March 8, 2018

Natasha Denona Tropic Eyeshadow Palette Has Me Feeling a Disturbance in the Force

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The new Natasha Denona Tropic Eyeshadow Palette ($129) is definitely one that is causing cracks in time, disturbances in forces, and heart palpitations. Unlike it’s little, cheaper sister, the $25 Mini Sunset Eyeshadow Palette, the Tropic Eyeshadow Palette comes at a heftier price tag and contains a wide range of shades that will get you not only a sunset eye look but an entire tropical island one too!

The Natasha Denona Tropic Eyeshadow Palette is a limited edition eyeshadow palette that contains 15 tropical shades in a range of matte and metallic finishes that’s available for a limited time and will set you back $129. In a sea of nude eyeshadow palettes it brings a pop of lush pastels combined with gorgeous deeper colorful aquas, greens, blues, pinks, and golds.

Apparently, Natasha has changed the formula which makes this palette a little smaller in size with shadows weighing in at 0.05 oz compared to other palettes in her collection that contain shadows that are 0.08 oz in size. She’s taken to Instagram to address the size issues and says that the weight change is due to new, innovative ingredients. Let’s just hope we all like the new formula at this price!

Shades: Peach Puff, Sangria, Fake Tan, Coco, Sahara, Pastel Melon, Nudist, Vintage Taupe, Gusti, Limoncello, Mint Frost, Exotic, Laguna, Tiger Lily, Zena

As the Tubes sung, “She’s a beauty! She’s one in a million girls!” and I think I want her. Question is can I pull off the pastels?! I imagine so with a pop of some of the brighter shades. Maybe I need to change up the constant nudes I’ve been wearing for a more colorful look this Summer.

Natasha Denona Tropic Eyeshadow Palette is available now at


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Tabitha

    Heyyyyy look,,,, it’s a mermaid-y-esque palette for grownups minus the clamshell! Another smart sophisticated move for ND! She’s really perfected her shadow formula over the last couple years, I’d be willing to bet the $130 price tag is well worth it. I still drool over the Lila palette…. momma waaant.. and now this new release too! Sheesh I’m so behind in my irrational purchasing decisions!

  • cecilia

    If you take out the bottom row it looks just like every other warm neutral palette out there, so not for me, certainly not at that price :/

    • Jennifer

      If you take out the pops of color, it is the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette 😐
      I agree with you.

    • kjh

      Exactly what I thought. If the bottom row were offered as a fiver, i’d be in on it in a nano. But most shades in the other rows look like dupes or lightened up/spring versions of the same old, same old. But, pretty it is.

    • Susan

      I agree with you too. Mostly same ol’ warm neutrals we’ve been drowning in, and regardless, the price is too much for me.

  • Jen R

    I’m hoping to be able to resist this, since I basically only want it for the bottom row, which does NOT make it a good deal. I did splurge on the Lila palette during the fall Sephora sale and I have to say, they formula on most of the shades really is amazing.

    PLUS, I dropped it on the tile floor of my bathroom and amazingly, none of the shades shattered! A corner chipped off one, and some of the pans popped out, but given that I was near tears as it fell, I was pleasantly surprised.

    • Isabella Muse

      whoa! you’re lucky ;-D NONE of my drops survived my bathroom floor! It’s eaten more makeup than I can count! 😀

      • Jen R

        Nooooo! I did drop and break a perfume bottle once, but have so far (knock on wood, fingers crossed) been lucky with my palettes.

        • Isabella Muse

          ugh I wish! I must have a hard floor or something. Most don’t survive the fall!

  • Rachel Runyan

    It’s too pricey for me, especially considering it’s mostly neutrals. It is very pretty, though.

  • Bren Owsley

    Well, I fell for hook line and 129.00 bucks, jut had to check it out due to the colors. I bought the Sunset palette and returned it, yes it was nice, but to me Pat McGrath has better shadows. So, will let you know how well I like it and tell you my thoughts

  • Fox Princess

    Is this tropic palette the same size as the lila palette?

      • Fox Princess

        Thank you so much for the reply! I keep considering this palette but am still on the fence, constantly changing my mind. Love the more watery and aquatic colors. It gives off sort of an Ariel vibe. Would you put it in the same vein as the limited edition safari palette, or more like the love and sunset palettes?

        • Isabella Muse

          same vein? The color range are incredibly different so wouldn’t really put them in the same vein! Hope this helps!?

      • Fox Princess

        I’ve been on the fence about ordering this palette from Sephora for awhile now. I’m not sure I trust the fact that it’s marked down in price. I really love the watery and aquatic colors, it sort of gives off an Ariel vibe. Not as big on the nude colors. Do you know if this palette -in regards to size and popularity- is more in the same vein as the limited edition safari palette, or more the sunrise and love palettes (I think they’re about the same size)?

        • Isabella Muse

          this is 0.05 oz compared to 0.08 oz in the normal range of palettes with a total of 1.20 oz of eyeshadow. So def smaller. Hope this helps!