October 11, 2017

Mally Beauty Frozen Collection for Holiday 2017 Release Date

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As you know the Mally Beauty Frozen Collection is a new Disney Makeup Collaboration that was previewed and hinted at on Mally Roncal’s Instagram recently. A few new details have emerged since she gave us that tease yesterday!

First off, the Mally Beauty Frozen Makeup Collection arrives at qvc.com in November for a limited time. I imagine it’ll sell out fast so we better have our credit cards at the ready! Update: Available now at QVC.com. I don’t have an exact date in November but as more info becomes available I’ll be sure to share it.

The collection is inspired by Anna and Elsa that includes eyeshadows, lipgloss, mascara, blushes, and more. There are two different eye castle cases that were previewed but I’m unsure if these will be palettes that contain eyeshadows, blushes, etc…or if they will be housed as a set with individual product releases. I believe it will likely be two capsule sets that contain indivdual products and come housed in the adorable keepsake ice castles you see in these images.

They’ll also be two snowflake adorned keepsake mirrors, one for Anna and one for Elsa.

“As a mommy of three beautiful daughters, the story of Disney’s Frozen speaks to me on such a strong, emotional level,” says Mally Roncal. “Elsa is polished and elegant, yet tough, strong and powerful. Anna is a free spirit, optimistic, energetic and playful. I believe as women we each have many different sides to
our personalities and these collections capture them perfectly!”-Mally Roncal.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Mally Beauty Frozen Collection. It’s a little weird as I never expect a Mally Beauty and Disney collaboration to pop up but I’m curious that’s for sure.


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Denise

    I’ve never bought into the drugstore Disney collaborations, but this has my attention! I love Mally Beauty.

  • Maria

    Thanks Muse. I hope Mally has more info soon about the products on her IG account.

  • Kimmyyy

    I just keep wondering… Why Frozen? I guess it makes sense with the holidays coming up, and she gave her little reason about relating to Elsa and Anna; however, when I think Disney makeup collabs, I think of the classic Disney movies, not the newer ones. It seems especially odd to me since this is a makeup collection and most of the people buying this sort of thing were already adults when it came out, so it’s not nostalgic… Oh well! I guess it just isn’t as exciting to me because, while Frozen was cute, I was older when it came out and got tired of it after all kids in existence became obsessed with it. I still cringe when I hear “Let it go”… 😐 Lol.

    • Isabella Muse

      maybe Frozen, snow, holiday? I guess? ;-D LOL but I totally get your point. Frozen is too new for me, I’d much rather see something I grew up enjoying like Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Snow White, but I guess those have been done and re-done already!

  • ruth

    *whispers* I’ve never seen Frozen =/ oops!

    the external packaging for this looks stunning though!

      • ruth

        and this is why you’re the best! I’d love to see a Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent collection with some amazing golds and purples. It’s not like don’t have things in my collection to make my own sleeping beauty/malfeficent look *shifty eyes*

        • Isabella Muse

          I could totally dig that! The one from MAC was a bit meh (Maleficent one). Not enough stuff was released with it, something bigger and badder I’m all aboard. LOL of course, but still…!

          • ruth

            the packaging could have purple iridescent scales reminiscent of her dragon form and maybe lipsticks for flora, fauna, & merriweather. I’m on a no buy for awhile but would break it in a heartbeat for Maleficent. the MAC releases were fine. I did get the powder, lipstick and eventually the gloss at the CCO. it wasn’t the height of magnificence that i imagined a collection for her to be, ya know?

  • Robin

    I saw Frozen for the first time last month. It was actually really good. I have stuff stored on my dvr to watch when I can’t find anything to watch.
    They are making a sequel to be releaed in 2019.

    I never think of Mally doing any type of collab like this. Too Faced yes, Mally?? Weird .

    • Isabella Muse

      I heard about the sequel and I was like, “I need to really finally sit down and watch it entirely” I’ve always only saw bits and pieces! AGREED! It’s just Mally’s MO!

  • Sarah S.

    I can’t wait to see this collection. Frozen made this mid-thirties mom feel like a kid and get excited about Disney again ^.^