January 24, 2018

Chanel Poudre Levres Lip Balm and Powder Duo Brings Back Good Memories

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What’s old is new again as Chanel Poudre Levres Lip Balm and Powder Duo ($37) takes center stage for Spring 2018. Ah yes, remember lip powder? Help a sister out here! Someone managed to track down the drugstore lip powder duo that I always refer back to but I can’t remember who it was or what the name of the palette was again. Damn. I’m raking my mind but I haven’t had my morning tea and I’m slow going. I think it was Revlon or Covergirl who did a lip powder and a setting wax that went over it. It’s funny because any time I see lip powder anything my mind immediately goes to the palette because it was some of the first real makeup I owned.

I worked in CVS when I was a wee one dontcha know! It was one Summer, I was 14 and about to start high school that year. I remember hating it and loving it. Hating it because I’d laze around the pool all day with friends but I’d have to leave early and head to work in the evening from like 5 to 9. But loving it because that was the year I developed a crush on the stock boy at CVS, the year I started reading Harlequin Romance novels because they used to stock them by the magazines in store and I’d sneak a chapter in when I was supposed to be “facing” the store, and of course, when I experienced the joys of Revlon’s wine lipstick! I can’t recall the name but that shade was ridiculously vampy and gorgeous but I likely looked like a fool every time I wore it. I only worked there a few short months prior to discovering the joys of babysitting and how much more money I could make doing it but I have so many fond makeup memories I made there.

Well, Chanel isn’t exactly Revlon or Covergirl. But the concept is the same! This duo contains a matte lip powder pigment along with a clear moisturizing balm to set the color. What’s interesting about their palette is you can use it on your lips obviously but they also promote for use on cheeks. You can apply mix the balm and pigment to create a dewy blush color. I thought that was rather interesting.

Tom Ford tried to bring paint lip paint last year with the Shade & Illuminate Lips Collection but they were a horrible fail. Hopefully Chanel’s version turns out better.

Chanel Poudre Levres Lip Balm and Powder Duo is available now at nordstrom.com.

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Jules

    It was probably CoverGirl. It had two horizontal stripes–one powder, one balm–with a sponge tip applicator. I think of them whenever I see these!!

  • Nicole

    I remember that! It was Covergirl with Christie Brinkley in the ad. It comes up on google.

  • Paige

    It was Cover Girl, they had this perfect pink color I miss, and usually I hated CG, but gosh I lived for that color. I can still feel that little black compact in my hand, the dusty powder color flakes everywhere in the compact, and it’s particular scent…ah youthful memories!

  • Eraser

    Yeeshh… I remember that stuff from the 80s. It made your lips turn into crepe paper despite the “moisturizing ” side.

  • Becca

    Doesn’t Clinique make a lip powder too? Thought I saw one in Ulta the last time I was in there. I don’t remember the drugstore lip powder. Seems like a pretty cool concept though. I’d love to try it. Maybe the Clinique one first before splurging on the Chanel, only discover I didn’t like it and then off to my makeup junk yard.

    • Isabella Muse

      yeah! In a little pen! ;-D Us grandma’s remember drugstore lip powder haha!

  • Carol G

    I remember those CG lip powders because at the time there was no such thing as a powdered lipstick and we just thought that was so cool! But the reality was, it was very uncomfortable to wear and did not last very long on the lips. I suspect all these years later not much has changed. I can’t imagine these being decent even for Chanel.

  • Angel

    Yessssss I’ve been searching for that covergirl powder balm for years. Thank you thank you now I can put my makeup ocd in check! I wish they would bring it back out I too loved it and wore it back in middle and high school!!!

    • Isabella Muse

      I’d totally buy it if they repromoted it! just to re-live high school! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • amy

    CoverGirl had the duo with the topcoat/balm, but Revlon had just the powder. I actually still have all of mine, LOL! I don’t use them, of course, but I have a small bin of products that either hold sentimental value, were unique/revolutionary, or I really loved the color, and hope to someday find a dupe/replacement.

    The Revlon lipstick you refer to in your post was probably Wine With Everything, a true classic!

    • Isabella Muse

      We are obviously sisters because I save everything lol! I just have a little makeup museum. I WISH I had some of my older stuff though from when I was a teenager! no, no I had Wine With Everything this was a more purple vampy red!

  • kjh

    I had the Revlon version, don’t recall the formula name, but the shade was Dragonfly. It had no overbalm, just an immediately disintegrating foam applicator….and it was drop dead terrible all around.

  • Flaky

    Revlon “Wine With Everything”ย. I believe there was a nail polish too. When I think 90’s lip shades – this is what I think. Everything was named wine- brandy- tawny- raisin- something.

  • Anne

    Oh my gosh I loved this stuff. I had a brick shimmery orange red color. I panned it! I love love loved it.

  • Carrie

    I immediately thought of the Cover Girl version! I was a junior in high-school and had been bugging my Mom to get it, but she was pretty strict about what products I could use.
    But then I got invited to our prom and Mom surprised me with the Cover Girl version! I felt so grown-up! And then reality set it…it was TERRIBLE to try to keep up at the dance! I remember I kept pilling it on and lordy I can only imagine what it looked like! I thought I looked glamorous and to be fair it didn’t look that bad in any of my pictures from that night! LOL

  • Rina

    Ulta had one in pen form last year. Picked it up from the clearance bin. Wasn’t impressed, sadly.. I’ll test this at the counter first…

  • Felicia

    I just picked up a powder lip palette by Revlon at Walgreens. It was strange though, didn’t come with any sort of applicator. I also had the CG powder as a teenager. Brings back memories.

    • Isabella Muse

      I didn’t realize the color charge collection had powder lip palettes until I left the store and read the details on the photo I snapped in the store ๐Ÿ˜€ let me know how you do with it!

  • Kris

    Mally had some on QVC recently. I had never heard of them before and I’m pretty sure I’m older than most of you!!!!!

  • The Beauty Alchemist

    Yes it was Cover Girl and somewhere I still have mine , I think. ( I , too saved/save A LOT going back decades. ). I’ll have to search it out someday. I am very interested in trying the Chanel out. But I don’t think I loved the CG one .

    • Isabella Muse

      I always wish I saved these things from my youth! I would love to have some of the really older items that started me out in makeup ;-D