April 1, 2018

Sometimes Your Eyes Need a Little Horse Fat

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

From snake venom to donkey milk there’s always some unusual and unique ingredient in Korean beauty products particularly skincare. If you’re looking for weird and unusual pop on a Farm Stay Horse Oil & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch and call me in the morning. These little eye patches contain a host of interesting ingredients including snail slime and of course, horse fat or oil.

Before you start running in horror at the idea of horse fat making a guest starring appearance in your skincare let me give you a little back story. In certain Asian and European countries eating horse meat is fairly common. Just call me Andrew Zimmern because I’ve traveled quite a lot and in my travels I’ve eaten quite a few unusual things, horse meat being one (it pretty much tastes like venison). I am not a vegetarian by any means and I do eat meat. I do considered myself squeamish when it comes to food and maybe even picky as I don’t like my foods to touch. My father finds this wildly funny and he commonly lectures me about how it all ends up in my stomach anyway and it’s likely “touching”. But yeah, I’m kind of weird with food. Oddly enough, I am a bit adventurous though and I have eaten quite a few odd things including spiders, grasshoppers, and other oddities. Yeah…! So, a little backstory there to go along with this review.

The reason I mention this is because even though horse meat isn’t something you’ll see at a supermarket in the US it is fairly common in certain countries and and any left over fat is rendered into oil which is used in skincare. It’s important to know that Korea or any other country is not raising horses just to create eye patches. They raise them for food and later the left over fat is used in other products such as these patches.

Gross, yes, but horse oil or fat is actually a beneficial skincare ingredient. Hell, if I haven’t lost you yet you might even be willing to try the Farm Stay Horse Oil & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch and if you’re already applying some sort of snail slime on your face why not horse oil?

If you’re a fond fan of Shangpree Eye Patches I think I can convince you to try Farm Stay’s formula which is heaps cheaper and just as good in my opinion. I happen to love Shangpree’s but I think they are a bit overpriced.

A set of 60 eye patches will set you back around $10-$15 and they arrive in a tube that has a spatula for scooping the pads out same as Shangpree’s version. I never understood the spatula as I’ve come across eye patches that are cheaper which have a plastic tweezers to pick this up which I find easier as eye patch proves difficult to scoop up using the spatula but meh at least my hands aren’t touching them. The patches fit easily under your eyes and are a clear gold shade with a slippery texture. I typically lay on my back and read, listen to music, or play on my phone while I have them on for 30 minutes as if I sit up or lay on my side I need to readjust them since they slide around.

These are formulated with everyone’s favorite moisturizing ingredients snail secretion and of course, glycerin. Horse fat is actually lower on the ingredient list but still makes up a good portion of the formulation none the less. They also contain other moisturizing ingredients such as castor oil. Horse oil rendered from horse fat contains an essential fatty acid which is linolenic acid and helps to maintain and repair the barrier of the skin. It provides excellent hydration and seems to seal in moisture when I use eye cream after the eye patch.

I tend to use these patches three or four times a week after a facial sheet mask and before my other skincare. After I apply my favorite eye cream and my finer lines look much less noticeable and my under eye area is much more hydrated come the morning. If moisture is something you are lacking under your eyes these are something that can definitely be beneficial to your routine. I wouldn’t say they are an end all result as I do find they work best when I use my eye serum followed up by eye cream in the evening. My eyes seem to look much better when I’m using them in conjunction with my other under eye skincare.

If the idea of horse oil isn’t making you too squeamish these eye patches might just help get you a little more moisture under your dry under eyes.

Farm Stay Horse Oil & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch can be purchased on ebay.com, amazon.com, or at yesstyle.com.

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Christina D.

    I have been primarily vegetarian my entire life, strictly vegetarian as an adult, and even a vegan for several years. I support cruelty-free brands and I am an animal advocate. I find this reprehensible.

  • Jess

    If it’s not for you, move on. Everyone makes their own choices in life and I don’t see any reason to judge others for what they do or don’t do when it doesn’t involve you. I find people that judge others to be reprehensible. Just my two cents.

    Where did you get to eat spiders, Muse? How’d they taste?

    • Isabella Muse

      Totally get horse oil/fat isn’t going to go over big with everyone but I’m pretty much the same mind set regarding judgement on what others eat. I’m not running to the store to buy bulk horse meat any time soon but I don’t condemn certain countries that do eat it. I eat meat so I can’t really judge ya know? Cambodian restaurant, weirdest experience of my LIFE, Jess! I have a severe case of arachnophobia and the entire situation gave me nightmares for weeks after lol! It actually tastes sort of fishy. The legs aren’t bad because they are crunchy and you can convince yourself it’s a chicken wing or something but the body is sort of gooey which really, really threw me for a curve ball. Never, ever again. Anyone who enjoys them more power to them but spiders aren’t for me haha ;-D

  • Christina D.

    Dear Muse, I know you meant no disrespect.

    As an inhabitant of planet earth, it does involve me. I realize that people are going to kill animals and eat meat but at the very least it should be done humanely. Until you have seen some of the atrocities, it is very convenient to take a passive position which is worth less than two cents.

    • Isabella Muse

      I didn’t feel disrespected at all! We are practically family Christina ;-D I honestly am not educated on how animals are killed and prepared for supermarkets, etc…I actually try to avoid how this is done because I’ve seen/heard/watched smaller clips that Rob Zombie has posted on his Instagram and of course, news, internet, documentaries etc and I remain a ostrich with my head buried in the sand regarding how animals are killed for meat otherwise, I, too, would be a vegetarian! I am in a passive position regarding meat consumption for sure, I can’t deny that in the least. It’s just not something I want to think about otherwise I’ll obsess over it and feel awful eating it. So, sadly, I try not to think about it. I’m living in fairyland where steaks just magically appear at the supermarket. Please forgive me that.

    • Jess

      When I say it doesn’t involve you, I’m talking about how their opinion doesn’t involve you. You do you do, others do themselves. What I’m not a fan of is judgement and people trying to change my views personally. I believe what I believe, you believe what you believe, don’t judge me, I don’t judge you. You’re judging me right now assuming I don’t have the same position as you and saying that my opinion isn’t worth 2 cents. I find that to be judgy, assuming and dismissive. I didn’t reveal my position in what you mentioned, why assume that I don’t agree with you? I might agree with you, I might not…, I just found it in poor taste to judge someone else and condemn them just because they may not hold the same views as yourself.

      Lastly, unfortunately throughout the world and throughout history, the humane killing of animals was very rarely a concern. People killed for survival. Some would call the humane killing of animals now, a first world problem. Once again, not saying I agree or disagree, just telling it how it is.

      Anyhow, for me, I’ll pass on this product. 🙂

      • Isabella Muse

        I’m not judging either of you and I love you both equally does that count for anything 😉

        • Jess

          Of course it does! For me, I generally avoid sticking my nose into things but I appreciate how you’ve always been so honest, so I just want you to know, I got your back.

          When it comes down to it, to each their own. The world would be a lot more peaceful that way…. since mankind obviously is never going to all agree on the same thing.

          • Isabella Muse

            aw thanks Jess! <3! Christina def isn't out to get me don't worry 😉 If we all agreed life would be terribly boring! ;-D I love you both and I meant no harm with this post or disrespect.

  • Christina D.

    I heart you, Muse. You are my Sista from Another Mista! I know you love animals and care for your dear pets. I was very involved in the animal rights movement for awhile (and no, I never threw paint on anyone, nor did anyone I know throw paint on anyone) and some of the things I saw and became aware were so awful that I’m convinced the only devil that exists is human.

    I did not mean to bring you down. But (pun intended) it is food for thought, no?

    • Isabella Muse

      I heart you back! I do indeed! My pets are my babies! Believe me, I know some of what you are talking about. Sadly, I’ve become one of those people that doesn’t doubt anything regarding human nature whether it be something that they do to animals or another human being. It’s mind blowing anyone can do anything to hurt another person or animal.

  • Maggie

    Muse I have never ever used eye patches from a jar before but this seems more costs saving than the individual-wrapped kind). I’m not quite brave enough to use snails or horse derivatives that close to my eyes but do you have any other recommendations for jarred gel eye patches that stay well on skin?

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m actually not a fan of the jar because I feel like bacteria gets in but they go so quickly since I use them quite often that I feel like they are indeed a lot more inexpensive than buying them pre-wrapped ;-D sadly not. Most of the ones I’ve tried always have me laying on my back so they don’t slip off. You might want to try the cotton ones, those seem to stick a bit better so you can sit up and get stuff done while you have them on ;-D

  • Moxie

    I’ve eaten horse meat. It was pretty tasty. I was a kid but I’d eat it again now.

    Everyone has their limit, though. It’s a cultural thing for some, a personal choice for others.

    I wouldn’t go out of my way to use these simply because of my own squeamishness in regards to animal products that aren’t edible, but I wouldn’t lecture anyone who did or who gifted them to me without knowing.

    • Isabella Muse

      It reminds me of venison, sort of gamey. I probably wouldn’t eat it again as I didn’t really love it. I am very guilty of eating rabbit, it’s fairly common in Portuguese cuisine and my grandmother often made it. I imagine people are now cringing in horror that I ate a cute little bunny rabbit but like you said it’s a cultural thing.

      • Moxie

        I love venison too. I’m a game meat girl. I’ve eaten rabbit as well, and squirrel.

        Where I come from, and the history of my country, meant that people pretty much had to eat what was available or they’d have died. Simple as that.

        So, for us, it’s a cultural thing that pays honor to those who didn’t have the luxury of choosing a diet based on morality or vast food choices. Plus it’s just damn tasty.

        • Isabella Muse

          squirrel!? Shut up! What does it taste like!? Let me tell you something, I would eat squirrel right now because I hate them! I’m kidding but let me tell you they are a pain in my butt. They tore a hole in the roof of my upper porch and got mighty comfy in there. I had to call a guy out who had to literally remove a portion of the roof to get them out. He had to put this entrance but no exit cage up. It was dramas because they had really tiny babies so first he had to catch the mother and I didn’t want him to let the mother go into the wild without the babies so, he had to catch her and and we needed to bring in wildlife aid to see how or if we could relocate them or if that would be damaging to the family because the mother might abandon the young. Oh my god it was so much crazy. Finally things worked out but it cost a ton of money to get my little squirrel friends a new home and to fix my roof/porch as well as replace the insulation! They are happily living it up in the country now and I’m about $2500 broker because of it all haha ;-D And raccoons? Don’t get me started on the winter I had with them!

          • Moxie

            Squirrel is ok, not my preference to eat again but it was someone’s house and refusing food is something I was raised to not do. You never know if it’s someone’s last protein source for a while and they’re gifting it to you.

            I think that’s why I try to not judge or at least to not go out of my way to judge. You never know where someone’s coming from.

          • Isabella Muse

            this happened to me with horse! It’s not something I’d choose to eat but I don’t refuse food when offered it. I was at a dinner while abroad and I felt ungrateful to refuse so I ate it. Thankfully they didn’t noticed me nibbling it but not completing the dinner. If you make some effort to eat it I think people are generally happy and most will understand if it isn’t your thing but will be grateful that you at the very least gave it a chance and made an effort. Portuguese people are notorious for being completely insulted if you refuse to eat something they offer you (my grandmother being one of those people! Oh my god don’t you dare refuse her food she will cut you). I think many cultures/nationalities are like that. My sister calls me miss mary sunshine because I tend to look for the good in everyone. As you said, you just don’t know where someone is coming from. And you come from a way better place than I do because you never really think about food being some sort of rare commodity but indeed it is. There are too many people that are hungry and would do anything for a small portion of what we eat for dinner. Where as many would give it to you even if they are hungry themselves!

  • Robin

    Not for me. I can’t even do the snail slime. Just sounds gross. I respect other cultures. Friend from India is Hindu so no cow meat for him. I personally don’t eat meat- do eat dairy and eggs, but it’s because of cholesterol issues. Parents eat wild game, which is healthier than the supermarket.

    Muse I’m like you. Dad wanted to get a cow when I was in high school. I’m thinking, cool, milking cow. Um no for steak. Told him I didn’t like that idea and he said, “well where do you think hamburgers come from?” I said the grocery store with a clear plastic wrap on it. We never got a cow, but parents grew up on a farm and that was the way of life. Cats and dogs pets; everything was food.

    • Isabella Muse

      My grandparents ate a lot of wild game, it’s definitely common in Europe where they lived. LOL exactly my thoughts. I do have my head buried in the sand as a carnivore. I’m just like, “The magic meat fairy waved her wand and hamburger appeared at the supermarket!” If I think too much about it I probably would be eating greens for life.

    • Eraser

      I’ve noticed the same from people who grew up on farms. For lack of a better adjective, I’d say they have a more realistic attitude. Whether you like it or not, this world is not heaven. I love animals as much as the next person, horses in particular, but the fact of life is that some are predators and some are prey. While it’s admirable to defend animals from human abuse and neglect, what do many of the animal rights people think happens in nature? Predators literally tear their prey apart while it’s still alive. They deliberately hunt babies and old animals because they’re weak. If a prey animal is injured, chances are that it’s either eaten or dies a slow and painful death by starvation. I live in Pennsylvania where there are many “eagle cams” set up to observe the once endangered bald eagles. Recently one showed an eagle returning to the nest with a cat, and it caused an uproar. While it’s understandable that people would be upset (I was, although I didn’t actually see it), what do you think happens in the wild? If you proudly stand up for animal rights, how do you feel about the predators?

      I’ve seen many comments from animal rights people condemning the whole human race just for existing, and assuming that if we vanished from the face of the earth, animals would live in paradise. Just plain wrong.

      That being said, while I’m not a vegetarian myself, the fact that some people eat horses does bother me and I would never use a product with horse fat. However, that’s only my decision and others have to decide for themselves. It doesn’t make them evil if they think differently.

      • Isabella Muse

        This brings up a lot of questions I always have about animal rights. I am a lover of animals without a doubt but there are so many things in life that make it difficult to avoid testing on animals. What about certain medicines that are tested on animals? Do you completely avoid these medications if you need them to be healthy or even potentially to save your life?!

        • Eraser

          Very good question. Again, we just have to realize that this earth is not paradise. Life isn’t perfect and it never will be. Much as we would like, there aren’t foolproof non-animal tests for every kind of medication, and there are so many people whose lives depend on it. They matter too.

          • Isabella Muse

            There are just so many exceptions when it comes to animal testing.

  • CL

    Sorry, I don’t put slaughterhouse refuse on my face, no matter what animal it comes from. (I also won’t use the snail slime.) It’s also possible these animals weren’t bred for slaughter, and if so, they’ve been treated with drugs which aren’t safe for human use. A lot (probably the majority) of slaughtered horses used to be racehorses, or people’s pets. The racing industry should require all participants to pay into a fund for aftercare for horses that the owners can no longer support (or aren’t willing to support).

  • J

    Horse meat is a part of culture. Whatever your personal beliefs are … There is no reason to disrespect another culture. Kudos, Muse, for being open minded.

    • Isabella Muse

      Even though I’m a very picky eater I def keep an open mind about food. I’ve been to quite a few countries that eat some unusual things that aren’t common in the US but I’m always curious to say the least. But curious in a good way not one where I am saying “EWWW!” Food is a very cultural thing in my opinion and can be quite an interesting experience.

  • Christina D.

    If speaking out against animal cruelty is judgmental, then guilty as charged — and I’m good with that because I will continue to give voice to those who can’t speak for themselves.

    • Kristy

      Kudos. I agree with you. You have to speak for the ones that don’t have a voice.

    • Jess

      No one said speaking out against animal cruelty is judgmental. At least I didn’t say that. What I thought was judgmental was when you said this post or this product is reprehensible. To you it might be, to others, it’s just a totally normal product.

      What was also judgmental was your assumption that I didn’t have the same views as you do just because I said others shouldn’t be judged for their personal choices and views. I don’t feel the need to explain myself but I’m a Buddhist and I raise chickens as pets in an urban area. They will live a happy chicken-y life long after they stop laying eggs because I love them to death. I’ve been a vegetarian off and on. I love animals and I volunteer at an animal shelter…. but… I don’t knock others when they do things I disagree with. That’s their life, their views and their choices. It does not personally hurt me so I’m cool with it.

      However, you do you. If you want to feel like everyone is against you who doesn’t speak out like you do… then hey, whatever tickles your pickle. No hate.

  • Christina D.

    Excusing something as part of someone’s culture is a poor excuse. Countless atrocities have been and continue to be committed because it was someone’s “culture”.

    To quote Gandhi: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m going to leave this alone for now as I consider us friends and I don’t want to disrespect you or your beliefs Christina.

    • Jay

      Yes I agree with you. Using culture as a excuse to murder and torture animals is no excuse at all.

    • Moxie

      And that’s fine.

      Muse and myself both chose not to judge others yet are being judged. It’s a personal preference to eat meat and it’s also a personal preference to berate people for doing it.

      • Isabella Muse

        Just to reiterate, I do not judge anyone as you said Moxie. Race, sexuality, meat eater, veggie eater, animal cruelty supporter, aliens from out of space to take over our planet supporter, democrat, republican, skin color, whatever it is there is no judgement here. As Jess said, you do you, I do me and I’m friends with you all no matter what your opinion, lifestyle choices, or political party is. I am not a perfect human nor will I ever be and I don’t expect anyone else to be. Everyone gets the benefit of the doubt here and only love. I’m not here to make war, I’m all about peace, love, and understanding each other. Amen. off my soap box.

      • Eraser

        Exactly. It’s gotten so in this country that you dare not express an opinion – unless it’s deemed acceptable by the “right” kind of people.

    • Jess

      I don’t believe in torturing or abusing animals. However, are you going to attack the Inuits who had to eat whale or seals to survive through the winter? What about the Maasai of Africa? Cultural traditions DO play a part and have a valid excuse as to why people do what they sometimes MUST do.

      I’m on a desert island for 90 days with a chicken and no other food source. I can fast for as long as I can but eventually, I’m going to eat the chicken. You probably would too. Survival instincts can trump beliefs.

      When it comes down to it, we’re all animals. Most folks DO have a heart and would rather not have to kill for survival. Some folks are poor and just don’t know any better. Not everyone has access to information like us in the West and have the CHOICE to eat a particular way. Choice = Privilege. First World Problems. We are more privileged than many other people. Fact. I don’t know about you but I’m not one to knock people who may not know any better or cannot afford to do/be better.

      Lastly, people are all stubborn. No one wants to hear that one person is superior to another because of some belief or thought process. The best way to sway folks to your way of thinking isn’t to attack them but rather to lead by example and realize that all people have their own choices, opinions and beliefs. You have your own, they have theirs. Attacking or belittling others wins no one for your cause. And now, I’m going to hush up because I’m sounding like a jerk. lol.

  • Erin

    Ok that’s it. I used to enjoy your reviews, but you’ve gone too far. Review the Mexican practice of slaughtering horses and maybe you’ll stop slathering that horse fat all over your face. I find this review reprehensible as well. I’ve had a horse for 20 years, and he is a sentient being who I dearly love. Unsubscribing from your blog.

    • Isabella Muse

      I hope you’ll read through some of the comments and understand a bit more from what I said Erin.

      • JoaQuina74

        On Muse…..You poor gal. This is obviously a no
        win situation. Unfortunately you’ve stumbled into a wasp swamp without even realizing. I read your blog “EVERY” morning and I respect\value your opinion . Thank you for taking the time to review this product(horse oil eye patches). I find your blog extremely informative. I am not going to try these but where else would I have heard about this? Thank you and DON’T stop doing what your doing.

        • Isabella Muse

          lol! Beauty is sometimes drama and controversy isn’t it? Thank you very much my dear! <3! I appreciate your readership. Believe me when I wrote this I didn't meant to offend or disrespect anyone's view on animals rights. Hopefully, after the dust settles we'll still be cool with each other. xoxoxo!

        • Jess

          Totally agree. You keep on doing you Muse. You’re the only makeup blogger I still read after all these years.

          • Isabella Muse

            aw thanks Jess that means a lot to me! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! xo!

  • Jess

    11 years and counting, I’m a silent lurker but I’m on this site daily. 🙂 All the best.

    • Isabella Muse

      omg really!? Thank you for that. I’m freaking flattered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dani

    Muse thank you sooo much for this review! I was about to get the Shangpree ones but I was thinking over and over cause they’re quite expensive but these are a great affordable option. I’m gonna get Farm Stay’s All in One Honey Ampoule too to see if it’s less sticky than the Scinic one.
    Have you tried Guerrison’s 9 Complex cream? It has horse oil too and apparently is a great anti wrinkle product.

    • Isabella Muse

      My pleasure Dani! The shangpree are nice but wayyy expensive and really, I don’t even notice any major difference between those and this formula and these only cost a few bucks in comparison! I guess we’re paying for the name with the Shangpree ones! So many people rave them but aside from some nice hydration I don’t see what all the fuss is about! I haven’t tried the ampoule but I do use the snail toner and really enjoy it. It’s thick, not sticky, and absorbs nicely with fantastic hydration. As good as CosRX! Guerrison’s 9 Complex Cream is quite good! I always feel my duller skin looks so much brighter after using it! I think Yesstyle has it on sale if you want to grab a bargain! 😀

      • Dani

        Thank you! I’ve always wanted to try that cream and this might be the right time then (:
        I also noticed Farm Stay has Snail and Aloe gels! I wonder how good they are, I use Nature Republic’s traditional aloe gel and Tonymoly’s snail gel which I enjoy a lot.
        What do you think about those type of products? I know they don’t work for every skin type since they contain alcohol but I have normal skin and live in a very hot humid place so they can be very useful. I sometimes mix them with face oils since my skin can feel a bit too suffocated if I use certain oils by themselves.

        • Isabella Muse

          My pleasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually use Etude House’s Aloe Gel and their Watermelon Gel neither contains alcohol so that might be a good option! Alcohol doesn’t always bother me in Korean and Japanese skincare. Surprisingly enough it doesn’t end up drying me out. I just try to avoid it because it breaks down the skin’s barrier/collagen. But I’m not always successful avoiding it completely ;-D For example, I use Etude House Wonder Pore Refresher and it totally contains alcohol! EEP! I tend to migrate towards gels a lot in the Summer because they are so lightweight, hydrating, but not oily or heavy. But yeah, the alcohol ugh! ;-D Sometimes we cheat though right!? ;-D You can try apply your face oil with blending sponge. Sheers it out and doesn’t go on as oily ;-D

          • Dani

            I don’t mind alcohol on Korean and Japanese skincare either, I don’t even find it harsh at all. I don’t usually use those gels directly onto the skin, I apply them last in my routine mixed with oils so are they still breaking down my skin barrier that way?

            I would’ve never thought about applying my face oils with a sponge, that’s such a good idea!

            I’m actually finding it hard to cheat on Nature Republic cause I gotta support my faves , they’ve been the face of the brand for years and you know how we’re in this fangirling world, we gotta maintain them employed and successful if we wanna see them for as long as possible lol!

          • Isabella Muse

            Me either! I realize we’re supposed to avoid it but almost all my fav Japanese SPFs contain alcohol! and I don’t see myself giving those up anytime soon ;-D Mmm maybe!!!!!!!! But some folks are def diehard avoid alcohol at all costs types ;-D Oh yeah totally! I do it in the AM since I find oil too rich for AM use. So I apply a few drops on a sponge and pat it on my face for a lighter application ;-D I’m the same. I tend to stick with brands I love and support them. NR is a good one to support!!!!!! they are a great brand! And amen on keeping them employed and successful! There are so many brands that seem to up and disappear!

  • Misty


    Muse, I just wanted to send a quick virtual hug in comment form… like Jess who posted above, I’ve been a lonnngggtimmmeee reader and silent lurker, though not a frequent commenter. Tonight tho… well, after seeing how unreasonably and ignorantly intolerant some have been towards you, I just wanted to send some love and support. It’s so aggravating and annoying to see these kinds of people attack and go on the all out offensive against another person, simply because they happen to disagree with a personal preference that person may have -regardless of how significant it may be, like in terms of the big political issues we all know, and even down to the seemingly less significant everyday personal choices and opinions- and start preaching from their glass houses. This is why- THESE PEOPLE ARE WHY- the internet has become an ugly place.
    I praise you for being so classy in your remarks and responses and appreciate your review and anecdotal personal experience stories and info.
    I love that you ventured to tell us about skincare that’s not commonly used or understood here in the states and as someone with a mixed European and Asian cultural heritage, I appreciate and look forward to your take on these less than common products!!
    Thank you for continuing to be YOU and please never let the ignorance and intolerance of people with nothing productive or positive to do but beat others down from behind their keyboards get to your heart. Please know that there are intelligent, culturally diverse and adoring fans of yours on the right side of thinking and even if we don’t personally care for, like or use a particular brand, product or company you choose to write about, we would never waste time attacking and judging you for it!! We love you because in the last decade of the blog boom and everyone getting so desperate to be social media famous hustlers, you’ve stayed humble, sincere and true to YOU.

    With much Love & Aloha,
    Take Care, God Bless & Keep Doing YOU!

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi Misty! Thank you so much for your kind comment and for being such a long time reader and part of my family here! Girl, sometimes you wade into a review or post something that strikes a nerve. It’s rare but it happens ;-D (I think the last one I did was in support of transgender in the military and it caused quite a stir)! And I always appreciate the love when stuff goes down like this!

      I think of it as we are all family here and at some point, like real families, we are going to disagree about something be it a major issue like this one or maybe over the shade of the newest eyeshadow that Urban Decay releases. Whatever it is we disagree on I hope, like a real family, we can get passed it, carry on, and continue to love each other no matter our differences. As I always say, this too shall come to pass!

      I’ve always been an advocate of Korean and Japanese makeup and beauty and I realize that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea due to reasons in this post for one. But I built this blog on Asian skincare and makeup and although things have evolved a lot in recent years and I cover a much more wider range of different brands and product I will always love Asian beauty. It always makes me happy someone actually enjoys reading about it!

      Thank you 🙂 Thank you! I hope everyone thinks the way you do and I hope everyone sees me the way you do!


      All my love!