February 21, 2018

Urban Decay Petite Heat Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.

Urban Decay Petite Heat Palette ($29) is a new all matte eyeshadow palette inspired by the original Urban Decay Heat Eyeshadow Palette that launched last Summer. I consider Petite Heat a companion piece to the original palette since I thought it would contain a good deal of transitional shades that the original lacked.

I think most of a agree that the main issue with the Heat Eyeshadow Palette was the fact that many of the colors were gorgeous but also difficult to use together since they didn’t provide much contrast and they ran all together. I consider Petite Heat quite a nice source of shades that will compliment ones in that palette however, there’s not a lot of newness here and some of the prime real estate in the palette is taken over by two lighter highlighting shades.

Let’s take a closer look at my review and swatches below.

Urban Decay Petite Heat Eyeshadow Palette arrives in a small, lightweight rectangle case that contains six shades which weight in at 0.24 oz. It’s neither here nor there but it deserves to be mentioned Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette is the same price but a little larger at 0.30 oz in size.

I liked the palette but didn’t love it. I think it has some great companion shades that will work nicely with the Naked Heat Palette but it doesn’t offer a huge amount of differently or more unique shades that aren’t already available in that palette. Also, the colors aren’t quite the transitional ones I expected or hopes for so in a way it doesn’t add anything to the Heat Eyeshadow Palette that isn’t already there. I also feel like the shades work a lot like the original ones in the fact they don’t contrast well and end up running together. One of the bothersome things about the palette is the fact they include a cream and a bone shade which can be found in any number of other palettes I already own. Granted if you’re traveling light and just want to toss this in your bag and go the addition of those highlighting shades is helpful. However, if you’re a makeup junkie that owns dozens and dozens of palettes you already have literally hundreds of highlighting shades. Aside from that I don’t think this would be a palette I’d travel with solely as there’s not enough variety for me to get a few looks out of the six shades. I feel like I can create one look using a few shades and maybe one or two looks just using shades individually on my lid. It’s just isn’t as functional a palette as I thought it would be.

Urban Decay Petite Heat Eyeshadow Palette Swatches (Strike, Inhale, Vibrate, Hot Spell, Wild Thing, Heist)

On that note, I will say you can definitely pair the palette up with other shades in your collection. Below I did a look using shades from the palette but in the last look I just popped a little Dirty Talk from the original Naked Heat Palette on top of the shades and added a hint of shimmer and also just added some nice depth to the look I created.

As for the formula it was fairly good for a matte palette. They texture is firm yet not dry nor chalky with excellent pigmentation and a fairly smooth application. The first three shades are sheerer but visible on my lids none the less. They didn’t crease nor fade on my drier lids without eyeshadow primer.

Urban Decay Petite Heat Eyeshadow Palette isn’t exactly what I was hoping for as I did expect it to be an ideal companion to the Heat Eyeshadow Palette. It also failed a little as an all-in-one lightweight travel palette as I do think you might need more shades than this provides to get a solid few looks while on vacation. Do you need it? I imagine if you like warmer, bolder shades you might wish to indulge but honestly, you’re probably already covered if you own the Naked Heat Palette as that pretty much has everything you need in the warm, fiery range of shades.

Urban Decay Petite Heat Eyeshadow Palette is available now at ulta.com and sephora.com.

This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.

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  • L

    Hmm, I was excited for this initially but not so much after seeing your review. Did you like Naked Heat or Tarte Toasted better?

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m torn that’s a trick question lol! ๐Ÿ™‚ I really like Naked Heat but it isn’t a cohesive palette. I need to grab a few other shades from other palettes or eyeshadows I have to create a perfect look. In this aspect, Toasted is the better palette as you can use it solely to create a look without bringing in shades from other palettes ;-D

  • Christina D.

    I’ve been stalking the UD website for this (yeah, I know the official release date is tomorrow but I was hoping for early access). I really like the Naked Heat palette — all the Naked palettes, actually — so of course I have to have this! Nice looks you created BTW.

    • Isabella Muse

      I thought it would released today too! no go though! It’s a nice companion piece but I thought I would have liked it a lot more than I do ;-D LMK whatcha think when you do have it in hand! Thank You!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Honestly, I loved the Naked Heat palette so much that I see myself buying this little guy so that I can have a companion. I really can’t wait to pick this one up, and the price is pretty good too!

    I know a lot of people are tired of the warm shade trend, but warm tones are really wearable for me and UD has some of the best shadows around so I’m pleased they went the mini route with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Isabella Muse

      I really liked it too! I just wish the colors didn’t run together as much as they did ;-D But all in all it was wonderful and the mini is just as nice but again, just wish the shades were most distinctive!

  • Denise

    I was excited for this, since I resisted buying the bigger Naked Heat palette. I’m not as excited after seeing it compared to the Too Faced Just Peachy, which appears to contain dupes for all the colors, and is already in my collection.

  • Carol

    So here is my fear about a palette like this: is this going to be an on-going trend now? A company puts out a palette then a few months later they think, “Whoops, we should have made more of a variety in the original one, so we’ll just launch a “companion palette”! And everyone will buy that”. I guess it just irritates me because we shouldn’t have to buy two palettes to get a product that is useful. This should all be done in the R&D of a product. It’s making me very jaded towards the state of makeup right now and going forward. Too Faced is guilty of this as well. I think I’m just getting older and tired of chasing after things that I can finally admit I don’t really need. I love the original Heat palette but have no plans/desire to buy this one. Same with Too Faced and their peach palette. Have the original, did not buy the matte one nor the white peach one either.

  • CL

    I think this was intended to sell to people like me, who would NEVER buy the full-size Naked Heat Palette, but might buy something with a few warm shades. However, this skews way too orange for my liking, and I won’t be buying it.

  • Chris

    I own the Naked Heat & thanks for the review on the Petite Heat. I am not interested in this new palette because the Heat palette contains similar shades. I own the Ablaze from Smashbox & that has just the right amount of desert shades for me.

  • Maria

    Muse. I agree with you regarding the bone/cream shades. UD should have put different shades there. Most of my other palettes have those similar shades. This one is an easy pass for me. Plus, it will probably be on sale in 1 of 2 months. Lol.

  • Susan

    What a stroke of genius adding Dirty Talk! It made a big difference. Loved the look. I’ll be picking this palette up since oranges and reds work better for me than let’s say, blues or purples. Case in point, the Kat Von D “rust”ย quad (which I adore!), UD “relish,”ย and “salazen grum”ย from the Alice in Wonderland UD palette. Thanks for the review.

    • Isabella Muse

      thank you! I think it adds a nice little pop! I love all those too! ;-D My pleasure <3!

  • Deborah

    Thanks Muse. I feel like I have several of these shades in my new Milani Most Loved Mattes palette. There is a warm row. I think it looks just like these. They are great shadows too!

  • Bonnie

    Thanks for reviewing. I was one of the rare ones who let the Heat palette pass. Just So Many warm colors that didn’t differ that much. I ordered this mini tho as soon as it hit the Urban Decay website. Am excited about this smaller one, which will do me just fine.

  • Silvia

    Due to both the lightest and darkest repetitive shades I already own in other palettes instead of the Heat I purchased Nyx Warm Neutrals and it so similar but yet, still drooling for the Heat palette I will be getting it sooner or later. Love thd rustic colors on my hazel greenish eyes.

  • Bonnie

    My palette arrived yesterday and I played just enough last night to get a feel for it. The Inhale is WAY too sparkly for me to use as a base so I toned it down with Vibrate – it seems smoother than the rest. The rest are too dry for my liking. I can work fine with Hot Spell as a fast easy all over color, or darken a little with Heist. Wild Thing shows up pure orange on me – I look So Sick – and Strike is patchy – and the driest of the bunch. There’s a good deal of fallout but that doesn’t bother me – I mean they are powder. I do like the compact size. I will keep it and can see myself using it, but it’s nothing to jump up and down about. I’m still glad I didn’t buy the huge Heat palette. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Randi MacDonald

    UD says these are all new shades. If you match them up next to the HEAT palette you’ll see that the shades are almost the same. So close, you can barely tell a difference.

    • Bonnie

      Thanks Randi! I’m doubly glad I didn’t buy the big one. Comes right down to it, cool/neutral skins should not attempt to wear orange or its cousins – no matter how much we want to!