July 23, 2017

Lorac Unzipped Sunset Series Eyeshadow Palettes Now Available

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

Lorac Unzipped Ocean Sunset, Mountain Sunset, and Desert Sunset are three new Sunset Series Eyeshadow Palettes that are inspired by California landscapes that the brand launched for Summer 2017 which are now available at Ulta.com.

Each palette contains 10 eyeshadow shades in matte and shimmer finishes and are $42 each. These are a refreshing change from the original Unzipped Palettes as the colors are a lot more vibrant and bolder.

These might be a one day only deal at Ulta as the release date wasn’t today so, if you want them best grab them as they might not be available tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s have a look!

Lorac Unzipped Desert Sunset Palette $42

  • Mirage (soft pink shimmer)
  • Sandstorm (rust matte)
  • Cirrus (earthy rose shimmer)
  • Joshua Tree (dark brown matte)
  • Meditation (purple shimmer)
  • Sunrise (deep red shimmer)
  • Shadow (red brown shimmer)

  • Illusion (golden shimmer)
  • Sunset (cool maroon shimmer)
  • Dunes (soft orange matte)

Lorac Unzipped Mountain Sunset Palette $42

  • Storm (silver grey shimmer)
  • Ametrine (cool lavender shimmer)
  • Mahogany (dark brown shimmer)
  • Earth (brown matte)
  • Blackout (deep green matte)
  • Stone (light pink/beige matte)
  • Cliffside (taupe shimmer)
  • Burnt Sienna (rust shimmer)
  • Smoke Signal (warm grey matte)
  • Graphie (blue grey shimmer)

Lorac Unzipped Ocean Sunset Palette $42

  • Mother of Pearl (shimmery rose gold)
  • Salt Water (sea foam green)
  • Ocean Floor (bronze)
  • Horizon (light orange)
  • Sea Urchin (dark purple)
  • High Tide (dark mauve)
  • Sundown (light mauve)
  • Sandbar (golden)
  • Bedrock (light brown)
  • Stingray (midnight blue)

Shop now at Ulta.com.

Let me know which one you get!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Audrey

    Hi, Muse! It looks like the image for Desert was used for Ocean :*

    I’m awaiting your reviews on these!!!

  • Robin

    Bought all three of them! Now I’m on a palette ban. Lol. This is the first one this year I’ve been excited about a palette. Couldn’t decide between the three.. .

  • Susan

    It looks like the Desert Sunset palette pic is accidentally displayed for the Ocean Sunset one. I only noticed because I’m very tempted to get the Ocean one! I think I have to use my Ulta points on this.

  • Kim

    Love your blog! I’m not seeing a photo of the ocean palette though. Def my fave of the launch!

  • kjh

    Merde. I want them all, and the LA small palette too. Maybe better spring. These look hot! Lots of good on U today.

    • kjh

      Bit for all four…..and the thing I forgot before. Hope xmas is not as tempting. Suddenly, I want everything, after a spate of unimpressed status. Even have another U pending, prob landing tomorrow. U is winning the battle of the small box stores with me….

  • LPMarie13

    I used your link and bought alll three with points. Hope you still get something for this type of tranaction?

    I think you may have two pictures of the desert palette up? I don’t see the ocean one in your post?

    Thanks for letting us know! I’ve seen zero launch hoopla and while that is refreshing, I was waiting until they did launch at Ulta so I could use my points!

    • Isabella Muse

      oh wow thank you Marie! Yes I get a small commission from the sale! It helps support the site thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do lol! I did it while I was on my iphone and just corrected it ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks for the heads up!

  • hope

    hey hon you put the Desert picture again for the Ocean palette ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Maria

    I think these are expensive for only 10 shades of Lorac where you can get the Pirates of Carib on sale for what 16 shades. Plus I am waiting for the new ABH one this week.

  • Kelli Rae

    Do you know if these will be in Ulta stores or not ? They are stunning

  • Mary

    Oh my goodness, these are so pretty! I had just sworn off buying any more palettes and then I see these…already ordered them! I am so weak!

    • LPMarie13

      Me too, Mary. Me too! I was going to wait on the Tarte Toasted launch. Ha! It seems like the harder I try not to buy make up, the more I actually do buy.

      But they look so pretty! And with eyeshadow it’s so easy to justify, because powder based products can last a very long tume if one keeps them clean. That’s one of my top justifications

  • Morgain

    I ordered Desert Sunset. The colour selection is totally what TF PB and J should have been. I’m very excited.