February 8, 2018

MAC Gets Really Funky and Unique with Jeremy Scott

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MAC x Jeremy Scott arrives at Ulta today and it brings together a curated collaboration of some the brand’s most unique and funkiest pieces of makeup to date. But that doesn’t come as any great surprise with Jeremy Scott holding the reins to this collection! As creative director of Moschino we’ve seen our fair share of bold, fun, and downright interesting pieces of fashion and accessories so it comes as no surprise that his MAC Collection brings some of that same bold fun.

The collection does bring a touch of old school to the makeup world with a 29 pan eyeshadow palette shaped like a Boom Box, cassette shaped lip palette, and CD shaped cheek palette.

I was on the phone with my mom the other day and she was telling me about some show she was watching, I think the Chew (sometimes I tune her out when she starts talking about day time TV LOL), and she said that one of the hosts was sitting with his son or something eating corn and he was making the little typewriter sounds with the BING at the end. His son turned to him and said what are you doing and he said it was mimicking a typewriter and his son had no idea what that was.

It had me thinking that somewhere there’s some kid that’s going to hit the MAC counter and wonder what the hell a cassette tape is. This was me when I was kid. My parents had a gorgeous cabinet in the foyer and inside there was…wait for it….drum roll…an 8-track and record player. GASP! True story. I remember growing up and not not having a clue WTF an 8-track was. I mean some good came out of it because the first time I heard the words uttered, “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash!” was on an old 8-track my dad had and that was true love ever after.

But yup, MAC x Jeremy Scott brings the old school to your makeup collection today.

MAC x Jeremy Scott Lo-Fi Eyeshadow X 29 $75

  • Lo-Fi (soft beige with gold shimmer)
  • Creative Copper (peachy gold with shimmer)
  • Bite The Beat (midtone warm brown)
  • Endless Frequency (midtone peach)
  • Disco Therapy (bright muted orange)
  • Superior Sound (soft creamy pink)
  • Happy Song (bubblegum pink)
  • Bird’s Eye View (bright fuchsia pink)
  • Walking Heartbeats (midtone red)
  • Vacation Speed Zone (deep plum with red pearl)
  • Ghost Story (creamy white with icy shimmer)
  • Morning Ticket (silver metallic frost)
  • US Dance Remix (frosty cool gunmetal)
  • Subtly Elegant (muted pale grey)
  • Bonus Track (warm brown w/silver sparkle)
  • Beautifully Charred (midtone brown with gold shimmer)
  • Raven Eyed (true black)
  • Video Emotions (black purple)
  • Memories of Space (bright true yellow)
  • Remixology (muted lime green)
  • Beatallica (deep forest green)
  • Syntheseyes (pale mint green)
  • Oldie But Goodie (light sea foam)
  • Powerful Performance (aquamarine blue)
  • At The Turntable (sky blue)
  • Electric Eel (bright blue w/shimmer)
  • She’s A Machine (lavender with shimmer)
  • Jam Session (bright lilac)
  • New Wave Mix (bright violet purple)

MAC Jeremy Scott Future Emotions Lip Palette $35

  • Living In Stereo (warm nude)
  • Violetta (bright cool purple)
  • Wild Memories (warm intense red)
  • Breathing Fire (bright warm pink)
  • Night Club School (deep wine)
  • Carmine Rouge (cool deep red)
  • Digging It (deep dusty brown)
  • Morange (loudmouth orange)
  • Happy Song (midtone rosy pink)

MAC Jeremy Scott Acoustica Cheek X 3 $35

  • Heaven In Your Smile (pale frosty highlight)
  • Acoustica (warm brown)
  • Wall of Desire (midtone pink)

MAC x Jeremy Scott is available now at ulta.com and maccosmetics.com.

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Eraser

    Don’t worry – I’m so “mature” that I was buying the latest songs on 45s when I was a teenager… That being said, this collection seems rather gimmicky, although it’s kind of cool how they placed the colors in the palettes to simulate sound frequency displays.

    • Isabella Muse

      haha my sis too! ;-D She had a lot of 45s! I still have them. I have a Poison one that has Every Rose Has Its Thorn lol! I somehow inherited these from her ;-D

        • Isabella Muse

          LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! I can’t remember what the other side has on it. I also have Melissa Manchester, Don’t cry out loud! I swear my sister has shaped my entire musical tastes!

          • Cindy

            I have “You Should Hear How She Talks About You” lmaoooooo

  • Christina D.

    As someone who actually worked in the music business — and is old enough to have had vinyl, cassettes AND 8-tracks — I don’t find this collection appealing in the least (besides the fact that it’s MAC). Perhaps it’s because seeing stuff I lived with and that was/is important to me become novelty items is a drag. Thank God vinyl is making a come back (still the best audio IMO).

    • Isabella Muse

      oh I thought it had a certain nostalgic feel sis! I guess I remember making those mix tapes as a tween and it just brought a certain memory ;-D ITA about vinyl though, most def the best audio.

  • Deb

    Not a regular fan of MAC but I have to give them props for the inside of that eyeshadow palette. It’s cute and unique how they arranged the pans to look like a graphic equalizer bar.

    • Isabella Muse

      agreed! I think it is one of MAC’s most unique offerings. Very cute and old school!

  • kjh

    Hey, love old school, and the packaging is TDF. So right about the GE bars! But a comment on T suggested that the Nordie’s SAs were saying this issue was pretty bad and advising against it. Caveat emptor and no blind buys/Mac.com on these, to be on the safe side. Speaking of Ulta, how about Mamonde? Step up that K game, big U!

    • Isabella Muse

      oh my gosh mac aside but right about mamonde?! I was excited when I saw that!

  • Jen

    The concept is really cute and nostalgic… But this is such a huge waste of packaging and it really bothers me.

    • Ashley

      Agreed – great idea, poor in execution. The packaging is very cool, but there is so much wasted space in the eye shadow and lip palette, and the colors are terribly unoriginal. This could’ve been done so much better in terms of the actual product and quality.

  • Susan

    There are already unboxings/reviews of this collection on YouTube. The eyeshadow pans are positively minuscule, and the shadows themselves look patchy and unimpressive, with fallout. I’m afraid this set is all about the packaging, and I don’t have money to throw away like that.

  • Cindy

    I couldn’t resist the packaging and music is my thang so I swooped in and got all 3 on Ulta for FREE with my points. Added 2 bags of cotton squares so I could get the big free bag of goodies they were offering with a $150 purchase. If I don’t like what I see I can always return it and get the points back. . .

  • Andi

    These are so darn cute. I love the inside with the equalizer look like someone else had mentioned. If the colors in the palettes were more me, then I would get them. I wish they would have done one that looked like an album, that would have been nice too

  • Chris

    I hated 8 tracks because sometimes the song would finish on the next track. That seemed to be the norm. I ended up buying 2 of the albums in LP form. Then in CD form. All this technology reminds me of the Men in Black movie where Tommy Lee Jones says to Will Smith after he sees some alien technology — Now I have to buy the White album again!
    Not sure I will run out to buy the MAC items.

  • Nikki

    Oh my Lord, these colors are beautiful! I’ve always loved bright makeup shades, so this palette’s right down my alley!