July 10, 2017

Now That You’ve Tried Is Urban Decay Naked Heat a Yay or a Nay

So, now that you’ve tried Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette is it a yay or is it a nay? At this point, you’ve heard everyone and their mother tell you about the buttery smooth pigmentation, the hot, sizzling shades, the incredible looks you can create using it.




I’m not only a beauty blogger, I’m also a beauty blogger reader so, of course I’ve visited all my favorite blogs to hear what they had to say about the palette. But I tend to like to form my own opinions on a product. So, yeah, sometimes a review might sway me to just say no but in most cases I’ll read something bad and I’ll still want to try a product out for myself yanno? Maybe you’re like that too! Maybe you read a few opinions about Urban Decay Naked Heat that weren’t positive and you decided, “To hell with it! I still want to buy it!”

I know my own review wasn’t entirely favorable. I think the texture and consistency of the shadows was great, the formula was excellent, but I did hate the fact that I felt compelled to use another palette to complete my look. There aren’t a lot of lighter, transitional shades in the palette and it made it hard to get a complete look from it without using other shades from other palettes. That’s of course my own opinion! You might have felt completely different about it.

So, that’s why we have this post.

You tried Urban Decay Naked Heat by now right?

What did you think?

Was it a yay?

A nay?

Or did you just read reviews and ended up being swayed not to purchase it at all?

Do share!


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  • Caroline

    Ok, so I’ve only used my Naked Heat one time so far, but I’m sad to say the look came out…muddy. I did think the shadows blended really nicely and were very pigmented, so I can’t complain about the quality. I just think maybe there needs to be more variety in the colors. I need to play around with it a lot more, though, before I really decide! So far I will say I do at least like it way better than the Naked Smoky palette!

    • Isabella Muse

      I had the same issue. I needed more lighter shades to work with!

  • kjh

    Actually, despite historically having a boatload of UD, I haven’t even swatched it. Also by reading reviews, I know this would perform rather similarly to N1, which goes muddy even with underblending. The only successful ‘brown’ palette for me was the belated kvd monarch. I’m one of the few that prefers N2 to N1. I could easily fall in love with this one, impulse buy, and live to regret it. There is a sidebar ad for a personal jackhammer from Lowe’s. Is that to demolish our existing stashes, so we can start over? Who knew there was such a thing?

  • Maritza

    Its a nay for me; i dont know doesnt appeal to me for some reason I recently got the ABH modern rein. Palette and i own the zoeva cocoa blend palette and between those i have the same colour range. Maybe also has to do with the fact I have never been interested in the naked line *insert shock face lol* i dont own any of them I have swatched at sephora a million times they just dont call me

  • Denise

    After reading all the mixed reviews, I decided to hold off, at least until it arrives in my local ULTA so I can see it in person. I also think this palette may go the way of the Naked Smoky, and turn up in a future 21 Days of Beauty for half price!

  • Christina D.

    Yay for me. Love UD and the Naked series is my favorite.

  • cruising along

    No! Bored with everyone and their dog doing the red eye look. It was new last year but it’s getting old & tired. Doesn’t suit a lot of people either. So I’ll pass on this!

    • amy

      Oddly enough, this is the first one of those palettes I’ve been compelled to buy, LOL! While there have been do many “similar” palettes, and I did contemplate several of them, none of them fully won me over.

      I personally *love* a good red eye look, and not only is it flattering, it’s also congruent with my overall “aesthetic”. These colors are also flattering for deeper skintones, and it’s nice to see so many variations on the market, especially when many of the others were either LE or “online only”…

  • amy

    I don’t know yet… I ordered mine 06/30, but it’s “out for delivery” right now. I did see it in-person after I ordered it, and from what I can tell, I’ll be getting quite a bit of use from it. I see it pairing well with Nsked 3, plus Relish & Gash, for some stunning looks!

  • Chris

    I bought the palette based on my experience with their Smokey and Naked Basics2 palettes. I do look good in brownish shades so this was a no brainer for me. I’ve used it twice and liked it paired with other brown eyeliners in their stable like Corrupt, Whiskey, Smog, Roach and Stash. I did purchase the Alkaline pencil and already owned the Basquiat Anatomy pencil which is similar to the permanent collection shade called Torch.

    I do like playing with the set. It’s a keeper for me. Usually I do 3 colors — below brow, crease & lid shades. I don’t get elaborate with using as many as I can at one time.

  • Laurel

    It’s a yay for me. I have tan skin and am personally tired of palettes appealing only to super pale girls by having 85 light shades that all look the same on my skin. I wear mostly mattes so I love that there are only a couple shimmers the palette so it’s actually a decent everyday palette for me, more than ABH modern renaissance which pulled too pink for my liking. I prefer the orange/rust look on me.

    • Isabella Muse

      Happy to hear it’s a yay for you Laurel ;D I def think it suits tanned skin best!

  • Dani

    I was initially completely enamored with it but I slept on it for several weeks and now I’m meh about it. My Modern Renaissance palette is my absolutely favorite, most used palette, so I know I like the color scheme, but I really need to stop buying 200 things with the same color/idea just because I like it. For example, I fell in love with the Naked Basics palette, and instead of just using it up, I bought like 10 other matte eye shadow palettes that I pretty much never use (like ALL of the ItCosmetics Naturally Pretty palettes) because I still love and use Naked Basics exclusively! I also thought the Naked Smoky palette was gorgeous, so I thought about it and waited and waited before finally giving in and buying it when it was on sale – even then, I rarely use it and totally regret the purchase. *insert eyeroll emoji here* Seriously, sometimes I question my sanity when it comes to this makeup collecting business, but it’s truly an addiction! I need to break the bad habits!

    • Randi MacDonald

      You and me both. I have so many neutral eye palette its ridiculous.

  • Ash

    Nope! Threw in a few more dollars for the Sephora Pro Warm Palette…better selection of colors, great quality packaging, and worth every penny! Get your hands on it Muse if you haven’t already!

  • Eraser

    Until now I’ve waited for a drugstore brand to make a knock-off of UD’s nude palettes but this one is different from anything I’ve seen so far. My coloring is like yours and the shades really appealed to me. It didn’t hurt that my local Sephora got it early and I was cruising the mall because I was feeling down…

  • Mo

    I love the naked smoky and naked 2 but I haven’t really been tempted by the heat palette. The colors look too similar. I’ll get it if it goes on sale though (like I did the smoky)

  • Jeremy

    I was shook when I first saw the promos and early reviews cos I wear that color range every day but something told me to hold off on ordering it even though every where I looked I had a promo or a coupon and I’m so glad I didn’t order it. I swatched it today and found it so boring. Most of the shades were so similar plus I have no user for the lighter shades in the palette

  • Dee

    After reading reviews I decided against getting it. I agree with you that If you have to dip into another palette it’s a no go.

  • CL

    The online swatches make it look too warm for me (and my computer tends to make warm colors look cooler than they really are). It’s an easy pass for me.

  • Claire

    I like the colors in this palette, but honestly, the ABH Modern Renaissance is so much better and with very similar shades. I actually wish I didn’t purchase this one. The only shade that is somewhat different is the purplish one that I was excited about, but alas, it looks like it’s just dark grey when I put it on. It’s a bit disappointing.

  • Lori Flippin

    Yay here. Like you, I find myself reaching for a different palette to add but otherwise I absolutely love it. It’s the only UD palette that’s really interested me and I’m happy I got it.

  • Caroline

    Naked Heat isn’t for me because the colours are very warm and I’m cool toned. I bet it looks great on dark skins, though 🙂

  • Celestine

    I decided to pass on Heat and decided to purchase the original N1, that I’ve never owned. (I have N2, N3, Smoky, Mattes, and On the Run.) And I’m enjoying the original very much. Ce La Vie!

  • GalWithGloves

    Yay for me. I’ve red hair, pale skin. These are the perfect glowy colors to warm up my complexion. I mostly use it to for sheer wash of color over the eyelid or nearly up to brow. I might put a little in the crease, with a more gold or coral lighter shade as a sheer wash over it to blend. The dark colors work best as a touch of liner/depth above lash line. Sometimes all I do is a light all over skin color, then a light wash of one of the Heat colors, just to keep it natural but better!

  • Randi MacDonald

    I was excited when I first saw it, but then I changed my mind. I own N1 and Naked on the go and thats enough for me. I bought Nsmokey when it was on sale and returned it because I honestly though ” I won’t use these colors”. I usually wear brown shades most days.

  • Kella

    I am actually thoroughly disappointed in the Heat palette. I have blue eyes and pale skin, so from looking at it online I thought it would suit my coloration/eyes wonderfully and become a staple in my collection. So, I shelled out the money for it (when I really shouldn’t have, rent is due and I’m behind, so considering taking it back) and was immediately sad upon trying it out for the first time. The first two shades and the last two shades are pretty much a waste of space in the palette, there is no pigmentation for the first two, they are like applying nothing basically. The last two shades are just….weird…they are a very strange formulation that have messed up my look every time I have tried to use either of them. The big problem with that is, aside from wasted space in the palette, there are really no other shades that are dark enough to do the outer corner. So what you are left with is the 8 central shades, most of which are super tonally similar. And the shimmers….I cannot express how disappointed I am in the shimmers. They swatch so beautifully, and look perfect until you actually put them on your lid. For me, the shimmer finish doesn’t translate onto my eye, and it falls rather flat, which isn’t what I was expecting from looking at it in the pan/swatches. I have had nothing but trouble out of trying to use this palette. All the good quality shades are pretty much the same, and without the use of the two lightest and two darkest shades, the possible looks that I can create with just this palette all come out nearly identical. Not pleased 🙁

  • Nohelia

    Hello, i am late in the game but i just got my Naked Heat in the mail today and cannot wait to try it!!!
    I’ll post update on my blog missnohelia 🙂

    ps.- I am such big fan of yours. keep up the good work!

    • Isabella Muse

      aw thanks Nohelia 🙂 Glad you enjoy Musings. I look forward to reading your review!

  • Sara

    I’ve worn it twice so far and it’s an absolute yay for me! It’s also a stand-alone palette unlike Naked 2 or Naked Smoky was for me. (Naked Ultimate Basics filled in those gaps just fine!) It makes the green in my eyes shine like 7-Up bottles, even more than Modern Renaissance does! It’s tied with N3 as my favorite.

  • genevieve

    It’s a definite nay for me – those shades just do not work with my complexion and secondly, a lot of them did seem fairly similar to each other. Plus numerous beauty bloggers such as yourself Muse, have had to reach into other palettes for other shades – which is a nuisance.
    But I do think it is much more suited to those with darker skin tones and for that, I think, is a plus. Not enough beauty brands give darker complexioned girls a good go.

  • Cil

    Horrible palette. One whole year waiting for UD to release this turd in Brazil and I ended up losing ~ 75 US$ (Sephora doesn’t take anything back here).

    The eyeshadows are dry and chalk, being difficult to get into the brush. There is no pigmentattion in my NC44 eyelid. It is a direct to trash eyeshadow palette.

    I was attracted to this bc of the supposedly warm undertones, which I was sure would not be a problem as I have MR and TheBalm Nude Beach, which are great. I read all positive reviews on this thing and people said this is the best Naked. If so, I’m just happy I never bought the other Nakeds.