July 5, 2017

CliniqueFIT Takes On Workout Makeup and Skincare!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

Tarte’s Athleisure has some competion with the new Clinque CliniqueFIT Collection. For those of us that like to look good while building up a sweat and for those that want to treat their skin right after our workout these new CliniqueFIT products are on the task.

CliniqueFIT Post-Workout Neutralizing Face Powder $29
A color correcting powder that neutralizes redness post workout.

CliniqueFIT Workout Face + Body Hydrating Spray $14
A hydrating facial spray that instantly refreshes skin while adding moisture.

CliniqueFIT Post-Workout Mattifying Moisturizer $29.50
Shiny after your workout? This lightweight and oil-free moisturizing hydrates skin while mattifying excess oil and shine.

CliniqueFIT Lip + Cheek Flush $23
A sheer, lightweight splash of color for cheeks that can be used pre-workout for a minimal, natural look or post-workout to maintain that healthy glow you get from breaking a sweat!

CliniqueFIT Workout Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 40 $29.50
A lightweight SPF for active users that has a sweatproof and humidity-proof formula with a natural matte tint finish available in four shades selections.

CliniqueFIT Post-Workout Face + Body Cleansing Swipes $14
A refreshing face and body wipe to remove sweat, dirt, and oil while prepping skin for makeup post-workout!

CliniqueFIT Workout 24-Hour Mascara $20
A smudge-proof volumizing mascara that will outlast your workout while volumizing and lengthening lashes.

CliniqueFIT is available for Ulta.com Platinum Members and should be available for everyone else shortly!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Adrienne

    This must be what all the stars of the reality shows use because they always “workout” in full makeup. Lol.
    I await your review, especially the mattifying products

  • Robin

    I actually work out with foundation on my face. I have rosecea and my red cheeks would be cause for alarm. People would be worried I was overdoing it when it’s just my complexion. I also usually workout after work so full face is still on.

  • A

    I really think this is unnecessary. I work out every day, and I almost never wear makeup. Think your waterproof mascara will survive 90 minutes of yoga at 105 degrees? Think again. I think if someone wants to wear makeup at the gym, that’s cool, but a whole line dedicated to it is just gimmicky.

  • Dana

    This may be straight up petty, but I get so annoyed that Clinque doesn’t put their ingredient list for their products on Sephora or Ulta I rarely buy them. Very nice people usually put the list down in the Q&A but it still chaps my hide. I just like being able to get my info quick with searching different sites.

    • Emily

      Totally agree; in this day and age, you should not have to hunt down the ingredient lists, especially for skincare and sunscreens.

    • ChynnaBlue

      I absolutely agree with you! I have sensitive skin and allergies, so I need to avoid certain ingredients to prevent bad reactions. If I can’t quickly and easily get a list, I’m not buying.

    • kjh

      MAC as well. Not on their site, either. Must be an EL policy….though Smashbox does, I think. This annoys me, too, because I’ve got a metric ton of allergies. And gym makeup to me makes minimally more sense than beach/swim makeup. Wait, no it doesn’t.

    • Cil

      I sooooooooooooooo agree with you. I have sensitive eyes and skin, but never buy anything Clinique because it is almost impossible to find ingredient lists either in their site or in reviews that people do. In addition, in general Clinique prices are MAC level around the world. However, they want to be NARS or Urban Decay in Brazil. No. No.

    • kimkats

      No – not petty at all!! They damn well should be listing the ingredients – ALL companies should! I’m not sure but what the FDA requires it, but apparently they’re not enforcing that rule and haven’t been for years, since it’s been ages since Clinique listed their ingredients. For a company that claims (or at least used to claim) to not irritate skin with unnecessary ingredients, Clinique sure falls on its face by not listing what’s in its products.

    • Dee

      It’s not petty at all and I agree. You can email them and get the ingredients, but why should that be necessary?

  • ChynnaBlue

    I don’t wear makeup to work out and rarely wear it at all in the hot and humid summers, but I’m super curious about the color-correcting powder and wonder if it would work for my normal redness. I may have to check it out if I see it in the store.

  • Jenniferffrank

    I just don’t get working out with make up. I can see if you hit the gym after work as I do, because I am not a morning person, and of course you have make up on for the day. But to purchase cosmetics to put on before you work out is kinda dumb. When I work out, I have a towel, a bottle of water and my Evian spray. When I get home I shower and put on my jammies. Anything else is too much after working at a law office for 8 hours.