future?

I don’t how long shower jellies are sticking around the Bath & Body Works scene. It could be a one hit wonder for Summer but as of now they are very much available in 5 fragrance selections.

What are they? Well, if you’ve never used a shower jelly before here’s the low down and my opinion of them too! Because you can’t get out of reading this without me sharing my rant on shower jelly!

Don’t worry I promise not involve aspic in my rantings!

Shower Jelly is a exactly that! A jelly, as in a jell-o or gelatin-like substance! Lush’s Jellies can be used in the shower, the bath, hell, even in your hair if you want. Bath & Body Works makes no mention of where you can use these but I suspect they want you go lather up in the shower.

Typically you’ll take a little chunk, wet it, and lather your body up with it. Now, I haven’t tried the Bath & Body Works formula but I simply hate the Lush ones. I know people that adore the Lush formula but for me it’s a big old mess. It never dissolves, so I’m sitting in the shower rubbing a chunk of jelly on my body without a ton of lather. Not to mention most of it ends up down the drain what a waste! If I use it in my hair I’m left picking out pieces of jelly because “crushing it into my hair and working into a lather” the way Lush suggests never really works for me.

The question here would be, has Bath & body Works improved on all these issues?

Maybe their formula dissolves quicker, lathers up more, and perhaps it’ll rock my world?

I have my doubts…..

But fans of Lush Shower Jelly will probably be quite happy about having another outlet for their love of jellies!

Just try not to eat it.

Anyone try these?

Do share!

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  • Andrea

    I wish B&BW would come back out with their 3 in 1s. I LOVED the iced tea scent so much.

  • Kimmwc03

    I saw them at Bath & Body Works with my bestie this weekend and my question to her was, “How do you use these?” She was like, “rub it on a sponge?!?” I think I tried one once before and it made a mess so I gave up on shower jellies.

    • Isabella Muse

      I hate them. You can squash them into a shower puff but I end up just making a mess and it ends up down the drain!

  • Karen

    I am not a fan of these either. I threw out my Lush jelly so I highly doubt I will be trying these.

  • Sjofna

    I hate shower jelly- most of it just slips out of my hand and ends up down the drain. And Lush is too expensive to waste. Unfortunately my skin reacts badly to BBW products, so I won’t be using this version either.

  • kel h.

    i’ve used the lush shower jelly and i’m not a fan. you can’t really spread it on your skin and you lose half of what you put on your body…it just globs off and goes down the drain. i find them pretty pointless as the scent isn’t long lasting either.

  • Brandy

    I swear I can’t walk into Lush without them trying to rub the shower jelly all over me. I think they’re silly and a waste of money. I like my shower products to be easy to use. I don’t have time to be rubbing chunks of soap jelly into my skin.

    • Isabella Muse

      don’t forget sticking your hand into a bowl of water with a bath bomb. lol!

      • Brandy

        Lol. I know it’s their job but I really don’t like sticking my hands into bowls of water at the mall. My boyfriend cleaned his face off using the water bowl because he sprayed something on his face he didn’t like. I swear I can’t take him anywhere.

        • Isabella Muse

          I try really hard to tell myself that about all bbw, lush, and tbs employees but they are still so damn aggressive sometimes. Drives me up a wall and forces me to shop online to avoid them haha! LOL that’s nothing! Mine ate a lush face mask I had in the fridge or at least had a bite. “You know that mint stuff you have in the fridge tasted kind of weird” Yeah that’s because it’s for my face. LOL!

          • Brandy

            Oh, that’s so gross and funny he ate your face mask.

            It seems like a lot of stores are adopting this pushy sales tactic. I worked at an overpriced clothing store where I had to get customers to buy 3 or more items or else I got banished to the back to steam clothes. I got really good at steaming wrinkles out of clothes there.

          • Isabella Muse

            lol! He probably down it with a Code Red lol! OMG seriously? Dead curious what store. I find I avoid a lot of stores lately because of this and end up shopping online. Can’t take the aggressiveness 🙁

          • Brandy

            It was White House Black Market. We also had to fill up customer’s dressing rooms with outfits that we picked out for them regardless of whether they asked for help or not. Capturing customers emails at checkout was a must as well. We got a bonus on some sales, but the sale had to be $301 before tax to get $5. It was one of my lowest paying jobs and I would definitely never work in retail again.

          • Isabella Muse

            OMG that’s annoying no offense. I’ve only shopped for accessories at WHBM and I never had a problem. If anything at all the reps are kind of unhelpful. $300 for $5? Jeez! Couldn’t they at least give you 10%! Sad! I’m sorry you had to deal with that. I hope whatever you are doing now is more rewarding!

  • Amber Spencer

    I would LOVE to send you some Perfectly Posh samples to review. I am definitely not pushy. I stayed away from it for a long time, but once I tried it, I couldn’t shut up about it. Lol. Naturally based, essential oils , super fun names. Let me know if you’d like to try, I’d love to hear your take on it.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh thank YOU Amber that’s very very kind of you! I actually have a slew of PP stuff I purchased a month or so ago 🙂 I have to still try it out and review it. I’ve been hearing so many good things! Thank you for your offer though that is too lovely of you!

      • Amber Spencer

        You are very welcome. I think you are going to love it!! They just came out with bath bombs, so check with your consultant. 🙂 enjoy!!!

        • Isabella Muse

          Thanks again Amber 😀 haven’t tried the Bath Bombs but def will! I’m a Lush Bath Bomb user so always looking for replacements 😀

  • kel hw

    My lush isn’t pushy at all. In fact u sort of have to beg for service there. U gals would love it:)