January 9, 2018

Too Faced Glow Job Radiance-Boosting Glitter Face Mask Review and Musings

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

Love it or hate it Too Faced Glow Job Glitter Face Mask ($42) sold out quite quickly after it launched earlier this past December. I thought I’d review, share my musings, and thoughts on it since I’ve been using it for nearly a month now.

I did already share some of my thoughts about it in a prior post but I have so much more to say about this I don’t even know where to begin. The sheer stupidity of this product just leaves me at a loss for words. I personally believe they didn’t have your best skincare concerns at heart when creating this. Believe me, Too Faced isn’t concerned about creating a product that will get your glow back but more about going viral on social media. This is in fact why I think they created Glow Job. I’m sure the hope is it’ll gain attention and followings across social media, particularly Instagram. They likely have hopes that people will use it and post mini videos on it and hashtag it to death which in turn results in follows. In gaining those follows, they might even find a new consumer or two that never heard about Too Faced before which doesn’t necessarily mean said new customer will purchase the mask but perhaps something else from the line making them a fan in another way. And let’s be honest for a second, as a girl (and some boys too) we love sparkly pink glittery things and as absurd as you might feel this mask is you’re likely still attracted to the glitter on some level.

And let’s not forget the name and marketing that reads, “Give yourself a glow job….” This shock value is also an incredibly smart marketing technique that may be very appealing to a younger demographic of a sort. I’ve never had a problem with crass makeup names. Orgasm, Deep Throat, Virginity, Underage, Celebutard, are all controversial names in the makeup world. And really, Too Faced isn’t any newbie to sexual innuendos considering their bestselling mascara is entitled, Better Than Sex. But I have to draw the line somewhere. Give yourself a glow job? Really though? That’s just sinking to a new level. But it’ll go over huge on Instagram I’m sure.

So, you see Too Faced is actually a marketing genius.

On that note, does this actually work?

Too Faced Glow Job Radiance-Boosting Glitter Face Mask arrives in a rather slick black jar with sparkly pink accents that weights in at 1.7 oz in size and will set you back $42. The mask isn’t necessarily innovative by any means since Glamglow had launched the news of their sparkly glittery black Gravity Mud prior to Too Faced. However, Too Faced rushed to release their mask and it was up and available before Glamglow launched their own. So, really Too Faced cashed on the hype dramatically faster than Glamglow. However, Glamglow’s price is considerately higher at the same size for $69 but the ingredients are a little better compared too Too Faced’s formula.

One of the things that I don’t think either brand has addressed would be if the glitter is biodegradable. Too Faced is a cruelty-free brand and to my knowledge they haven’t addressed anything about the environment and this mask. If you know anything about this I’d love to hear.

The mask comes with a tiny spatula but I’d recommend using a masking tool like the I Dew Care Silicone Brush. The spatula is a little too small to get the mask on evenly.

One of the first things I noticed when I opened the jar was the fragrance. Wow! This has a strong sweet, fruity scent that lingers once you apply the mask. I don’t mind fragrance in my skincare but sensitive users might not love this at all. The second thing I noticed was the glitter! I mean how can you miss it?! There’s tons of it. They suggest mixing the mask with the spatula prior to application to “activate” the glitter and man, the more you mix the more glitter appears. It’s a lot. I was quite concerned I’d get it in my eye or something but thankfully application and removal went well each time I used it and no problems with glitter ending up in my nose, hair line, eyes, etc….actually, there wasn’t even a single speck left on my face after I peeled the mask off which I thought was impressive.

The texture has an ooey gooey consistency which makes it a little hard to scoop out of the jar. It’s quite thick! It does apply easily enough though. It’s actually not pink once you apply it. It’s clear with specks of glitter that are clearly visible. They recommend leaving it on for 30 minutes and allowing it to set. As it sets it dries down and tightens on your face. I was surprised and delighted I was able to remove it in a single go. Typically peeling masks end up leaving behind a bunch of residue or I’m left peeling off one side and doing the other because it won’t peel off in one go. I had no issues with this. I started at the outer corners of my face and peeled it right off in one go.

It left my skin very matte, tight, and dry. I had to follow up right away with moisturizer. My face did look smoother after using it but not brighter nor less dull. That matte, dry feeling would be because it contains a good deal of alcohol, the bad kind (Alcohol Denat). It also contains Polyvinyl Alcohol which gives it that thick, gooey consistency but that likely won’t cause issues since it also contains Glycerin to counteract that alcohol. There’s some fruit extract in here which might be what they are using to “exfoliate” skin. One thing that did catch my eye was the addition of carmine which likely gives the mask it’s pink color. This might be a concern for some if you avoid carmine just because you find it gross or because you’re concerned about the welfare of insects. Some other ingredients to be concerned about would be Aluminum Powder but that’s very low on the list. The rest of the ingredients are fairly common items you’d find in moisturizers and other skincare. However, I’m not a chemist so don’t quote me.

So, are you going to come out of this with awesome skin? Probably not. If you want to try it out I’d recommend it for oily skin users as it will mattify and provides mild exfoliation. Drier skin like my own will see some smoothness but will leave the experience feeling quite tight. But all in all, I’d strongly advised not bothering. There are more crappy than beneficial ingredients in this mask that will break down collagen and potentially irritate skin.

My suggestion? Spend your money on a mask that will actually benefit your skin and not just give you something to Instagram about.

Too Faced Glow Job Radiance-Boosting Glitter Face Mask is available now at sephora.com.

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Magenta Wilde

    It’s the cutest face mask ever, but now that I discovered how bad glitter is for the environment, I can’t bring myself to buy it anymore. Plus I’m kind of tired of all things glitter and sparkle. (Not that I’d pay $43 or whatever for a fragranced glitter mask. Heck, you could probably mix some glitter or shimmery makeup with a Freeman’s peel-off mask and get a similar result. Maybe?)
    But it is clever marketing, I have to give them that.

    • Isabella Muse

      I dunno if this is bad or not as to my knowledge that haven’t commented on if it is biodegradable. We’ll see if they address it ;-D Ha true. Cosmetic glitter and a peel off mask=same thing! ;D

    • Vivianna Vu

      I actually saw an Instagram post where they talked about glitter. They said that this mask is meant to be peeled off and thrown away compared to washed down a sink.

      • Michelle Luna/Michelley/Chelley

        Vivianna the problem is that glitter, even when thrown in the trash, can ALWAYS find its way into the waterways (just like microplastics). Think back to anytime you ever wore glitter (like, the real kind) in your younger days or even had a christmas gift that came glittered in the wrapping paper… you were finding flecks around the house for months, right? I know I was… ha! I bet somewhere in my wardrobe there is still a single fleck of glitter from ’99 that has survived the washer, dryer, and all my residential moves lol

        The world would be better off without glitter, sad as we would be and bland as that would look….

    • Michelle Luna/Michelley/Chelley

      Magenta that is an awesome idea, and I feel like that’s exactly ALL this one is too, they totally ripped us off by mixing glitter into some generic-ish peel off mask base.

  • Michelle

    OMG, this stuff reminds me of that body glitter from back in the day! AS kids, we’d put it on our hair, arms, face, etc. and think we were the bomb! As for this mask, I adore glitter, but I don’t think I’d be putting this on my face – especially since you said it’s drying. I need all the moisture I can get now – hurray old age :/

    • Isabella Muse

      YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes exactly! ;-D Likewise for moisture. This sucks moisture right out.

  • Carmen

    I was never tempted to buy it in the first place, but reading about the ingredients has confirmed my decision. Thank you for your honesty and straight forward review on this product!!!

    • Isabella Muse

      I have to admit I was very curious by it which is why I purchased it. The idea of a glitter mask intrigued me even though I knew it was damn stupid lol! ;-D My pleasure <3!

  • kimkats

    I am still trying to get glitter off my desk from having some adorable wax Christmas figurines on it – there’s no way in yell I would put glitter on my face – I can’t even imagine what would happen if you got it in your eyes!! I’m all about efficacy – not stupid cuteness. I’m over TF – they’re trying too hard, and failing utterly to be either cute, or shocking or a weird combination of both.

    • Isabella Muse

      STRANGELY enough it didn’t leave a speck of glitter on my face. It came right off. I thought for sure I’d have a bunch of left over glitter on my skin after using it but nada. ITA!

  • Kish

    Wish they’d spend some of their marketing dollars on actual product development. But, it’s easy to fool people with instagram and glitter. Although this did look fabulous on you, I’ll pass.

  • kjh

    Foolish and arguably non beneficial as this crap is, the pic is drop dead adorable. As you said, it’s all about selfies for your SM. Who cares if your face falls off? These are trying times, baby.

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL who cares if your face falls off indeed. ALL about those followers lol!

  • wendy

    I can’t get past the name. I know, I’m an old foggy, but that is fcking digusting.

  • Susannah

    Glitter does not help your skin. This is just a buzz generating product.

    • Isabella Muse

      I never said it did 🙂 and that’s exactly what I said in the post, it’s all about social media.

  • Susan

    I truly think they made this only so they could say “Glow Job” a million times and then snigger like tweeners. The ingredients list is very off-putting. Thanks for the review.

    • Isabella Muse

      No one is as immature as I am but it didn’t get a single snigger out of me lol! it just comes as try-hard!

  • hayley

    This product is absolutely ridiculous. I’m so tired of brands like Too Faced trying to titillating and shocking with dumb cheesy names like Glow Job and Better Than Sex. They’re literally just trying to get attention and get talked about, and it’s obviously working. The whole concept of glitte in skincare is dumb, dumb, dumb. It looks like it came out of some toy spa kit they would sell for eight year olds at Target.

    • Isabella Muse

      the marketing is genius because obviously it gets attention and causes a huge buzz. I don’t personally get it. Comes across to try-hard.

  • Carol G

    Glad you at least did a review. What else can I say that hasn’t been said? This is indeed dumb and purely for marketing reasons only. It’s a shame because they will make a ton of money just because of the dumb name and the glitter. I miss simpler times when makeup was makeup. No hype.

  • Di

    Well – seems to me that this is definitely geared towards tweens / teens and in betweens! lol… I am more ‘mature’ in age (not in personality) and even I have a hard (scuse the pun) time with the name. Too Faced seems to be focusing more and more on the younger demographic and while I have no issue with that I think it’s too bad they’re painting themselves into a corner. There are some of us over 30 who still enjoy makeup (said drolly). I would think the women who are into masks are more into quality of ingredients and not the sparkle sparkle draw but what do I know? 😉

  • Samantha

    I quit buying their products when Jarred Blandino talked crap about Tarte for having a product with unicorn in the name, like he owns the concept. Screw that guy. I’m not surprised he put out a product for buzz and not because he cares about his customers.

  • Ms

    TooFaced mentioned this on their instagram story:

    Q: is this product harmful to the environment?

    A: Made with the finest cosmetic grade glitters, this mask is for peel-off use and to be disposed in the trash directly after. It is not to be washed down the drain.

    Sooooo basically typical TF bs 😛

    I much prefer the Tarte Multi-Mask, as I actually saw results from it.

    • Isabella Muse

      mmm vague answer lol! I haven’t tried it. It’s in my “test” pile! I have to see if it works for me 😀

  • Colleenie

    I am pretty tired of Too Faced. Their product quality really seems to have gone downhill in the last few years. Their marketing seems to be what’s keeping them afloat (in my opinion, at least). I just don’t understand how they are a top brand.
    Also, i don’t understand how they can use insect parts for coloring and still be considered cruelty free.
    I don’t mean to be so negative, but I get really frustrated with paying for overhyped products that don’t have the quality to back up the hype. Thanks for the great review, Muse!

    • Isabella Muse

      My pleasure. I am actually not an expert on cruelty-free brands simply because I find it hard to be completely cruelty-free when I run a beauty blog so, I was going to mention the insect coloring as well in my post and question the cruelty-free status but I didn’t have information to go. I thought the same thing as you but didn’t want to comment without knowing the complete facts on carmine!

  • CL

    With denatured alcohol as the third ingredient, I say NO WAY! I wouldn’t use this if they were giving it away!

  • Rosemary

    Love this review! I’ll probably buy this just because it is soooooooo funny. I need to read this blog more often. Too funny!

  • Marie

    I noticed in ingredients it contains polyurethane. Ummm…isn’t that plastic??

  • Michelle Luna/Michelley/Chelley

    That is THE.CUTEST. mask selfie ever! At least you got that out of the experience… haha