November 27, 2017

Cyber Beauty Overindulgence What Did You Buy?

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

This has been the most overwhelming Black Friday and Cyber Monday in beauty history. There are so many sales my head is spinning and I never had a turkey coma but I did have a sale one. I actually tried really hard to keep a level head when I did my purchases this weekend but there was so much stuff I just had to take advantage of.

I feel slightly ashamed but also every so weirdly proud of myself for saving so much money. Yeah, that’s some morbid logic there I’m sure. I actually went into the sales with a game plan and I’m typically pretty good about sticking to how things will work out with sales especially since I refuse to give into FOMO and also, I feel like there are so many Spring 2018 releases upcoming it seems like a good idea to save money for those.

But nope, I overindulged.

I am happy to report that I got all my friends their gifts and also, finished up my sister and other miscellaneous family members. Sadly, I’m struggling hard with dad and mom. They are very difficult to buy for.

But let’s chat what I purchased for myself haha…!

I’m waiting on orders from:

  • Stila (the new Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Wanderlust)
  • Philosophy (the new ballet scents)
  • Soko Glam (a few K-Beauty skincare staples)
  • Avé Parfum (I got samples of the new Velvet Collection to try)
  • Osswald Fragrance (got two new Chabau scents I wanted to add to my collection)
  • Sephora (I hauled some of the new Cyber Monday beauty items they launched yesterday)
  • Royal Apothic (They restocked their Conservatory Perfume Collection, had a sale, and I was like oh yes, I need backups of my favs before they disappear)
  • Cargo x Star Wars Goodies from Kohl’s
  • Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box

I THINK that’s it!

How about you?

Tell me about your haul!


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Christina D.

    I’m feeling completely overwhelmed by the sales, so much so that I pretty much stuck to only the things I wanted: the new Melt Cosmetics stack (not on sale), new MUG palettes (not on sale), and today the UD Distortion palette (not on sale). In fact, the only sale items I scored are from Colourpop (the new Double Entendre palette but of course that was after I had purchased All I See Is Magic when it wasn’t on sale).

    Yes, I was very tempted by some great prices but I’m trying to stick to the philosophy that if I wouldn’t buy something at full price, I shouldn’t buy it just because it’s on sale. As they say, you can go broke saving money.

    • Isabella Muse

      Me too! it’s giving me a migraine. You literally have to just step away from the computer less you make a major mistake! Smart lol! ;-D That’s a good rule of thumb!

    • Robin

      I was waiting for the MuG sale and was so bummed that they were excluded from the sale. May buy in a few weeks.

  • Paige

    I got three old Sephora Play boxes for travel size items, some UFO Sunday Reiley oil at Sephora on the 20% VIB sale, and then I used a $50 off Beauty at Neiman Marcus this weekend for a huge haul of Oribe and Evolis hair care stuff, and then today I am ordering a YSL makeup stash (love the oil in slick lipstick) from Neiman Marcus for a nice GWP beauty bag.

    Kind of miss the Hautelook/Nordstrom GWP/purchase bag, didn’t see that this year :^(

    I did not buy any of the BF offerings from Sephora like I usually do, they just weren’t compelling this time for me. Ulta was good but I really stuck to re-stocking what I know and love.

  • kjh

    And you know, just did Nars right now. Only 2 things, though. Did pre T at both S and U, not vast quantities, mostly presents and replenishments. Did a CP this am, some SSS and powder, as well as a few lips. My main downfall was Zoeva…thank god it happens just once per year, iirc. You know! Justify the bundle, bec the brushes alone are a hundred, so why not the blush and the eye palette for 16$ more? Rationalization is the 11th commandment. (Opulence, and i’m not that taken with the eye palette.) 3 brush sets and a couple of outliers, one each of lip products: lacquer, velvet, matte and cream l/s, the nude blush palette, the offline blush palette and some eye palettes. The one that grabs me the most is offline, both the blush and the eyes. I could quit now, and probably should, bec I will die with one huge stash. And the savings are always amazing, when you spend a shitton, anyway. (And the Zoeva is all for me [wringing hands together in anticipation, delight, and GREED.]) At this point, Thanksgiving is less about thanks, family, and turkey, than it is about bargains! We picked our poison, and it’s color cosmetics.

  • Janessa

    I’m so not into it this year… But of course couldn’t pass up SOME of the sales – got a highlighter and couple lipsticks from the Jeffree Star/Beautylish sale, and picked up the Toasted palette (I MADE myself wait to get it until I got at least 20% off) from Tarte. I’m sure I could have waited a bit longer and gotten it for 30% off at some point, but I figured I waited long enough. I did restock my BioBelle sheet masks from Ulta, too, since they all went on sale. They’re my favorite. I AM kicking myself for not grabbing the Stila 3pc glitter and glow set though. I’m definitely grabbing that if it comes back it stock.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m so glad you waited on Toasted! I wish I did! Tarte has 25% off today plus a ton of other stuff on sale would have been great to indulge today! They have the six piece one which is also a great deal!

  • Mary

    I went batshit on Black Friday buying for friends family and myself!! Lol so that said I am being good today I picked up the toasted palette and a pair of cute loafers both were 25% off so I don’t feel too bad!

  • Susan

    I really restrained myself. A major wakeup call was when I saw a palette in Ulta’s sale that I thought was gorgeous and at a great price, so I put it in my cart. To be safe, I went and checked my stash to see if I had any near-dupes. Uh, yeah…. I already owned the **exact** same palette. :-O

    All I ordered was some empty palettes and blush/highlighter pots and eyeshadow pots to fill them at Coastal Scents. Everything I wanted was 66% off. Score! And I am very much looking forward to making my own travel palettes with light, cool tones and no glitter.

    • Isabella Muse

      lol ;-D that’s bad! I’ve done this before myself. Old age haha! I didn’t even check out CS’s black friday sale this year!

  • Robin

    I did okay. Beauty – Kohls I got Cargos mega eye palette and the small eye shadow palette. Both on sale. That’s it. I kept looking at Sephora and ULTA but nothing said buy me. I did buy s new tv at Best Buy so that’s where my extra dollars went. Oh cuddle duds jammies from Kohls. Spent 117 with Kohls and saved 117 with them!!

  • Lisa

    Costco in store sold the T2 hairdryer for $60 down from about $145, and I splurged on it. It is amazing.

  • Dee

    I didn’t buy anything ! I felt overwhelmed and just deleted any emails that came with sale details. I think I got my fill with the Sephora VIB sale . I can hardly believe I said that.

    • Isabella Muse

      I felt the same. I felt very, very overwhelmed. It felt like I was getting 5 e-mails every hour from the same retailers!

  • Jessica

    Stila-Eye for Elegance set, Jeffree Star-Beauty Killer and Androgyny Palettes,Nordstrom-Urban Decay Ultimate Pair in Backtalk/Rush, Ulta-Urban Decay Ultimate Pair in 1993, Stila liquid lipsticks in Patina and Beso, Amazon-Beauty Glazed Rose Gold palette dupe for Huda palette

  • Olivia

    Oh dear… where do I even begin? I decided it would be my mission to find THE next all-time-fave matte liquid lipstick. So here’s my damage…

    Sephora- 3 KVD liquid lips + Favorites fragrance sampler with my VIB discount. P.S did you see the $20 off $50 is coming soon too??
    Tarte- clay concealer (staple) + matte lip paint
    Jouer- 2 long wear liquid lips (it was B1G1F + free leopard makeup bag, how could I not??)
    Dose of Colors- 3 liquid lipsticks (so far… might be my favorite formulation)
    ABH- 1 liquid lip + 4 singles shadows and quad
    NARS- Velvet matte stick (staple) + liquid blush in Dolce Vita (not a staple, but is definitely up there)
    Target- not Black Friday related but went and bought maybe 3-4 different liquid lipsticks from the beauty dept. Fave so far out of those is Maybelline’s 24 hour wear matte lip. It’s AWESOME and competes with DoC and KVD easily but for $9.99

    … don’t even get me started on what I have coming from Amazon. Since my friends/coworkers aren’t into beauty like I am almost everything came from there plus a new laptop. My wallet is cryingggggg

  • nn

    Don’t ever feel ashamed of saving money. The beauty industry may make you feel like you have to give your paychecks to them, but as an intelligent savvy woman it is better to plan for the long term. Someday when you are retired you will thank yourself for saving.

  • sally private

    i had stopped buying cosmetics for a dozen years. all bets were off. some palette caught my eye one day a few months ago, so i looked up a few brand names i remembered loving most and saw their current lines, then typed beauty blog into google and got hooked again.

    i got two sephora boxes from the leftover play ones, thought they really dropped the ball and almost every other company had more exciting offers. i did not get the new items as i was broke by then, sales started on the 21st. all of the new palettes will be around on their real launch day but the sets, kits and free gifts were all temporary and transitory.

    i spent the most at ulta. huge makeup revolution fan, that and bh are two of the best new to me now brands. put in three ulta orders. got a sparkly bag, a cyber monday gold bag and three j cat palettes which were well packed and did not shatter. also two butter eye glosses, perfume sampler, shadow box and nocturnal palettes (i remember when ud launched at nordstrom and have items from that, grin), at least a half dozen makeup revolution palettes, lottie london glosses, the mac lipglass set, and more, definitely more.

    got the bright lights pinky rose palette since someones order got canceled and it went up for grabs after being sold out. i do midnight launches better than 8-10 a.m. this is probably the biggest score as i missed it and i probably took it away from ebay and saved that way.

    ordered stila wanderlust, karity unicorn dreams palette, ud electric from haute or rack, jeffree star both xmas palettes and then a few days later the two eyeshadow palettes. js did not exist a dozen years ago so i have to make up for lost time. pur only got an order for their holiday palette and eye polish set. would have liked to have given them more money. pur did it right, as did jstar. multiple sales, free shipping, some kind of deal. i’m looking/glaring at you, top sephora executive….

    lime crime got my order for all three diamond crusher sets. i had no idea who lime crime were when i saw glosses on ebay for under $1.50. by the time they arrived from china i realized i had bought counterfeits, had become aware of dupes, safety concerns, etc. i also bought a velvetine gloss from ulta and a pink diamond dew. wanted to give lime crime more business but the highlight palettes were not cheap enough. i also wanted to buy the love luxe beauty palette but i had an issue with the shopping cart and by the time it was fixed i had moved on. i wish we could have quarterly blessings like this and not just annually.

    i had been eyeing coastal scents but they were always sold out of at least two of the five palettes i wanted. they were well stocked when their sale went live and i got thirteen palettes for under $65. they arrived two days later, well packed and undamaged. thrilled.

    wanted to get stuff from sigma beauty and they did everything right but i didn’t get to them. yet. i too got five or more mails an hour from some companies. i had over three hundred sale emails over six days, imho the companies that did the best financially went on sale first and for the longest amount of time. imho the companies i will remember best next time are those who did not offer something better to people who purchased two days later after they first wanted our money. for any company execs lurking, i saved lots of the emails in a folder so i will remember what you did this year and also if i wanted to patronize you and still need to.

    tambeauty… could only get eight palettes, sniff. went for the ones with biggest markdowns, xmas sets that had a special discount, and a few i had never seen come up in a search of palette before. my wishlist there is still close to $400. they have a new u.s. site, alas it does not have the latest items. hoping to be able to order from there in the future as they get fully stocked.

    got the zodiac palette and galaxy chic from bh. they sold out of a lot of palettes before bf even got close from a prior sale at 40 off. i’ve raped them already, have every palette i need and now just want em all. i did buy an older bh palette on ebay.

    also got the lucid dream pigment palette and the inked doll sugar skull palette plus a few storage items from ebay for brushes, samples, etc.

    really grateful for your posts. maybe next bf you should hawk something, grin. suggestions: bumper stickers or other stickers, collectors mystery boxes of your unwanted samples and gratis, posters. think outside of the box as we all end up with lots of mirrors and coffee cups but few have an awesome poster by their vanity or on their bathroom door and slogan stickers about lipsticks, beauty, etc. would give you industry visibility. also, what about working with your fave companies for a blogger deal or shopping day where your site sends readers somewhere to get something exclusive bloggers can have first. if i owned ulta or sephora i would have lotsa bloggers pick five items each and have a day when those go on sale. anyway, thank you again.

  • Sarah

    I actually behaved for once! I picked up 5 singles from Sugarpill and in a moment of weakness I purchased the Jeffree Star Androgyny palette for $27. I didn’t want to say no to 40% off but J* is a brand I’m having conflicting feelings for.

    I’m honestly more excited about all that sweet Sugarpill!

    Outside of that, I didn’t indulge too much. But boy, did the retailers try to push FOMO on you. They really want that holiday cash!

    • Isabella Muse

      I WISH I could say the same I was a bit bad this time around ;-D They sure did!!!!!!!!!!!!! They had emails coming in every hour on the hour!

  • Suewest33

    Hi Muse, I agree that the Black Friday and cyber Monday sales were incredible and I was very bad, in a good way. Neiman marcus had $50 off any $200 including beauty so I splurged on myself — the Tom ford violet argente palette and the new shimmering moisture soufflé. Then Bloomingdales had full size by Terry lipgloss as a free gift from Space NK so I got diptyque candles for my mom and sister. For cyber Monday they had 10% off all makeup so I got La mer powder, loose and pressed. Then the Ulta stuff drove me berserk—makeup and skincare galore at 50% off, I got the lorac sunset eyeshadow palette, the Persona palette ( I saw the YouTube videos and was hooked, sona gasparian check her out) the It brushes, the Vichy face masks, Opi nail polish 2 for $16… some stuff can use the coupon, some stuff can’t, so divide up the purchase into 2 separate ones… short I went nuts. I’m in a shopping coma but I had put myself on NO buy for a few months and i figured I’d wait until the time was right to restock my makeup, i was in a deep rut and needed fresh new stuff. Now if only UPS and the USPS can bring it all in a hurry, I’ll be home free!

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL I was too Sue! ;-D Very good in a bad way that is ;-D I didn’t notice NM promo otherwise I’d have gotten some TF as well! That’s a super discount! Fantastic haul! Enjoy it 😀

  • breyerchic04

    here’s the total of my haul from this week, all online as I was judging a horse show friday and saturday.

    A kindle fire for my mom, for $30 she won’t feel bad that she doesn’t use it a lot and it will be great for her to watch some videos on or read.

    Charlotte Tilbury $100 box with the free perfume, I’ve wanted to try almost everything from the line, so it’s worth it to me.

    Pixi at 20% off an extra Caroline Hirons cleanser, milky mist, and rose caviar essence, I’ve used the first two for months and needed backups. There’s also a free mud cleanser.

    MAC Face and body and redlite strobe cream, both are replenishing used products. There’s a free cyber lipstick as well as 25% off.

    I’m excited to get it and especially see what’s in the charlotte box.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m sure she’ll love the Kindle! Hope you like your CT box! Mine is coming today! Damn I mixed out on pixi! 😀 great haul enjoy!