October 10, 2017

Mally Beauty and Frozen An Odd Marriage!

Mally Beauty and Frozen as in Disney Frozen as in Let It Go, Let It Go is a thing! A makeup thing to be exact! Today, Mally broke the new she has teamed up with Disney to put together a Mally x Frozen limited edition collection that’s “coming soon”. It’s available now at QVC.com!

I honestly sat here with my mouth slightly open when I read this.

Wait, what?

I love Mally. I love Mally Beauty. But it is expected to see her doing a Disney Collection. REALLY? Wait, what just happened? I never expected such an interesting release from Mally Beauty. It seems like an odd marriage but that isn’t to say I’m not looking forward to what this collection will look like. Because I am, I REALLY am!

Mally isn’t alone this year as many other brands embrace Disney such as Besame who recently launched a Snow White Collection. Obviously Disney is play fast and furious with their trademark characters because most everyone has some sort of Disney branded release. Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags, LoungeFly, plenty of Box Lunch goodies, Torrid, everywhere you look some brand or department store is launching a Disney inspired selection of totes, makeup bags, t-shirts, and other accessories. Of course, the makeup world is no stranger to Disney though since Sephora, E.L.F., and many others have jumped on the bandwagon years ago.

But obviously, Disney is set for a come back this year and likely into 2018.

What do you expect to see from the Mally Beauty Frozen Collection?

See Mally’s tiny tease below!

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  • Kish

    Seems really odd, unless Disney has a sequel coming out, no? I mean, Frozen isn’t exactly new. I’m not really into Disney stuff, so I could be missing something major. Mally had $$ issues, so maybe this was a sure way to dig out?

  • heather

    I saw this on Instagram, and immediately thought, “Isn’t Frozen like 10 years old now??!!” I know it isn’t that old, but I just don’t know why this colab would be happening now, vs. when the movie came out? Seems like Frozen has been soooooo overdone, that horse has been beaten to death already!

    • Isabella Muse

      lol! I didn’t think that to be honest, more like, “Wait mally and disney?” that seemed more odd to me! I just can’t picture Mally doing something cutesy! Her line has some sweet packaging and she has a great round up of products but I never would have thought to see her doing a disney collaboration! That shocked me most!

  • diane

    “LET IT GOOOO LET IT GOOOO LET ALLL OF MY MONEYYYY GOOOOOO” sorry. but i love mally and disney. i’m doomed!

  • Sara

    Dear Disney, I have one suggestion for you. MOANA COLLABORATIONS! Dude, beautiful bronzes, tropical hues… I’m dying just thinking about it. Maybe closer to summer since that screams vacation makeup. I’m also a huge Frozen fan so I’ll be keeping an eye out for this. I still have my Wholly Deep Frozen eyeliner collection somewhere in my makeup pile.

  • brandy

    if you have as many ice blue eyeliners as i do from mally, you wouldn’t be surprised at all.

  • kjh

    Pretty unexpected, but honestly expected Frozen before this. It’s just that with fierce Mally, well, she’s the last one I expected to issue Frozen. From an esthetic p.o.v., not from the message. Neat thing.

    • Isabella Muse

      Too true! Frozen is SO popular! ELF did one a few years ago but I expect nicer things from mally!

  • Maria

    I agree with you Muse. I would never think Mally would team up with Frozen movie that caters to young girls who usually wear Frozen costumes for Halloween. lol.

    • Isabella Muse

      I know it seems weird for Mally right?!? She does have three younger girls but still never expected a Disney collection from Mally!

  • Amber

    I love mally so I’m interested to see what’s in this. I immediately thought christmas collection. Weird it’s Disney but cool with me. Especially since I have found BE to be a total bust so far for the holiday collections.

  • Christina D.

    I used to like Mally’s products, but the last couple of times I ordered a palette I was unpleasantly surprised to find out it was made in China. It’s one thing to spend $10 on a Make Up Revolution palette — of course it’s made in China! — but it’s another thing to pay for mid to high end products and find out they’ve cheaped out on manufacturing. No more Mally for me.

    BTW I had the same initial reaction: Frozen? Isn’t that old news, even for Disney?

    • Isabella Muse

      Frozen 2 😀 That’s prob why or as someone mentioned the play! Aw sorry 🙁

  • Susan

    Let’s hope for cool tones! I’m so burned out on red and orange shadows in every palette.

    I’ve only gotten a few Mally products but love them — great quality and good pigmentation — and have high hopes for this release.

  • Tracy

    I don’t understand why it’s so surprising? Like why? Someone explain it to me, cause I think I’m missing something.

    • Isabella Muse

      Just not really something that Mally has been known for in the past. Mally Beauty isn’t really a “cutesy” brand, it’s never had that image. It would be less surprising if Too Faced did something like this but Mally is a little surprising. It’s a different road the brand is taking, one we haven’t seen from them in the past.

  • Randi MacDonald

    The first shadow stick I tried was Mally way back when she owned the brand. She sold it and then the sticks were not made in Germany/Italy anymore, they are now made in China. I said ” Buh Bye” to Mally at that point.