August 2, 2017

NARS Blissful Blush Is One of the More Unique Shades You’ll Run Into

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The NARS Fall 2017 Collection launched today and with it the new NARS Blissful Blush shade which is probably one of the more unique shades of blush you’ll run into this Fall. I can’t recall the exact conversation I was having with my x-boyfriend but at the time he was trying to tell me something about eggplant. He was Dutch and he kept referencing to eggplant as aubergine. Now Dutch people have a complete grasp on the English language. You’d be hard pressed to visit Amsterdam and find someone that couldn’t talk to you in English. It’s one of the easiest place to navigate in Europe outside of England in my experience. But for some reason he could not find the word for eggplant. We must have been going around in circles for 20 minutes with me trying to figure out what he was referencing by aubergine. Obviously, the fault was completely my own as I didn’t associate aubergine right away with eggplant.


Blissful made me smile and think back to that rather comical Who’s On First? moment we had about aubergine.

NARS Fall 2017 appears to be headed into the metallic trend but also embracing a fantastic Fall color, aubergine or purple or if you like berry. Blissful is a shimmering berry shade that might be a little hard to difficult off the runway. It’s a shade I don’t think I could really wear but that doesn’t mean I don’t want it. In reality, it probably would have made a far nicer eyeshadow versus a blush.

None the less, here it is, in all its gorgeousness glory available for purchase today at and at
I’m guilty of buying it are you?

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Sheree

    I use their Miss Liberty blush as an eyeshadow all the time, so if you think it’s a color you’d like, go for it!

    • Isabella Muse

      😀 I’m going to try because I likely won’t be able to wear this on my face haha!

  • kjh! Looks as if that boy put green duochrome in there. Maybe he’s getting into my good graces again, after sneaking pinks into Mustang and calling them red, and putting out an Ulta set in which pink predominates. This looks just fabulous. IDC if it’s B-, do believe I’m there. I put green HL over darker plum blushes and find offbeat cheek stuff real easy. Now a warm pink lipstick is totally a no go. That’s what’s so great about today’s m/u. Anything goes and there’s something for everyone. Been a Nars blush ho since he started. Maybe I can get this for my 69th birthday present to self! Never let go.

  • Susan

    Reminds me of UD’s Afterglow blush in the color Rapture, which applies more sheer than you’d think and is gorgeous.

  • blee

    Oh wow, its beautiful! I could pull if off as a blush now. I’m tan. but what about an eye shadow? They called it shimmering raspberry . Eggplant as aubergine is what Goggle calls it too 😀 I can see that a blacken berry color.

  • Codename Duchess

    I don’t think the British use the word eggplant, they use the word aubergine. I would assume that Dutch schools probably teach their students British English rather than American English, so maybe that’s why your ex fumbled with the word eggplant? After all, Native English speakers from different countries and/or regions have similar struggles understanding one another from time to time.

  • Linda

    My husband is from England. Yes – it’s aubergine for Brits. Lovely color for fall blush, perhaps.

    • kjh

      I think they (brits) say courgettes instead of summer squash, as well. Brits tend to have more Frankophone words than US. ‘Course, they are way closer. In the US, aubergine seems common in the color, fashion, decorating vocab, but the melanzana is strictly eggplant. Gotta check German and Dutch.

      • Lisa

        As an American living in England, courgette and aubergine used to confuse me terribly. I always had to ask, “The green one or the purple one?” Interestingly, my Dutch friends were taught American English, not UK English. It was hard to remember they weren’t actually American!

  • Maria

    This looks very pretty Muse. Is it similar to UD rapture blush or any other blush that you know of? I have the rapture blush and it is very pretty. Thanks.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m not sure yet, I ordered it today, haven’t gotten it yet.

  • Nikole

    Nope, I see I a beautiful blush color. I would just be certain to apply with a very light hand, then build if necessary. I’ll bet its absolutely gorgeous. Of course, also using it as a coordinating eyeshadow would really be special……..

  • Char

    Not another sparkler!!! I cannot sparkle or glow and be in corporate bitch mode! I am so glad I held on to NARS mattes from past European shopping trips…they were pigmented and oh so BGF (Black-girl-friendly). This looks like it would be fun as a layered on eye shadow…early evening smokey eye thing! Certainly worth a try!

  • Dia

    LOL The British call eggplant aubergine as well. Their English is very much influenced by the French. They also refer to zucchini as courgette.

  • genevieve

    A beautiful shade, if it would suit you. And at least Nars is giving the blush a decent name…..

  • Kath

    Here in the UK no one would have a clue what you mean by “eggplant” an would probably have visions of fried eggs growing on trees… We call them aubergines. I have no idea why they are eggplants in the US, what is the egg connection?

    • Nikole

      The egg connection is that the original fruit has a pale, creamy colored skin. That color plus the ’rounded’ shape caused it to be called ‘Egg’plant. I actually do not think that calling this original cream colored fruit is an American thing; but I guess we just did not call the differently colored fruits different names and just refer to all of them as eggplant ‍♀️

  • Lacy

    Does anyone know when this will be available from Sephora (US) ? Its been on the CA site for a week at least but hasn’t popped up yet on ours…. I know its available elsewhere but I have a few other things I’d like to gift myself for my birthday… (:

      • Lacy

        That totally bums me out!!! I figured if Sephora Canada got it it’d pop up on US soon. Damn. I’ll have to check out other retailers and see if there’s anything else I want to pick up in addition . I’m open to suggestions!

        • Isabella Muse

          I don’t really know any shades like this one! It’s pretty unique! But let’s see maybe it’ll pop up soon at Sephora 😀 Why not get it from Nordstrom? Free shipping, easy returns! 😀

          • Lacy Sheetz

            I tried Nordstrom and there’s no option for the shade blissful in the drop down section. I swear this is driving me crazy. Like maybe the universe is trying to tell me I don’t need it. Lol