September 5, 2017

My Experience with Sephora’s New Lasership Shipping Service

Sephora now uses Lasership to ship your orders and is no longer using UPS. Keep in mind, I’m a Sephora Flash Member so, I’m unsure if they use Lasership just for Flash members or if they use it across the board.

Lasership has been around a while but I’ve honestly never heard of it before. I shop a lot online and most of my packages arrive via UPS, Fedex, USPS, and on a rare occasion DHL. I’ve never received anything from Lasership up until now.

I know a lot of you have experienced some issues with Lasership and quite a few people on Reddit and the Sephora forums have complained about it as well.

I thought I’d share my experience with Sephora Lasership and let you know what the deal is.

I’ve complained in the past that Flash Shipping is more like 3 Days versus 2 Days shipment or sometimes even longer. If I order on a Friday I won’t get my items until Tuesday or even Wednesday. If I order on a Monday typically they’ll arrive Thursday. It’s not really that fast and a little disappointing most days. Sometimes I’m lucky and I’ll order on say a Tuesday and I’ll get it on a Thursday but that’s pretty rare.

Until now!

Lasership has been AWESOME to me!

I’ve ordered 6 times from Sephora over the course of the last two weeks and I’ve gotten my orders in a single day. If I ordered Monday it got to me on Tuesday! Only once did I get an order within two days but everything else has arrived the next day. Granted, Lasership appears to be an East Coast company. I live in NY and this might work in my favor. But all and all, the move to Lasership has been a GOOD one. I know many of you aren’t happy with the service but so far, I’m absolutely loving it.

What has your experience been like with Lasership?

Do share!

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  • Michelle

    I’m in S. Florida, Lasership has been good for me too, although I get my packages shipped to work; it may be easier for them to find.

      • Jen

        I’m in Boston. I made my purchase on Friday…. it is now Tuesday evening, and no package. The link to check delivery status isn’t updated either smh

      • jaylene biesemans

        They said they deliver 2 packages from sephora yesterday and nothing is here, I am so upset because I purchase this during the vib sale and if the package are lost I am screw

  • Courtney

    I’ve placed a couple orders within the past 2 weeks and I’m still getting my stuff via UPS. It still takes forever even though I also have flash shipping too. I’m in Wisconsin and never heard of lasership.

  • Carol

    I’ve never heard of this either until you guys started talking about it in other posts. Who owns Lasership? In other words, do you know who started this company or is it an off shoot of another delivery company? I have ordered from Sephora recently and it seems like it took more than two days to come and I live in Ohio. Not sure when the Lasership started but I did notice that in the past few months the Flash shipping had been turning into more like 3 days vs. the 2 days it always was in the past.

  • Maria

    Muse I live in Ny also and Lasership is very fast. When I ordered from, I used to get my package a day or 2 after my order with Lasership. I do not use flash shipping with Sephora and my stuff is delivered UPS within 2 or 3 days.

    • Isabella Muse

      wow, used them!? I never noticed. I always got my stuff from UPS!!!!!!

  • Christina D.

    You know all about my unhappiness with LaserShip. As a fellow Rouge member, I was always delighted with UPS because I would have UPS hold my package and I would pick it up, usually the day after I placed an order.

    As far as I’ve been able to find out, LaserShip is the Uber for packages; I’ve read complaints about having packages delivered by some person in their own personal car! I haven’t seen any of the delivery people for myself, but I have been very unhappy with this downgrade in service. I don’t trust LaserShip and I’ve made several complains to Sephora.

    Glad it works for you, Muse, but I believe you are the exception and not the rule.

    • Isabella Muse

      I WISH! Typically USPS was like 3 to 4 days! I got to a point I questioned Flash Shipping! why no kidding! I’ve never been home when it delievered and never really checked my outdoor Nest camera to take a look at who drops it off but I will now because I’m nosy lol! I think you’re right! I’m pretty happy so far but who knows could ALL go downhill!

    • Joan

      I don’t trust Lasership either. When I see a package was shipped via Lasership, I pray I get the package. Ugh!

    • jaylene biesemans

      Yes true they use theit own car I had seen them a guy came in his minivan once

  • Jenna

    I usually just request it get shipped USPS since I trust my post office but never had good results with UPS. I’m in CT, so maybe I’ll give Lasership a chance. Though, their reviews look mediocre at best…

  • Kara

    Hate is a strong word so I will just say that my experience with Lasership has been less than favorable. I live in Connecticut and I’ve found that my Flash Shipping is taking longer than it did with UPS. Also, they leave my packages at the bottom of my driveway which I absolutely despise. Not only does it leave them more vulnerable to theft and the elements, but I’ve heard that the delivery person literally just tosses them out of the vehicle. Really? We’re not talking about a newspaper or a phone book here, we’re talking about highly breakable items. I feel it’s just a matter of time before I make a formal complaint.

    I’ve noticed that more and more companies seem to be shifting away from using UPS as their primary shipper so while I’m guessing there must be a reason on the business side of things, it’s extremely disappointing as a consumer. I will have to think twice before placing orders if things don’t improve.

    • Jen

      Kara I live in CT and the same thing happened to me! They tossed my package out of the car window and it landed at the bottom of my driveway. Another time, they tossed it into the flower beds and I didn’t even see it until hours later. I have to say, they do get here by the next day which is what I paid for but Sephora is definitely taking the cheap way out by using them. The reviews online are horrible…people not getting packages at all and things arriving damaged. I’ve been very lucky so far.

    • Sara

      I’ve watched a Lasership delivery driver TOSS MY PACKAGE OUT OF HIS CAR AND ON TO MY PORCH. Saw it with my own eyes. I have also have had multiple instances where the packages were not delivered (despite the tracking information saying they were). So beyond horrible.

  • Christina D.

    This is probably a dumb question considering how much I buy from Sephora on-line, but I’ve never seen an option at check-out to select shipping service (except for paying for shipping which, as a Rouge member, I’m not going to do), so how do you choose an option that you don’t have to pay for?

  • Christina D.

    I had a similar experience to Kara’s. Instead of delivering my package to my apartment door (I live in NY), LaserShip left the package on the floor OUTSIDE of the lobby door in a common area open to the public. Thank God I just happened to be home because I found the package just lying there as I was walking out of the building. That said, I no longer have Sephora ship to my home.

    • Isabella Muse

      that’s horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They left mine on the porch right at the door. I was surprised as typically USPS throws it onto my front porch and it lands willy nilly where it may!

  • Tania Lopez

    I had 3 terrible experiences with lasership in a row which caused me to cancel my Play subscription and I will slowly be moving away from Sephora because of lasership. Now I understand why Sephora was so quick to dismiss my complaints!

  • Christina

    That’s interesting. I’ve always gotten my orders in 2 days if i ordered on a regular weekday, provided I order before the cut-off time and I order by Wednesday. Because, you know, Thursday would mean a Monday delivery. I live on the West Coast, and my last package was still UPS, so I wonder if Lasership is just regional.

  • Kish

    I live in Western PA and am rouge. I’ve ordered twice in the last month and the orders ended up being split into a total of 4 shipments. All were delivered via UPS. I always get UPS within two days, but I live very near the hub. Seems that it is good that lasership doesn’t ship here. But I’m glad it works for you!

    • Michelle

      OMG I hate when the break stuff up as it looks like I ordered more than I did and my husband will give me side-eye when the 3-4 boxes come!! LOL

  • Deb

    I live in AZ and have never heard of lasership. My Sephora orders are delivered via UPS. UPS delivers the packages within 2 days and I’ve never had a problem with them. I’m VIB so I have flash shipping. Sephora just usually doesn’t get around to shipping my orders until they feel like it. I never get a shipping notice from them within 2 days of the order. It usually takes me 5-6 days to get my order because of how long it takes them to ship.

  • Michelle

    Here on the west coast they have been using Ontrac (formally California overnight) and I have absolutely loved how fast everything is. Seriously next day delivery! I am in Las Vegas and I think our distribution center is on the CA/NV boarder so I can literally run out of a product and next day get it (not all things, most stuff. If it comes from another distribution center it can take an extra day).

    But please Sephora is SO MUCH FASTER than Ulta. I love Ulta’s rewards program but I wait 5-7 days for their stuff. Such a bummer.

  • kjh

    Guess we’ll see. If this lasership really does run like Uber, as in independent contractors, the service could vary highly. What do laser ship labels look like? UPS to Boston is usually 6 or so days for straight rouge, no flash. If the packing was adequate…which it isn’t always anymore…the package is intact and obviously placed. Never had a problem w/porch pirates, but CP was ~4 days after they said it was delivered. Think it was misdelivered and the recipient stuck it in my box. Now THAT doesn’t sound quite right, but ykwim.

  • Wendy

    interesting reading all these comments. I live in North East PA, and all my stuff from Sephora is shipped via UPS, and I get it overnight. Order Monday (early) get it Tuesday, etc. And I live in podunk lol

  • Christian

    I live on the northern east coast as well and I’ve never heard of laser ship. I do prefer usps above all delivery services.

  • Joan

    I hate Lasership. I’ve had several issues with them. I’m very sorry to hear this. Whenever I order something from a website and when tracking my order, I see it’s Lasership, I say “Oh no”. I hope they’ve improved because I will complain.

  • Joan

    I would rather wait the extra day or two or three, but know I’m getting it and not worry about what happened to my package! I’m waiting for two packages today and they’re both being delivered UPS. I did, however, receive a few packages on a Saturday and didn’t think UPS delivered on Saturdays. So maybe they were delivered Lasership. I never noticed.

  • Heidi

    Hmmm. I’m a member of Flash and live in Michigan. When did Lasership start with Sephora? The last package I ordered I got surprisingly fast, but others have dragged a bit. Last time I got the package they didn’t give me any samples, either. Is Lasership to blame? (I love me some samples!)

    • Kara

      Heidi, I noticed that my Sephora orders started shipping via Lasership about a month or so ago. I also have had inconsistencies with samples too, either not getting what I selected or not getting any at all. I mean, they are free so I can’t really complain but it didn’t start to become a problem until the change to Lasership 🙁

  • Carolyn (Deux)

    When Sephora was having their last 20% off sale semi-sale, I had placed 3 orders with them. Lazership LOST all 3 packages (even though the carrier marked delivered). I had to call Lazership (they said in the future they will have the driver sign…the new guy never does though) and Sephora did reimburse me, but I totally lost out on the sale (they just threw me a few 100 points…I guess to shut me up…useless). Now when I place an order with Sephora, I literally pay the extra $6.95 to have them ship it slower via the postal service. How crazy is that??? But best to pay to get it slow then not at all.

    By the way, if you type Lasership in Facebook, the first account to come up is “Lasership sucks”, lol. But it actually is not funny as people actually post video footage of driver literally THROWING packages on doorsteps or one driver put a package in a decor wishing well fountain someone had in their front yard. And so many horror stories. I myself had one pic (but took it down), where from another company, Lazership said they delivered (but was not on my doorstep). I live in a townhome community, so I got fed up and went looking. I am in F4 and found the package (took pics too) of the package sitting in front of A6??? And here is he kicker. There was a huge “4” written on top of the box!!! Soooo yah….. Ok rant over, lol.

    But I will say over the past month or two, when Walgreens ships (think it is them), I have received the packages. I can always tell because it is now this young kid with his music blasting in his car (rolls eyes), lol.

    • Carolyn (Deux)

      Oh and by the way, I am in NH and they come out of Mass, so not everyone in New England has great luck with Lasership. 🙁

    • jaylene biesemans

      Omg mine said it was deliver abd it was not I had faith that they could brinv me my package,smh I had that bum bum cream set and the sukari from drunk elephant that us expensive as hell

  • Christina D.

    I forgot about that! I haven’t been receiving samples either. I don’t know if I can blame LaserShip for that as well, but the timing is suspect and IMO there are no coincidences.

  • Judy

    My last shipment came next day and I live in Colorado! They deliver after hours which is weird, but cool because then I’m home. So far, no complaints. We’ll wait and see I guess.

  • Allison

    I live in NY, Long Island and I have definitely noticed a change in service over the last couple of months. I’ve had several Sephora orders broken up into multiple shipments, don’t know who to blame that on. Sometimes my packages are shipped via UPS and artive in 2 days. Sometimes they are shipped Lazership and those have taken longer and are usually left in the lobby of my apt building, which I don’t find acceptable. Maybe Sephora’s customer service has declined in general because I’ve also noticed over the past couple of months that it takes longer for my orders to get processed. I used to place my order and receive a shipping confirmation a few hours later. Recently it has taken 2 days on some orders. I was much happier with UPS delivery. (I’m Rouge fyi)

  • Sara

    Finally someone writes about this lol. The only problem I’ve had with lasership is that I get no updates until it arrives at my building. I’ve contacted sephora about it and now I know they were bullshitting because they said they still use UPS clearly that is not true because for the last month all I’ve seen is lasership in my shipping email. And I’ve actually seen complaints on the company’s twitter so I guess sometimes they suck sometimes they don’t :/

    • Isabella Muse

      I didn’t get alerts either sadly but shipping hast been FASTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! However, my last two boxes did ship UPS which I thought was odd as the previous few were all lasership!

  • Stevee

    Rouge shipping use to be great. I haven’t really noticed who has actually been delivering my packages it alters between the two. But they have been taking forever. Either way, I constantly have to deal with customer service because something is either wrong or broken. I couldn’t tell you the last time I ordered a hhighlighter and it didn’t arrive broken into pieces.

  • Azania

    I am a Rouge member and up until recently Lasership was amazing. Still they are scheduled to be delivered literally 2 days after the order is placed and I didnt mind them delivered later in the day because I would be home to receive it. My last Sephora order (also my most expensive one) no one was home so they left the package in front of the door. I live in a building with 13 floors and over 100 people. So of course it was stolen. Sephora sent a replacement out and this time my package was left in the lobby. Are you kidding me? I called Sephora for a refund because this shipping company is a joke. Now I dont know if I will be ordering online from Sephora again.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh no 🙁 that’s bad!!!!!!! I live in a private house so didn’t have a problem like that. So far, been very very fast to get my boxes but my fenty order took a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dunno if it was a lasership issue or just because fenty was a major launch!? After that, been fast! it’s like literally one day! order monday, get it tuesday! very fast!

  • Carolyn (Deux)

    “Dun Dun Dun…Another One Bites The Dust-ehh”
    Walgreens package this time….said it was delivered….no where to be found.
    That makes 4…count em….4 Lost packages now.
    Yah, gee. Wonder why they have a D- rating at the BBB….from consumers not shippers!

  • Kris

    LaserShip was to deliver 2 Sephora packages to me on 9/27. The first 2 packages I’ve ever had shipped to me using LaserShip, so they are 0 for 2. Their tracking info said it was on a vehicle for delivery. Then it said there was an “exception” and my items would be delivered yesterday. No packages and no tracking updates yesterday. Contacted them today and nobody emailed/called me back. Contacted Sephora and according to them, LaserShip is saying they “lost” the packages that were already on a vehicle for delivery on Wednesday. I can only assume one of their drivers decided to keep my packages because that’s a common complaint from the LaserShip location supposed to deliver my package–TOO MANY packages are going missing from there. I will hopefully get the items I ordered when Sephora reships things, but I fully expect to not receive the deluxe samples and point perks I ordered/had my hopes on. I am extremely unhappy with this company.

  • Kate

    I always shop at Sephora but this time, I placed an order last week Friday (11/10/2017) and today (11/17/2017) they finally updated the information that it is been shipped but when i enter the tracking number it says, “Tracking details will be available once the package arrives at the LaserShip facility. Please check back soon!”-lasership
    When i placed my order it said shipping 2-3 days and now its been a week and nothing yet. Hate this service. Very Disappointing. 🙁