October 27, 2017

Target Revamps Their Makeup and Beauty Section

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Remember that old saying about how you can never go into Target just to buy toilet paper? Be honest, you never walked out of Target without dropping $100 to $200 bucks am I right? That toilet paper run typically turns into a a new wardrobe and accessory haul but wait, you forgot the toilet paper.

There have been many, many days my friend when I have gone to Target for one thing, one DAMN THING, and have come out of the experience $200 or more broke. And seriously, I have gone home with my haul only to be asked, “Did you get the salt you went to Target to get?” “Ummm nope…!” “But what’s in all those bags?” “Not salt!”

Yes, it’s true. Walk in for one thing, forget about it completely, yet haul a dozen or more other things I don’t need.

Damn you Target, damn you to hell!

Makeup and beauty is a particularly scary vortex in Target. Carol’s Daughter, K-Beauty, Sonia Kashuk, Pixi, with so many different brands to choose from you can easily get lost in the brightly lit aisles and you can also easily come out of the experience broke as smoke but feeling incredibly pretty.

Well, prepare to be broker because Target is about to revamp their makeup and beauty section and apparently it’s going to be a Sephora-like experience for drugstore and budget beauty brands.

By the end of October, 75 stores in the US will be getting a make over with an open floor plan, bright lighting, low shelving, and a ton of other changes like, wait for it, an NYX Brow Bar. You’ll also be seeing more products from brands like E.L.F.

Earlier this Fall we discussed the opening of Riley Rose a new free-standing beauty store from Forever 21 that contains a slew of different brands including mainstream ones like Stila but also a ton of indie and niche ones a well. Target aims to also start carrying more niche makeup brands as well with plenty of K-Beauty picks. They are even planning on rolling out serve counters with trained associates to help you find your shade match or even skin care consultations as well as provide free samples.

By the end of 2018, 400 stores will have all these new changes implemented.

I look forward to seeing if my Target stores get this updates.

Are you excited about these changes?

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  • Kimmwc03

    Sounds nice. My stores have already been revamped a little so I’m not sure I will see a total revamp in my area but we do have a lot of ELF (I can’t seem to escape this brand now!) and really bright lighting.

  • Sarah

    I lived abroad for a year and I swear I didn’t know how to get errands run without Target. I would have to go to six places to accomplish the same. I’m always so distracted from my actual errand when I’m there lol.

    • Isabella Muse

      OMG I know the struggle believe me I do! No target makes life hard 😀

    • Isabella Muse

      nyx brow bar too!? lucky 😀 I haven’t been the flagship in the city lately I believe we have that already too!

  • Melanie

    my local target here in Phoenix is undergoing a major renovation…..doesn’t need it just had one 2 yrs ago..but anyhow the beauty section looks like it is going to be amazing. Got a sneak peek earlier this week. Yes, looks to be a set of like Sephora / Ulta. One associate mentioned more brands will be launching as well…
    BTW I never get out of Target under $100. I try, I really try

  • amy

    My local Target is literally next door to an ULTA, in a mall with 2 Sephora’s & a MAC, so I doubt we’ll get the upgrade…

  • TropicalChrome

    Oh please, I hope they get rid of that bright backlighting! It makes it impossible to see the product, so I end up passing stuff right on by.

    I also hope this means they get in more seasonal stuff – the Targets here have had precious little but the core items, and I already have pretty much all of those I can use in one lifetime.

  • kjh

    As long as they can keep things in stock. Two near targets near me…and I have never been able to find any beauty/skincare to get, and it usually said online ‘In Stock.’ Sooo picked over and empty. Never look there. But I do know about the money oozing away, when you go there. It’s really fun!

  • Tracy

    Target’s beauty section is already too bright for me–I feel like I need to wear sunglasses whenever I venture over there. It’s bright enough that it makes it difficult to discern the shade of a makeup product, and that discourages me from buying makeup in a Target store. I wish they’d tone it down a bit!

  • Melissa

    I never leave Target without one thing, lol.
    I think it will be interesting to see what Target does in geographical areas with competition.
    I don’t know if my store is one of the 400, but I can tell you that they will have some fierce competition. Sephora is across the street from Target in the mall, and Ulta is in the same parking lot as Target as well, where I live.

  • FrugalCat

    I bought a 79 cent bottle of handsoap once. The pump was broken and would not dispense the soap. My friend was like “take it back and get another” and I replied, “No, cause if I go there to exchange a 79 cent soap I will end up spending $30 on other stuff. Better to just throw the soap out.”

  • Brandy

    I avoid Target for the reasons you just described. I go in for shampoo, but the shampoo I want is out of stock so then I just take a “quick” walk down the makeup aisles. An hour and $100 later, I’m leaving with eyeshadows, lipstick (I don’t wear lipstick), a new skincare item that promises the world. The brightly lit aisles draw me in like a moth to the light making me go brain dead. I couldn’t imagine how bad I would be if they revamped my store. Maybe they already did, but I don’t know because I’m not going in (repeats to self, “I will not go in Target.”)

  • Silvia

    Oh! Gosh! I’m in trouble! I noticed lot more Elf in my Target and Milani products being introduced so far only the rose blushes and lipsticks. They removed Essence though. They better not remove WetnWild. Love to browse through the isles and catch something new!

  • genevieve

    Our Target Australia (which is owned by a different group to yours) has also expanded its beauty section with Nude by Nature, Chi Chi cosmetics, The Balm, Sleek and NYX. I just wish they had Milani, Colour Pop and Coloured Raine……
    Generally though, I ‘live’ in the kids section, purchasing items for my grandchildren…..

  • Shana k.

    I’m already such a target beauty junkies…. This update may mean the demise of my marriage.I see trouble on the horizon.

  • Jane

    I will put my shield up now, but I don’t really like any of the premium or niche lines Target has offered for a long long time. And it seems they redid their lighting not too long ago, but it was that ghastly overbright stuff that blows out the color so much you can’t get a decent read on it.

    I am more than willing to be surprised!