December 5, 2017

Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough Facial Replenishing Balm Review & Swatches

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Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough Facial Replenishing Balm ($47) is a moisturizer for dry skin that helps smooth, soften, and restore hydration. Don’t quote me but this launched last year I believe and it was on my list of items to pick up but for some reason I never indulged in. When Philosophy did a Buy 1, Get 1 Free during Cyber Week I decided it was time I indulged and I’m ever so happy I did.

As you may know I’m a fan that misses Philosophy Back to Nurture Deeply Replenishing Beauty Sleep Mask so very much and I was seeking some sort of replacement for that mask in the When Hope Is Not Enough Facial Replenishing Balm and on some levels it delivered much of the joy I got from the sleeping mask but in an entirely different formula.

When Hope Is Not Enough Facial Replenishing Balm is sort of a beefed up version of the regular When Hope is Not Enough moisturizer. It’s super thick, very creamy, and incredibly hydrating. It arrives in a 2 oz brown glass jar that should last you literally ages. I started out using on top of my regular nightly moisturizer for extra moisture but now I’m having it as a my nightly moisturizer. Either way you choose to use it I promise you’ll be happy with the results.

It has a pleasant fresh floral scent that might be too much for some sensitive noses but I found it pleasant enough. Thankfully this doesn’t share When Hope is Not Enough skincare’s typical wet dog scent.

New York weather has been quite mild. We’re seeing the mid-30 to 40s in the evening and the day is around the mid-50s. So, really not terrible. But regardless, at the first sign of cold my skin starts getting tighter and drier so I always like to treat it very well around this time of the year. Contrary to the name this isn’t really a balm nor does it have a balm-like texture. It’s a thick, creamy moisturizer that absorbs easily into skin without leaving it greasy, shiny, or oil. Although, I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone but drier skin types as it is quite rich.

It has a mix of emollient and replenishing ingreidents that will leave skin soft, smooth, and well hydrate as well help to prevent it from losing moisture. I only had to use it once to see excellent results from it. It left my skin very, very smooth and very well moisturized.

All in all, I’m happy to have purchased this and even though it isn’t currently BOGO it is still very much worth picking up if you suffer from drier skin.

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