April 20, 2018

It Brushes For Ulta Your Beautiful Airbrush Essentials For Mother’s Day Not Jean Nate!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

Heads up It Girls and Guys there’s a new It Brushes For Ulta Your Beautiful Airbrush Essentials Set available just in time for Mother’s Day. Not that my mom would even BEGIN to know what to do with these brushes. I dunno where I came from, I suspect I’m related to Superman and was sent to Earth as an infant from Kal-El in a rocket and my mom happened to find me laying in the streets of New York and brought me home to be tormented and lovingly cherished by my older sister.

No, but seriously my mom hasn’t the slightest when it comes to makeup and beauty. She’s super no nonsense. A really snazzy dresser and she loves her purses and clothes but makeup? Not so much! I did inherit a great love of fragrance from her though. She really enjoys perfume. Although, her idea of sophisticated fragrance comes in a big bottle of Charlie and Jean Nate. Yeah, I see you nodding because you remember those 30 oz Jean Nate Splash Bottles. Those will become nuclear weapons for us in the future when the dinosaurs roam the Earth again and every man, woman, and child is part of the Hunger Games.

Anyway, back to brushes!

It Brushes For Ulta Your Beautiful Airbrush Essentials includes a Powder Brush, Foundation Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, and a metallic bag to tote them all around in. It’s available for a limited time at ulta.com and will set you back $42.

Mega size bottles of Jean Nate are completely sold separately.

P.S. I don’t endorse Jean Tate all over your body. That’s just wrong.


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Laurie

    Thank you for the Jean Nate references. I can’t so much as hear the phrase without flashing back to Marie Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond. But, I will out myself and reveal that … mind you, lemon scents were popular in the 1970s … my first actual cologne purchase, (aside from Charlie!), at Long’s Drugstore in Tarzana, CA, was Jean Nate. I think I was 11 and in the seventh grade. As for these brushes, that powder brush looks like it feels wonderful, and I’ve loved my IT brushes in the past, but I see Marc Jacobs just re-released the Tan!Tastic bronzer. What’s a junkie to do?

    • Isabella Muse

      I never watched Everybody Loves Raymond is there a clip around you’re referencing?! ;-D I think mine was Exclamation! I loved that stuff now it smells aweful to me haha! ;-D I know! TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF releasing all at the same time 😀

      • Laurie

        I can relate any life experience back to Seinfeld or ELR.

        At least three episodes featured Marie Barone and her Jean Nate, but this is the best. She’s pouting because it’s her gift, so why did Ray’s wife invited her own parents to be part of a family picture? After telling Ray she’s feeling poorly and going to sit out the picture … well, here it is. https://youtu.be/zKxXwvyEuSE

        Marie: it’s alright, Raymond I’m nottake the picture without me.

  • kjh

    Big Jean Nate, and big 4711, which I still use. My mum had Cherries in the Snow, Love That Red, a never-used (or needed) foundation, and an EA or Germaine Monteil eyebrow pencil. My gram, her mum, had more. PGM never wore anything. The only ‘brush’ I recall belonged to MGM, and looked like a sueded nail buffer. Never figured it out. By contrast, I scored my first l/s in fourth grade, and rode the bike to a nearby Woolworth’s, so as not to be recognized. And it’s been downhill…or uphill, depending on POV, since then. All time fave bath splash is Bien Etre, which seemed impossible to replace in the70s. Herbal, no citrus.

  • Christina

    I remember Jean Nate. My mom wore that every single day! LOL! Brings back memories.

  • Magenta Wilde

    Oh man, I love Jean Nate. I bought my mom some for Xmas some years back and ended up getting som3 for myself. To me it smells like a good memory.

  • Penny

    LOL…my favorite thing to wear as a teen was Loves Baby Soft!!! 🙂 LOL Totally takes me back just thinking about it… 🙂 Good Times!

    • Isabella Muse

      I used to love it too! It’s not the same anymore since Dana sold!

  • Eraser

    Sorry, but in my day Jean Nate and Charlie were sold in fancy department stores, as was the entire Revlon line. I still use both and I don’t care what anyone thinks. ; )

    A lot of things that are mass market today were once luxury lines sold only in department stores and perhaps the upscale sort of pharmacies (this was before all the chains took over): Pantene, Jhirmack, Revlon, Max Factor, even L’Oréal when it first crossed the pond & everything was actually made in France. Those were the days…

    • Andi

      I remember saving up to buy some foundation at the department store, it was $30, now I could probably get it at Rite Aid for $10. It was like gold so I’d wear it sparingly!