August 10, 2017

Berdoues Collection Grands Crus Coffret Review

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

I am very pleased to share a review of the new Berdoues Collection Grands Crus Coffret with you today! I’m a fond lover of niche fragrances as you know and recently the House of Berdoues launched at Sephora. Sephora has been adding to their niche fragrance collection more and more lately and the best part about it is the fact that they launch a variety of different sets and coffrets like this one that allow you to experience all the fragrances from a particular house at a very affordable price.

I have a very tiny collection of Berdoues Bucoliques Tales scents that I purchased from the Arcades des Champs Elysées shops sometime ago but I’ve never had the pleasure of trying the Cologne Grand Cru selection of scents which are the ones you’ll be able to purchase at The prices are considerably nicer at $85 for a 3.4 oz bottle compared to prices in France taking VAT into consideration. They are also very affordable by some niche standard pricing of $150 and upwards per bottle of fragrance which makes Berdoues a more affordable house. It’s always nice running across a niche brand that won’t cost you an arm and a leg yet still offers a unique selection of scents.

Like many French fragrances, Berdoues takes inspiration from nature with their notes in my opinion. Many of their scents to me are very green with softer floral notes. I probably like the Cologne Grand Cru scents so much because they remind me of Annick Goutal fragrances or the Les Hespéridées and Les Florales from Diptyque. Some of my favorite Diptyque fragrances come from the Florales and Hespéridées Collection of scents but they are quite weak which also happens to be the case with the Grand Crus ones. This makes me happy because I got to try all eight of them for $19! I was going to buy Vanira Moorea but now I feel like I can wait and buy it during the Sephora sale in November versus right this minute for full price.

This set comes in a lovely slide out box. Each fragrance also comes in an individual box as well. The fragrances are each 0.07 oz and are mist vials. There’s nothing more annoying than getting a sample that isn’t a mister. I hate those little uncap and pour vials. They are messy as hell!

The scents you get are:

  • Scorza di Sicilia
  • Petitgrain from Paraguay
  • Somei Yoshino
  • Vanira Moorea
  • In Assam of India
  • Arz El-Rab
  • Oud Al Sahraa
  • Russkaya Kozha

This is basically the complete line that is currently available on Sephora’s website so, it’s a great way to try them all before committing to spending near $100 on a single bottle. As I expressed above, I’m quite happy I got the sampler set because it was merely $19 and I quickly realized a lot of the scents are sheerer and weak. This does disappoint me but it didn’t stop me from loving on them none the less but I’m glad I didn’t splurge $85 on a bottle. They’ll be a lot more affordable come November during the 20% Rouge Event and I can grab one at that time. I was surprised as the fragrance do contain 15% parfum oil which should make for a fine, lingering base but sadly, some of the fruity scents are fleeting. I’ll have to explore some of the others and see if the throw and wear are longer.

I haven’t tried all the scents yet but some of the ones I loved were Scorza di Sicilia a bright, tangy lemon-y scent and Vanira Moorea, a fluffy marshmallow with warm, comforting notes.

If you’re a fond fan of French fragrance houses you’ll find no fault with the Berdoues Collection Grands Crus Coffret.

It’s available now at

Muse Approved.

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Christina

    Sigh, I am so envious of you, Muse. I am so sensitive to scents that I can’t wear most perfumes, but I desperately want to. I feel like I’m missing out on a glamorous part of being a woman (watched too many old Hollywood films, if you know what I mean; plus, I watched my mom put on her perfume daily growing up–and she still does it!).

    You did say these are on the lighter said, so maybe they’ll work for me, but how I wish I had shelves lined with beautiful and unique bottles of perfume. I settle for makeup instead. Haha!

    • Isabella Muse

      My aunt is like that Christina! I’m so sorry. Haha makeup is just as beautiful though 😀

    • Lauren

      I used to think I was super-sensitive to perfumes, but when I really started getting interested in them, I found that I was just sensitive to certain ingredients and scent profiles. Once I figured that out, I was able to find a lot of perfumes that didn’t contain those ingredients and I became a huge fragrance fan. Unfortunately for my wallet, those tend to be on the expensive side and are usually niche scents, lol! But on the upside, I now have a great collection of perfumes that I love to wear!

  • Tippy6

    At one time Berdoues made a fragrance called Violette Divine in parfum strength that was outstanding in every way. If this little collection is similar in quality to that one fragrance, then it’s a winner all the way and more than well worth $19.

    • Isabella Muse

      Violette Divine is one of the Bucoliques Tales! 😀 I love the Bucoliques Tales not only because the packaging is so adorable but also the scents are fantastic. It’s a very clean scent, very lovely 🙂 The Grand Crus aren’t quite like that, the BCs feel more like a vanity type of fragrance where as the GCs are much more nature inspired! But still lovely none the less!

  • Dora

    Thanks for the review. I am a big fan of Annick Goutal too so perhaps I should try these! Was wondering if you’ve tried Phlur? It keeps getting pushed to me on social media and I’m curious about it. They have a deal where you can sample three fragrance for $15 and then use that as credit for a full-size bottle. I haven’t seen many reviews yet online.

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi Dora! Likewise! Her scents are incredible (just wish they were longer wearing on my skin). I haven’t tried Phlur, some of the forums I visit weren’t too favorable with reviews and the website is so vague with notes. I was tempted to try out Siano which has been described as a clean laundry scent, I’m not very much of a clean laundry type girl but I do like Clean perfumes so, this kind of intrigued me. They are on my list to try just haven’t indulged yet 😀 Maybe you’re asking for a review is what will finally urge me to give them a try! I noticed they did the Commidity type get a credit thing, which is cool!

  • Dora

    I also have that problem with Annick Goutal. The last one I bought — L’Ile au Thé — really doesn’t last on me (and honestly, is a little boring — I was looking for something kind of light and fresh for work but I went overboard — will finish it off this fall). Yeah, the Phlur descriptions are kind of generic and I am wary of all the marketing/packaging. I do like the look of the bottles but I feel like they’ve MADE me like the look of the bottles. You know what I mean? Like, just because I fall into their demographic doesn’t mean I should just buy them. Anyhoo . . . I am interested in some of the more unisex/masculine scents, like Olmsted and Vaux. Not trying to enable more perfume buying for you! But definitely interested in your take if you do decide to try them. Maybe I’ll pull the trigger but will probably wait ’til later on in the fall when I’m more interested in trying out those woodsy kinds of scents.

  • Lesley A.

    I just noticed and bought this set today, before reading your post. Looking forward to trying it, since I had a couple of those scents on my wishlist.

  • Dora

    Also, I found some posts on Commodity on your blog but not really a review of the fragrances. I have been seriously contemplating Vetiver. Which ones do you like?

    • Isabella Muse

      Sorry, I never did a full review on Commodity line. my favs from them are: Gold, Rain, Book, and Wool. Vetiver is quite nice, it’s a comforting scent that works well with Gold.