October 10, 2017

Bath & Body Works Getting Too Technical With the Hand Soaps and Saving Me Money!

I can’t recall who it was that I was speaking to in comments but they mentioned how disappointed the Bath & Body Works community was at the lack of Fall 2017 Hand Soaps. I completely agree. This year, Fall Hand Soaps were sadly lacking. I tend to stockpile the Fall Hand Soaps but there were so few to choose from that I actually got none this year. Yup, that’s right, zero, nada, zilch. Typically they do at least five Fall Hand Soap releases over the course of a four month period starting in August, again in September, and again in October and November. Typically they launch the ones we all love to hate first like Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and move on to gourmands like Pumpkin Latte. As we get deeper into Fall they do ones like Apple Picking and later in November we get a round of Harvest ones.

Well, we are pretty deep into October now and sadly, there haven’t been a ton of Fall Hand Soaps to get excited about. And I’m disappointed yes, but also, I feel like I saved a heap of money. I’ve discovered stocking pile Bath & Body Hand Soaps is actually now a good idea as some go bad. Well, not bad really but they do loose their scent. I just cracked open a Pumpkin Latte one that I had from last year and it barely has any smell. So yeah, this saved me some great money.

But one of the real reasons I’m saving so much money is the fact that Bath & Body Works is getting way technical with hand soap releases.

You see, I’m a creature of habit and stick with their foam formula. I like the way it feels, I like how it lathers, and I like that I can use it quickly. I feel like the hand gel takes a while longer to use and doesn’t lather up as well. This year, they launched a honey line and sadly, Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte was available only in that formula and not in a foam. Lately, they are getting way too fancy with hand soap. Now they have a new exfoliating line of hand soaps.

Hey, I like soap hands as much as the next person but I’m not really sure I need to exfoliate my hands every single time I wash them.

Please, Bath & Body Works won’t you go back to keep hand soap simple. Gel or foam is fine by me. We don’t need exfoliating ones or honey infused ones or anything else fancy. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it as they say.

How are you feeling about Bath & Body Works Hand Soap launches lately?

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  • Katie

    THat was me that commented about how the BBW soaps suck this year. I completely agree with everything you said. I did buy a couple of Pumpkin Cupcake foaming soaps, but that’s it. Thank god I’ve hoarded soaps or I’d have nothing Fall to put in my bathrooms this year. (On the flip side, I have soaps I bought more than 2 yrs ago but I can’t make myself throw them out) I did see the other day that online, they’ve brought back a few Fall flavors (Pumpkin cranberry cider, etc) But it’s a little too late for me. They should’ve brought those back to begin with rather than releasing a bunch of honey or oil infused soaps. I don’t like the lather or the stickiness. And what’s with all the new aromatherapy, natural lines? I get it, some folks like those but okay, don’t take away all the other stuff too. Where in the hell was sweet cinnamon pumpkin body care?? So frustrated with BBW right now!!

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks Katie I remember speaking to someone and I couldn’t recall who lol! I’m sorry! We were both ranting about the lack of soaps this year ;-D Glad I’m not alone!!!!!!!!!!!! Likewise! I didn’t buy a single hand soap this year because there was nada to be had! They are releasing so much stuff lately but none of it is appealing and yes, so not into the aroma line at all! None of it smells remotely good to my nose :-/

    • Holly

      If you have ones that have minimized in scent, take them to work or donate. We have magical hand soap fairies at my work and I love them! Even if they are diminished in scent, anything is better than the industrial hand soap!

  • MJ

    My hands are very dry from wearing nitrile gloves all day at work. Exfoliating soap sounds painful! I like their foaming soaps with coconut oil 🙂 I did get a few of the nourishing Sage and Sea Salt ones to try. Mostly because the packaging was cute.

    • Isabella Muse

      I bet 🙁 You must have to constantly cream after removing! I didn’t try the Sage or Sea Salt I’m a gourmand girl! So none of those really appealed to me! :-/

      • MJ

        I think they’re trying to go for that whole classy “apothecary-style” $30-hand-soap-from-pottery-barn look and I’m SO not here for it lol. I hate old-timey packaging, if you know what I mean

        • Isabella Muse

          omg you’re right! Thinking about that I can totally see the pottery barn thing going on!

          • Jennifer

            Speaking of $30.00 soap from PB, i am so disappointed in the new lines at BBW; and even more disappointed in their higher prices. They have lost their ever loving minds on somethings. I love BBW, don’t get me wrong , but this is still BBW. They are going to start pricing people out and we are going to say the hell with it and move onto a luxe brand and spend a few dollars more. Jo Malone is starting to look better and better.

  • Adrienne

    I actually saw these yesterday for the first time and came online today to see if you had any comments and we both agree. I understand the need for exfoliation of the skin but I’ve always been told to take good care of your hands and always moisturize (my aunt said to use gloves when I slept) because your hands can age you really quickly. I don’t see the need for exfoliation and dried skin on your hands because we all wash our hands a thousand times or more during the day at our jobs. I wasn’t impressed with too many of their releases and kinda stunned with the price increase for the Argan products. I mentioned it to the sales associate and she said they based it on the fact that no matter what they charge customers will buy it and if they will pay that for Lush then they will pay the higher prices for Bath and Body Works. The difference is they are not Lush! LOL. I don’t think that’s an apples and apples comparison. I did buy the Honey soap when they were on sale 2 weeks ago but that’s about the limit of my spending so far.

    • Isabella Muse

      I am so glad to hear it because sometimes I think I am nuts with these things. I wash my hands constantly so the idea of using an exfoliating hand wash daily makes me cringe. That would be rather harsh on my skin. Maybe you can save it for days you need a little exfoliating but it sort of defeats the purpose of a hand soap. At that point it becomes a hand scrub you know? Not to mention the price increase but also the smaller bottles of fragrance mist all of a sudden! ITA with everything you said 😀

  • N

    I only bought two hand soaps from BBW this fall so far. I also prefer the foaming hand soap and that is all I’ll buy. It has been a disappointing this year. It seems they are focusing more on aromatherapy and essential oil products this year. I don’t like the direction they are going. I agree that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    • Isabella Muse

      they have zero in the foaming hand soap line this year. It’s great because I saved $$ lol! ;-D

  • Kimkats

    Hmm… Since they discontinued the soap with scrubbies in it (rather than reformulate it to get rid of the polyurethane beads) I wonder if these would work instead? BBW has been sucking hard at hand soaps the last couple of years and the discontinuation of the scrubby soap has made me pretty much swear off of them. (at least in store, and I’m just not gonna order it online) I may get one or two of the exfoliating soaps to see how they work – I get them mostly for DH who I *finally* got to use something besides Dawn dish soap to wash his hands! (he just *couldn’t* figure out why his hands were so dry – smh…)

    Still, very disappointed with BBW soaps recently. Fall used to be my crazy stock up time too, and mercifully I have about a dozen bottles still left. but dunno what to do when they’re finally gone…

  • Jen R

    I was really disappointed with the fall/Halloween lines from BBW in general this year. No return of the Boo! candle from last year, which was one of my favorite scents ever, limited bath/shower lines in the fall scents (I think just Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin? Last year I got pumpkin cupcake shower gel and body lotion and it was delicious).

    They definitely seem to be going for hipster-ish style over substance these days, and even over traditional things that we all want!

    Been checking stock weekly but haven’t made a single order yet this fall. Good for my wallet, but sad for me!

  • kjh

    BBW has disappointed me for-evah. I’m more of a hanbang than a gourmand person, but every BBW product uses some underlying chemical that I can big detect and dislike. Notably in spray fragrances. Ugh. Totally agree about the foams. Once Juniper Breeze was relegated to online only, never even visit. Stonewall Kitchens, more my speed. Must be a victim of the Pottery Barn Williams Sonoma syndrome. Shit, i’ve Got PBWS!!! As Snow White (Cat Cactus) says ‘Like a horny pine forest.’ I’m not neglecting your input, though, as I do the Asian marketplace for KB/JB/AB soaps and baths. That’s always an adventure.

  • diane

    i actually really like their newer moisturizing formula in soaps. BBW is tried to get more fancy. I like the direction they are going to be honest, especially with the products scented with essential oils. 🙂

    • rgw

      I absolutely love their new soaps, essential oils, lotions, packaging, and the direction they are going! More natural fragrances, and I like that BBW is updating their products. It’s nice to go in and find something new instead of the same stuff all the time.

  • Carol

    I agree with most people: BBW has been disappointing for the past several years. Each year it gets worse and worse. I remember spending oodles of money there. Now, I hardly ever go unless they are offering a sale on top of a $10 off of $30 coupon. I also only buy the foam soaps and the scents were slim pickins this year. I did buy some of the honey soaps and I ended up liking those. But what I have been doing for the past few years is keeping my old foam bottles and pumps and making my own foam soap with their regular soap. If you take some soap and mix it with water it turns into the foam soap. So Muse, you can always try that if they don’t offer a scent you like in the foam.

  • Michelle

    UGH BBW really screwed the pooch with the lack of Fall goodies. So disappointing. Fall is my main shop time at BBW and the candles were so blah with boring packaging and the soaps, lotions, etc were non existent for fall cuties. I have been seeing so many share my feelings on Instagram as well.

  • Wendy

    I agree with you on everything and as an ex-manager, I feel like BBW just isn’t any fun anymore.

  • Christina

    I just went into a B&BW store for the first time in ages and was quite disappointed in basically the entire store. I bought a few of the orange ginger foaming hand soaps; I do like that scent, but I’ll be looking to broaden my hand soap horizon after finishing these up!

  • Bonnie

    I bought a few recently when they were $3 but stuck to classics like Kitchen Lemon in the foaming. They’ll be Christmas gifts. I bought a few candles this fall, also on sale, and had quite a row with Customer Service over a problem with the (online) order. After three or four complaints I finally got it semi-settled.

  • Tina

    Hand exfoliating soaps are the LAST thing I want when my hands are constantly dry!

  • keisha

    What the hell is going on at Bath and Body Works?? All the great products that once made people salivate for their semi-annual sales have long since been discontinued!!! Dude!! Seriously!!! Now Bath and Body Works sucks!!! It’s like their trying to be the next LUSH or morphing into a spa or something…we don’t need another LUSH…and I echo the sentiments of some loyal customers like myself when I say that lately their “new and improved” products have been disappointing at best. Another thing, why do they have to add “essential oils” to everything?? Even their sales are not that great anymore. The last semi-annual sale for winter was seriously lacking online, and I was disappointed with the variety of scents they had to offer. Even in store, when the sale was going on, there were hardly any scents that were 75% off… most of the store was 50% off. Their packaging has gotten boring and plain as well. I know they have to adapt to the changing economic climate, but they can do better than what’s been going on. in my opinion, I think Bath and Body works is giving customers “a 6 for a 9”. They need to get back to what customers love and what made them popular; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    • Isabella Muse

      I can’t agree enough! The semi-annual sale is a bust for me the past few years. They have absolutely nothing I need. And the constant rerun of the same candles and scents over and over and over. What a shame!