July 6, 2017

Sephora Blush & Luminizer On the Go Stick Has K-Beauty Appeal

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How cute and K-Beauty-like is this new Sephora Blush & Luminizer On the Go Stick? Totally reminds me of It’s Skin, a rather cute Korean beauty brand with similiar packaging.

This is a new blush slash highlighter stick with a cream formula that gives a pop of color to cheeks as well as a luminous finish that captures the light for a pretty glow. Just dab it on, blend it out, and go!


  • Miss Gorgeous
  • Miss Secretive
  • Miss Sparkling
  • Miss Sunshine

Sephora Blush & Luminizer On the Go Stick are available now at Sephora.com.

Off topic but I caught up on the last two episodes of Doctor Who late last night in between catching up on Antique Roadshow. Seeing Missy and the Master together was pure joy. A lot of reviews said their appearance fell flat but I didn’t care! Just seeing John Simm and Michelle Gomez trading sarcastic remarks was enough to satisfy this Whovian. Although, the Doctor Falls did wasn’t quite what I hoped for. Meh! Typical story line from Moff that has an untidy quick save ending. Don’t get me started on that really dumb Bill and Heather save, it was a cop out, enough said.

But the real awesomeness is the fact that David Bradley makes his way into every single fandom I follow. The Strain, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Broadchurch that man is in EVERYTHING! Now add Doctor Who to his resume.

I bow to your greatness. May I have as much work as you do when I’m 75. Someone give the man a Meme!


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Becky

    Those blushes are adorable! Good price too.

    I agree on the last two Doctor Who eps…I loved seeing the Master/Missy together but like you said the overall story from Moffat fell flat per usual (and Bill’s save was almost exactly the same as Clara’s last year!) Looking forward to the new direction the show will take after Moffat leaves.

    OMG, that’s Filch! How did I not make that connection right away?!?!

    • Isabella Muse

      I thought they were cute 😀

      Yeah, typically Moff save….! *rolls eyes* Honestly, I was cheering Bill on for sure, I didn’t want to see her go! She’s a strong companion but the quick save was just really bad. Ha yeah it was kind of like Clara’s wasn’t it? Master/Missy situation was brilliant however, they really didn’t get too technical about the implications and issues of past selves meeting up. They’ve always made such a big issue out of the fact about how bad it was to meet your past or future self yet the Master meets up with Missy and every is a ok no problem at all. *rolls eyes* Typically timey-wimey BS. Haha yup! That’s him!

  • Raechel

    Miss Sparkling is calling my name, especially for only $8. Hopefully they perform better than the It’s Skin one because I wasn’t super impressed with those. Thanks for the post!


  • kimkats

    I haven’t watched Dr. Who in years! What’s Lord Walder Frey doing on Dr. Who?!?!
    I was sure Arya had killed him…. 😀

    Those little blush sticks look awfully cute… I looked ’em up on sephora.com, and sephora has the sole rating all screwed up! It’s listed as a 1 star rating, but if you go to the review, its 4 stars!! WTH sephora? Get your poop in a group!! :-}

    • Isabella Muse

      Lord Walder Frey regenerated into the first Doctor apparently lol! LOL I NOTICED that too!

  • andigrif

    Omg! Those are adorable! They’ll end up next to my Star Wars mascara and Smashbox Toki Doki items on the shelf LOL

    Totally agree with your comments on Dr Who – I am ready for Moffat to go and get some new blood in. Also love John Simm as the Master!!! David Brantley is amazing and versatile and Broadchurch is one of the best written dramas, of course having David Tennant isn’t a bad thing either 😉

    • Isabella Muse

      oh god Toki Doki Smashbox how could I forget that? 😀 Me too! I ready for Moff to be over now. I’m a little over Boardchurch! Sorry don’t kill me 🙂 I think it’s one season too many now!

      • Andi

        Broadchurch – agreed Season 1 was so amazing, Season 2 ok, it made me a little mad, Season 3 – I haven’t seen any of the episodes yet, but the first couple are on the DVR

        • Isabella Muse

          I watched two so far and it’s ok! Not too bad! I found season 2 tedious with the trial going on as well as solving a new mystery! This season seems promising. One mystery not a lot of other craziness so you can concentrate on that single plot without falling into a rabbit hole! Did you watch yet?

  • wendy

    damn you sephora! you want my entire paycheck, don’t you? Grrrrrrrrrrr.

  • Janice

    I was lucky enough to meet David Bradley here in Toronto where they film The Strain! He frequented the neighbourhood pub near where he was renting a house and my friend is the manager of the pub so he introduced me! Nice man! And, a little bit of a brag, my father and Stephen Moffat’s father are childhood friends from growing up in Paisley, Scotland. Still friends to this day despite living so far apart. I met Stephen once when I was 12! Huge fan of Sherlock!! Have a lovely weekend !

    • Isabella Muse

      OMG stop! Brag some more, tell me about Moff’s dear old dad 😀 That’s incredible 🙂 Even better still meeting David Bradley! Too cool! I swear the man is in everything!

  • Carolyn

    I ordered the Miss Sparkling highlighter and I guess Sephora messed up on the UPC codes because I received one called Miss Flirty blush. Which is weird because it’s not even a color that is available on the site??? I tried googling about this color, but could not find anything about it. I did however call Sephora to let them know they messed up the bar code on the highlighter, but this was before I realized this color was not listed on their website.

    • Isabella Muse

      odd. Is it at least a nice shade? Maybe the shades are labeled wrong on their website.

  • Chris

    Moffat should stick with the Sherlock! episodes. The season finale was a big disappointment. I almost was rooting for the Cybermen to win! At least at Christmastime we will see the 2 Doctors again.

    • Isabella Muse

      amen! He excels at that! LOL me too! I was like just blow everything up the end!

  • Imogen

    I ordered Miss Gorgeous, and instead got Miss Busy, which is also not available on the website.
    Very strange.