August 29, 2017

Essence Honey Care Smoothing Nail & Cuticle Scrub Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Essence Honey Care Smoothing Nail & Cuticle Scrub a budget friendly and cute as hell nail and cuticle scrub that’s launching with the Essence Cosmetics Fall 2017 Collection. This little guy is already available in Europe but we are just getting it here in the US and it will be exclusively available on the new Essence website.

Let’s take a look!

As you probably already know I chronically bite my nails and I’m also one for picking my cuticles until I gush blood everywhere. Yeah, so that’s not pretty. This little nail scrub is a great one for softening up those gross dry cuticles around your nail bed. It also softens your cuticles so you can easily push them back. A small travel-friendly 0.8 oz jar will set you back a mere $3.99 which makes this scrub budget friendly and affordable.

It smells amazing! It’s a gourmand honey scent that smells like honey cake to me. The scent isn’t strong but it is lasting and your hands and nails will smell like it well after you wash it away. The texture isn’t terribly grainy but it is grainy enough to soften up dry, dead skin. It almost looks like banana baby food in the jar and has the soft texture of it as well. A tiny bit goes a long way and it can be applied on either wet hands or dry ones. I typically use it on dry fingers and I wipe away with a wet cloth. If you want you can easily take a larger amount from the jar and use it all over your hands to smooth and soften them. I use it on both my cuticles and my hands. If they sold this as a body scrub I’d totally be on board buying it! It just smells so yummy and the formula is perfect! The consistency and formula is perfect as it isn’t too harsh or gritty nor oily that it leaves your hands greasy! It removes easily and leaves hands and cuticle beds soft but not oily and slippery.

There’s also a Honey Care Moisturizing & Caring Hand Cream they are launching in conjunction with this! I have hopes it smells just as good!

If you have dry hands or cuticle beds this little scrub will get them back in shape again on the cheap.

Love it!

Muse Approved.

Essence Honey Care Smoothing Nail & Cuticle Scrub will be available exclusively at shortly!