November 28, 2017

Cargo Star Wars Leia Organa Compact Mirror Review

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

I picked up the Cargo Star Wars The Last Jedi Leia Organa Compact Mirror ($28) when it launched on the Kohl’s website last week. As you know Cargo recently teamed up with Disney and Star Wars to release a makeup and accessory collection featuring some of the most powerful women in that galaxy far, far away. The Cargo Star Wars Compact Mirror is available in four designs which features characters from the light and dark side. It was very, very, very, very, did I say very? Very, very difficult for me to decide on just one mirror. I am a massive Star Wars geek which meant I really wanted all four designs but somehow I was able to conjure up some logic and remind myself I never even use the Disney Princess Compact Mirrors I hauled from Sephora. As big a collector that I am I decided I’d settle on one.

The toss up between choosing Leia or Captain Phasma was huge. Captain Phasma barely had air time in The Force Awakens but she’s still a unique and wonderful character that sticks with me as a fan of the Star Wars films and also as a woman. I mean she’s a kick ass commander of the First Order what’s not to love?

But Leia won out and now I’m the proud owner of a compact mirror with her image immortalized on the cover for all time.

At $28 the award for best mirror goes to Sephora. What, wait, huh? Sephora created a range of Disney mirrors over the course of the last few years that ranged in price from $20 to $32. The original line of mirrors they did were by far the best. They were heavy, detailed, and truly beautiful pieces. In 2015, they recaptured some of that magic but the price was considerably higher at $32 but still the quality remained fairly good at this price point for a very well made mirror that was truly covetable.

Unfortunately, at $28 Cargo didn’t quite capture the same magic. The mirror is probably worth $18, maybe $20 but not $28. The most beautiful thing about the mirror is the portrait of Leia. The portrait-like image is very impressive.

The mirror itself is far less impressive. It’s lightweight which is one reason I feel like the price point isn’t quite right. It does have two sides one of which is about 2X magnified and the other a normal view. I was kind of disappointed that the back label has a small sticker with Lucas Arts and the copyright on it. Really? For $28 they couldn’t print/engrave that on the back? I didn’t remove the sticker because I had a feeling it would leave behind a sticky residue. Small factors like this made me feel like the item wasn’t truly a collector’s item.

None the less as a girl living in a male dominated Star Wars world I feel ever so inclined to get excited when someone does throw us geeky girl a treat like this which means I don’t regret the purchase. However, I wish it didn’t feel like a quickie thrown together item. A little more attention to detail for the price would go a long way at making this geek girl with a collector’s heart and soul very happy indeed.

Cargo Star Wars Leia Organa Compact Mirror is available now at for a limited time.

Did you haul one?

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • kjh

    Semi off-topic, but losing Carrie, then Debbie, was truly sad. Leia is, was, and always will be iconic.

    • Isabella Muse

      agreed! That was so sad! They were such a close family it isn’t surprising that Debbie went so quickly after Carrie. My mom says she died of a broken heart!

  • Melissa

    Did I ever tell you about my license plate? It says jedigrl.
    I’m really torn about this collection. It doesn’t excite me as a makeup junkie or a star wars die hard. I might still pick up the palettes but I think I rather spend the money on makeup I might use. Let us know if you get those and your thoughts? Thanks

    • Isabella Muse

      omg awesome 😀 Love! I was too but I decided to bite the bullet because there’s so few merch options dedicated to girls that like Star Wars ya know? Although, in recent years it has become better with many fashion and accessory options available but not so much makeup ones. I’ll def let you know. I purchased the Light Side Palette and I’m in the process of testing it now!

  • Callie Beck

    I was so beyond excited for this collection, I’m a massive Star Wars nerd and immediately hit order when it went up for sale. I purchased both the Leia and the Phasma compact with both eyeshadow sets. The compacts were a huge huge let down, both had bubbling on the front from poor placement of the stickers they used for the images. For $28 they couldn’t have sealed the images in? Or engraved them? Used enamel? Us female fans have been ignored for so long and releases like this are just awful. I ended up returning both compacts sadly =/

    • Isabella Muse

      how horrible I’m sorry Callie! Mine didn’t arrive bubbled thankfully but I agree! Engraving would have been much, much nicer!!!!!