December 28, 2017

Lipstick Queen Dating Game Lipstick and Doctor Who Babblings

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Lipstick Queen Dating Game Lipstick make me think of Valentine’s Day and I guess technically that’s ok considering the Christmas decorations and candies have already been removed from my local Walgreens and in their place, yes, you guessed it, are chocolate hearts. Rush? Just a little.

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P.S. I watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special last night and it was rather wild ride. I was so, so busy Christmas and the days after it that I didn’t have a chance to sit down to watch but I finally had a second to sit on the couch and take it all in last night. I’m thrilled with the nod to our very dearly beloved Brigadier. Not that the Brigadier has been completely absent in recent years but just that tiny nod to his legacy was a lovely thing to see. One of my favorite episodes featuring Nicholas Courtney and Tom Baker was Planet of the Spiders. Yes, I’m a complete arachnophobe but this was the introduction of my Doctor so it does stick out in my head. But man there were enough fake spiders in that episode to give me nightmares for weeks and weeks after watching it. It’s especially important to remember that the Brigadier was there during the regeneration from three to four with Sarah Jane and he says those legendary lines, “Well… Here we go again.” Indeed, and here we are again in 2017 nearly 2018 with yet another Doctor on the way. One that breaks all sorts of boundaries since he has actually regenerated into a she. Yay girl power. A few short years ago, there was a rumor that Jennifer Saunders might be the next Doctor Who and the fandom was quite in a frenzy at the idea of a woman in the Tardis. It never did go down that way but this year, well this year is obviously the year Doctor Who makes history.

I keep seeing click bait titles about how wonderful 13 is and how incredible she was in this episode but I haven’t formed an opinion yet. She was on the screen about 28 seconds and I’m disappointed to some extent that her intro was not terribly original at all and just reminiscent of 11’s introduction to the Who-verse. Cloister bell tolls, regeneration occurs, Tardis blows up, Doctor is thrown into chaos. Pretty much the same intro as 11 aside from the fact she literally falls out of the Tardis where as Matt hung in there as it crashed down to earth. I get the need to blow up the Tardis as they want to start fresh, give it a new look for a new Doctor yada yada yada, but there must be someway they can incorporate a new look without having the same exact storyline as 11.

I have to admit I’m happy to see Peter go. People have hailed him as being a fantastic Doctor but I felt like from the get go he’s always been such a grumpy, angry Doctor. A little playfulness never hurt anyone. Bill was a strong companion and she made last season very, very good but the Peter just wasn’t my cup of tea at all.

I’m looking forward to see what Jodie brings to the role. I hope 13 will bring back some lightheartedness to the series!

What did you think of the episode?


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • breyerchic04

    Oh good, I am glad I am not the only one who didn’t like 12!
    The packaging on these lipsticks is amazing, I don’t know if I need more pink lipsticks but I think i might grab one.

      • Dawn

        I agrre, 12 was so angry and grumpy, I was cheering as he regenerated. I’m looking forward to 13.

  • Janessa

    Ugh I love LQ lipsticks. Just bought my 4th Frog Prince. I’m sure I’ll be grabbing at least one of these.

  • Tracy

    I wanted to like 12 but he was so angry … which worked fine in some episodes but on the whole it makes the show less fun to watch for me. I haven’t seen enough of 13 to have an opinion yet but I am looking forward to the next season to see how it goes.

    I’ve never found a Lipstick Queen lipstick that wowed me. To be honest the only time I buy them is when Ulta puts one kind or another on Hot Buy and it’s like 50% off, and they still are just ok even at that price. I must be missing something?

    • Isabella Muse

      Agreed. He seemed angry about EVERYTHING and so snarky. He actually embraced that hug at the end with Bill and Nardole which was crazy as typically he’d push away. I guess they are trying to say he experienced and that made him angry plus he doesn’t want to get close to anyone because of that. But even at the start of his regeneration he was grumpy as hell! I am as well! I hope she’s wonderful ;-D Really!? I love them ;-D Her lipsticks are simply divine for me!

      • Tracy

        I must be trying the wrong ones! I have Medieval, Hello Sailor, and one of the ones in the Saint collection (but I forget what color). If there’s any specific one you’d recommend I would love to hear. Hello Sailor was horrible, the other two were fine but nothing compelling to make me reach for them on a regular basis.

  • ruth

    I wanted to love Peter’s Doctor, but the anger and grumpiness wasn’t for me. I loved the ep with River, and that made me cry buckets. We knew her next adventure was at the library and her death, and that just broke my heart. Bill was fantastic and made the last season. I hope Jodie’s Doctor is a little more fun and without the eternal anger

  • kjh

    I have always adored Poppy King, since the original range (nothing like the current) Seven Deadly Sins. Still have the line up paper, ~27 years? Think it was 1990. No longer channel pinks, but if she did a short Groundhog Day brown collection, i’d be all over it. Her Fortune was my favorite brown ever! Wasn’t nuts about the Chess one I scored, though.

  • Jane

    I’m not a Who watcher, but I’ve seen 12 on an episode of Foyle’s War, where his intensity suits the role. I can see how it would be a bit much as the lead.

    Lipstick Queen never works on me, but the colors are so beautiful.

  • kjh

    Is, Peripera on Hautelook til Mon. Yes for me, always wanted to try. Think there are only two KILLs. How the KB community uses that word riots me out.

  • Karren

    I love the colors! I may need to take home at least one…not that I need another pink lipstick but Good Catch looks amazing.
    I agree with you on Peter. Even when he tried to bring a bit of levity, it still ended up feeling a bit too heavy. I did enjoy Twice Upon a Time, however. I thought Mark Gatiss was wonderful and brought a kind, gentleness to the end.

  • Christina

    I used to watch Dr. Who, like years ago, but then I stopped, and when I tried to watch it again, characters and plot were so different that I couldn’t really catch up anymore. That’s too bad because I think it’s a really interesting show.

    What do you think Muse, should I jump back in or do I have to go waaaaaay back and watch everything that happened before?

    • Isabella Muse

      oh gosh if you go way back you’ll be binging for ages lol! You might want to pick one doctor and go from there. If you want to be up to date with current series just start with Christopher Eccleston and go from there! You might miss certain references to older series but you won’t be clueless by starting at the reboot!

      • Andigrif

        Agree with this, my oldest and I started with the reboot with Eccleston and he gets most of it, unless they’re more obscure references.

  • Julia

    A discussion about makeup and Doctor Who? This makes me so very happy. Pete Capaldi was my least favorite doctor since they restarted the series. I agree that he just seemed so angry so much of the time. I felt like the show lost a lot of joy and humor when he became the doctor. But Matt Smith was a difficult act to follow. They probably didn’t want an actor similar to him because there would be constant comparisons so they turned the character 180 degrees. I also wasn’t a huge fan of Clara, but I thought Bill was fantastic. I couldn’t believe that her fate was to be turned into a Cyberman. It was just too cruel! I am so excited for the new doctor. I heard that new episodes won’t come out till the fall. I can’t wait that long!

  • Thea

    Hah, I just rewatched Planet of the Spiders last week! Tom Baker/Matt Smith are my two favorite doctors, so I am with you hoping they bring more lightheartedness/humor back into the show

    I wasn’t a fan of twelve until the last season. The chemistry between him, Bill, Nardol (sp?) and Missy were just too good. It made me wish for another season with those three.

  • Andigrif

    Funny how we all remember our first Dr. mine was Davidson, who many people didn’t like since he was after Tom Baker who everyone loved. I think that was part of Peter’s problem so many people liked Matt that he was doomed. I think other Doctor’s have been angry but he didn’t bury it down like the other ones. Davidson and Tennant would show moments of grief and anger but then it would go away and they’d be fun again. Anyway, not sure how I feel about 13 yet. Part of me is jaded because of them chosing a woman to be PC and generate ratings. Of course I picture her as the mom in Broadchurch. So we’ll see how it pans out.

    And I completely agree on the regeneration, too much like 11’s

    No lipstick comments 🙂

  • Kirsten Norman

    I actually liked 12, but to be fair he came across as cranky a bit. I really like Capaldi (see: The Thick of It), and I love the angry Scottish thing when it’s done well- in this case it was. Other than tamping down the lightheartedness, the whole three years seemed a bit darker and more moody to me. I’m used to Capaldi now, but a new doc is how it works! The new doctor- well, we have no clue based on how BBC introduced her. I have high hopes as she is hilarious. Never watched pre Eccleston and maybe I’ll give it a try. Only got the ref after watching the 50th special and the Brigadier’s name came up- you can tell he’s a special person w/our the backstory. Fun fact: your team loses very badly at Dr Who trivia if you haven’t watched pre-Eccleston.

    As for lipstick queen- I love Poppy and I love pink. YaY!

  • Chris

    I’ve been a Dr. Who fan since PBS used to show the series with Tom Baker of the long striped scarf fame. Then PBS stopped showing the series. I think I’ve liked most of the Doctors (the ones on BBCAmerica) except Peter Capaldi — his guitar playing was off putting at times. It took a while to ‘get him’. David Tennant & Matt Smith got it right with their portrayals.

    But now watching The Crown on Netflix it’s hard to see Matt as Prince Phillip— I keep seeing The Doctor.

    I hope the 13th Doctor does well in the role. Looking forward to seeing a woman in the role. I wonder will she have a male companion?

  • Eraser

    LQ is killing me lately! I ran out to get a Hello Sunshine kit and all 3 of the Nothing but the Nudes as soon as they were announced. I see at least one here that I’ll wind up buying.

  • Christine

    I have so much lipstick that I may have to pass on these, although I do like Lipstick Queen, so we’ll see. But as far as Doctor Who, I thought the last season was Peter Capaldi’s best. I’m not sorry to see him leave. His episodes are the only ones I watch once and never watch again. And, I agree with your assessment of the introduction of the new doctor: So unoriginal. As far as where to start if you’re new to the series, I always suggest the episode “Blink,” probably one of my favorites.