January 8, 2018

NARS Velvet Lip Glide Duo $16 + Free Shipping

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

If you’re on a tight budget after the Holidays and but you’re tearing at the seams to indulge in at least one little beauty purchase maybe you can grab up this NARS Velvet Lip Glide Duo. It comes in your choice of three shade selections and two shades of NARS Velvet Lip Glide in 0.12 oz sizes plus they ship free.

Grab ’em at nordstrom.com.

P.S. Who’s watching Dark on Netflix? OMG! Finished it this weekend and I’m dying to discuss it with someone. All my friends are on episode five or six and my sister ltierally just started it. I have no one to chat about it with. PLEASE TALK TO ME ABOUT IT! My head is about to explode.


Happy Monday!


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Karen Laux

    Oh how I wish we could grab some coffee and chat about Dark! Loved it, though it made my head hurt by the end. I only have one friend that has watched the whole series, but I have convinced a few others to start. Wish they’d hurry up!

    And about the Nars, I wish they had a duo that wasn’t Pink. I’m just not good with pink, except nudie pinks.

    • Isabella Muse

      omg yes! Around ep7 or so I had a hard time keeping track of who everyone was in 1953. I had it down for 86 to 19 but 1953 things started to get a little fuzzy for me. I can’t wait for s2!!!!!!! I think they have a nice nude duo! And one with a red shade but that has a pink sadly booo!

  • Christina

    I must be living under a rock. I didn’t even know about Dark until you posted about it. Must hurry up and watch all the episodes!

  • Robin

    I need sleep. When I read ‘I think they have a nice nude duo” I thought you were talking about the show!lol.

  • Jane

    Oh my lord Muse. You watch darker TV than I do. I made it three seconds into that trailer and I’m out. 😀

  • hemlock

    Oooh thanks for the Dark recommendation, I dunno how I missed seeing it in the new releases list but will start binge watching it soon. Sounds like my cup of tea 🙂

  • Lisette

    I watched it!!!LOVE!!! I can’t resist a good time travel story but do they make your head hurt! The characters are so well developed, especially the two mothers. Really love everything about this show.

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL! me too! It was just crazy towards the end, I had a hard time keeping track of everyone but I agree the characters are amazing!

  • kjh

    Agree on less desirable Nars pinks/corals, but that’s personal preference. I’m looking anyway. Love VLGs. I don’t have ‘flix, only Amazon. Just binged season one of Tin Star. Canadian Rockies, breathtaking. Revenge stories. In the first episode, the sherriff’s car is shot in a likely assassination attempt. His five year old son’s head explodes, and he is killed instantly. Part of his SKULL penetrates his mother’s head, yeah, omg. Won’t continue. Lots of themes, mostly not pretty. It’s as violent as Tarantino (yeah, Tim Roth) as drunk as leaving Las Vegas, and reminds me of both John Connolly and Andrew Vachss books. But in those, you root for the vengeance. In Tin Star, you really don’t get the true pic of the multiple vengeance’s until parts 9- 10. I don’t know a soul i’d Rec it to, but I was very impressed. If you can stand depth of dark, extremely graphic violence, and quite disturbed characters. This is not sanitized or stylized. In your face gory. If anybody watches it, I think you might need a dose of Will and Grace afterward.