March 6, 2018

Pur Pillow Blend Silicone Applicator Tools Review

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

Pur Pillow Blend Collection is a 4 piece set of silicone applicator tools that are available in a set for $39 that launched with the Pur Cosmetics Spring 2018 Collection.

I thought these were interesting enough to purchase as the basically mimic the use of the Silicone Makeup Blender that was making the rounds across social media and youTube a year or so ago. I’m probably one of the few people that still uses my fingers to apply foundation. I’m a swipe on and blend with my fingers type of girl, no special tools required. Although from time to time I do like using certain brushes from my collection like the Artis Elite Oval 8 and Real Techniques Blend + Blur Brushes to get that perfect flawless finish. But for the most part, I’m always just blending and patting with my fingers. I’m also probably one of the few who hasn’t tried out a Silicone Makeup Blender as of yet which made for a good excuse to purchase the Pur Cosmetics Pillow Blend Collection as it brought together the silicone makeup blender technology along with handles to make for what appeared to be easy application of creams, concealers, etc…!

In some ways, Pur Cosmetics actually made the silicone makeup blender better. It’s a bit smaller now and they attached it to a very sturdy handle. It just seemed much easier to use the blender when it was attached to a handle or at least I felt like it was but in some ways it also hinders the application of foundations and the like. I have a few Artis Elite Brushes and the handles aren’t nearly as sturdy as the ones on these Pur Pillow Blend Silicone Applicator Tools. Although, the ones on the Artis Brushes do have some flex and bend which makes the application a little smoother somehow as they follow the curves of your face and bend as you head into the curves of your face. But none the less, even though these don’t bend it feels like you have more control over the silicone with it attached to the handle.

Pur promotes these as oil-resistant and easy to clean up. I felt compelled to clean them after ever use as wet concealer or foundation laying on the silicone pad like that seemed like a magnet for bacteria. No worries, it doesn’t take a minute to simply wipe off any excess makeup with a makeup wipe after use and of course, later on you can do a deeper clean with water and soap. Although they do say these are great for breakout-prone skin because they don’t harbor bacteria. I guess it makes sense since makeup doesn’t actually sink into the silicone the way it does a brush or a blending sponge.

You’ll get four brush heads in the set that range in size from larger to small. They are for use with concealers, contour creams, moisturizers, and cream foundations. I tried them in a variety of ways with a variety of different formulas. I dared even using them with powder blush.

As I said the handles are very sturdy and the silicone pads feel quite heavily. They have a soft, jelly-like texture that feels wonderful on my skin.

I did struggle each and every time I used them sadly. At the moment, I’m favoring the smallest one for use with Tarte Shape Tape Concealer as I swipe on a thicker layer and I gently use the silicone pad the sheer out the concealer and to gently blend it out under my eyes but I do have to follow up with my fingers to get the smoothest finish. I still like the using the applicator though as it does sheer the formula out from the original thicker, creamier texture on the initial application. But it is in no way a perfect blending tool that gets me a flawless finish.

I felt you had to be very firm to get these to blend correctly and even with a firm touch they still didn’t allow the product to sink into your skin and blend to a smooth finish. When I used them many times my makeup would be sitting onto of my skin and not completely blended out or even streaky in some places. I thought to myself perhaps someone with oilier skin might have a more successful blend with them as on my drier skin I felt I was tugging a little. I also felt like if you had less than smooth skin and perhaps suffered from finer lines using these for application would be an even bigger chore.

Strangely enough in some ways they actually succeeded. For example, I took the second to largest of the four and dipped it into my powder blush. They weren’t created for powder by any means but I was curious how they’d do with powder. I was able to get a nice flush of well blended color on my cheeks if I used a firm swiping motion for application. In some ways, it applied the blush in a more natural, sheerer way than I would get with a regular brushes. It prevented me from being to heavy handed with my blush. The third largest also did well with cheek stain although you need to work quickly less the stain dry out and look splotchy. I also tried them out with moisturizer but I experienced the same problem I did with foundation in the fact I couldn’t get the moisturizer to absorb completely and it was laying on top of my skin as the applicator failed to blend it fully in.

I think in theory these are a wonderful tool but unfortunately, they prove a little challenging to use to blend out concealers or foundations. I’m just not getting a flawless finish here and most times I ended up with foundation laying atop my skin not fully blended or even patchy in some places. I do wish I could have just had access to the smaller of the four at a cheaper price as I think that is the only one I’ll get the best use from as I liked the way it sheerer out my concealer. The others, well, I might not use them all that much and revert to blending with my fingers as I’ve always done.

Have you tried them yet?

What was your experience?

Pur Pillow Blend Collection is available at and

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • kjh

    That’s too funny! That blush, for which these were not intended, worked best. Honestly, if fingers were good enough for Estée Lauder (the person) they are good enough for me. Brushes retain so much product, then are a big pain to clean. BBs, fairly much the same. Though either can give a good finish. Makes me want to be irreverent and say, if God wanted us to use brushes, they would grow out of our hands at puberty….

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL! Honestly, I’ve used my fingers for years and they serve the purpose well ;-D

    • jel888

      Ha! Had to laugh at this, too funny! (And I mean that in a good way.) Although I agree that fingers work well for lots of applications, they just won’t do for eyeshadows (except creams and that if you have small finger tips, which I don’t), contour blending (especially with powders over top) and for some reason certain foundations (even liquids) I seem to achieve better results with certain brushes versus fingers. That said, if I’m every without a brush, I can make do, but blended and smooth looks just work best with brushes in my experience. Of course, I like very colorful eyes and cheek & nose contouring.

  • hopechan

    ive wanted something like this but for skincare instead of makeup. could you try it with serums and moisturizers on a clean face and report if you felt it melted in product well? may be a more hygienic option than fingers.

    • Isabella Muse

      I actually mentioned in the review my experience using it with moisturizer! Hope this helps!

  • Andi

    Interesting, I’ve been using my fingers for years, but have fallen lately into the whole brush or beauty blender thing, so I was wondering how these worked vs the bristle brushes. I think I’ll stick with what I have because if anything I know I wash my hands so the bacteria growth won’t be an issue, nor will extra product soaking in.

  • LA

    I wonder if you could use this to apply masks? At least they would be easy to clean afterwards!