December 7, 2017

Pantone Color of the Year 2018 Has Been Revealed and Makeup Brands Are Already on Board!

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2018 has been revealed and its a gorgeous purple called Ultra Violet and of course, makeup brands are already jumping on board to create makeup in this beautiful hue!

But of course, Butter London is the first brand to jump on board to create products in Ultra Violet! There’s a slew of nail polishes and vibrant shades of purple lipglosses and lipsticks available in the shade plus eyeshadow too!

Executive director of the Pantone Color Institute Leatrice Eiseman was quoted as saying the shade “communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking.” The color is a dramatic marriage between blue and red to create a very true, deep, and rich purple.

I’m curious how other brands will handle this shade and if Sephora might create a capsule collection with it as last year they didn’t do one.

We shall see I guess!

But for now, Butter London is the first brand to embrace the shade and you can indulge in their Pantone Collection now at and

What do you think of the Pantone Color of the Year 2018?


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  • Adrienne

    I thought we already did purple? Or some form of purple/berry. However it’s one of my favorites so I’m on board!

  • missbrittie

    I like purples, however i am a bit disapointed we havent seen something different than what we have seen the past few years… i honestly feel we had emerald green, vibrant orchid, marsala, that weird year with the two baby colours of blue and pink, greenery and now we are back to purple. Here is to hoping the year 2020 isnt a brown or I am going to think we are stuck in a colour cycle rut.

    • Christina

      I feel the same way. I love purple and even have it on the walls inside my house (muted dusky purple), but I was hoping for something a bit more exciting and different. It’s definitely a “safe” colour and easy to work with in terms of design, but I feel we’re kind of recycling the same colours in different tones now.

  • kjh

    What existing purple lip do you think is closest? Kirat, Kate look darker; closer than Dominique. I liked the BL small eye palette last year. If you covered the jarring note of greenery (which I didn’t), it was a easy peasy palette that could go warm or coolish. Hope BL does a purple palette…the littles are so much easier than those honkin’ Sephora palettes. Was the beauty partnership formally announced? Or is it assumed that BL is continued for all products? And why BL over big S will always remain one of makeup’s little mysteries. Boy, would I read the backstory on THAT one.

  • Elizabeth Goldstein

    Just had a bedroom and a bathroom painted in this color – love it

  • Heather

    I love it! If they have the shade at Ulta, then it is going in my cart with the 20% coupon!

  • Jane

    I’m one of those Purple People – I would paint my house purple if I thought my neighbors wouldn’t hate me thereafter (I am painting my front door purple, however….) – so this cheers me.

    We all need cheering with the beating we’re collectively taking.

    • TropicalChrome

      We did our shutters in “burgundy” – which is really more of a reddish purple than what I think of as a true burgundy, but it worked to get some form of purple approved by the HOA :). (The rest of the house is gray and white and it looks very fresh and modern.)

      • Jane

        My shutters are currently a hot pink burgundy (former owner’s paint) and they’re hideous – I bet you have a much prettier tone!

        (I am wondering if I can get away with a greige lavender.)

  • Magenta Wilde

    When I saw this I thought of that vibrant orchid or whatever it was some years back. This reminds me of a wilder, deeper, more bold 1980s color. I know I’ll wear it as eyeliner or nail polish, though. I love this kind of purple, but a bit plummier for eyeshadow.

  • TropicalChrome

    I love it. Love it, love it, love it. My wardrobe is looking rather worn because I have bought almost no new clothes for a couple of years because I hated the color palettes and I’m sick of black. I am going to BUY ALL THE PURPLE this year, starting with that nail polish (and all the rest).

  • kjh

    Checked their site. There will be a glazen gloss and a liner, no blush. Lots of nails, as expected, in the spectrum, and various lippies. One set. No powder product announced, eye or cheek, and iirc, one they announce, there are no additional offerings on the theme. ‘Course, that could change. They could have done a great HL/blush duo on this theme. Nobody kick me for saying, ‘Well, it’s English.’

    • Vicky

      Actually they released the small eye palette later last year. The initial offerings were around the holidays last year, then the eye palette was released in the spring. So a palette could still come later. I hope one does as purple is my favorite shade for my green eyes.

      • kjh

        Hope so, f’sure. Your memory is better than mine. I like that palette, even if you don’t use the green. Variety of finishes, rose gold, coolish, warm, too, and manageable. Gettting sated with megas. That size is perfection. Think of the wonderful shades to coordinate with ultra violet! I think BL is quite good on the color cos side, and highly underrated.

  • diane

    i feel so ahead of the trends since i picked violet purple as one of the colors for my wedding next year and now it is the color of the year LOL

    • Isabella Muse

      omg that’s going to be a great color ;-D you’re right on top of the trend 😀

  • genevieve

    Whilst I am not a huge purple fan, I think this shade is really pretty. Nothing was really done for Greenary – it was too vague and as a green eye shadow lover, it didn’t really feature much in the eye palettes.
    Let’s hope this shade can be used as a stepping board to more variable and interesting shades of the colour.