April 2, 2018

Kiko Free Soul Blurring & Moisturizing Face Cream Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

Kiko Free Soul Blurring & Moisturizing Face Cream ($28) is a new facial primer moisturizer hybrid formula that acts to hydrate skin as it primes for makeup while blurring the appearance of pores and fine lines. Sound familiar? Probably because it is as Clinique introduced Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer is the same concept! Clinique’s formula gets a bad wrap but I’m actually one that really enjoyed it and found myself repurchasing it when I ran out.

Of course, this is one reason I was curious about the Free Soul Blurring & Moisturizing Face Cream as I wanted to compare the two and see how they measured up together.

Kiko Free Soul Blurring & Moisturizing Face Cream arrives in a gorgeous, weight plastic jar with a light sage green top that has Kiko’s initials stamped on top. It’s a very elegant packaging and is testimony to the attention to detail Kiko puts into their packaging. Sadly, it is a bit smaller compared to Clinique’s version weighting in at 1.35 oz at $28 compared to 1.7 oz at $29.50. However, the formulas are different in my opinion which might make you curious enough to try it however, quickly comparing the two you’ll find Clinique has a few more ingredient perks in comparison with Dimethicone lower on the list.

This formula is a thicker gel texture which I was incredibly disappointed with when swatching on my arm as it started to pilling immediately when I rubbed it on not to mention it is loaded with a fresh fragrance that reminded me of Charmin Toilet Paper. The scent was pleasant enough but very strong and will prove quite irritating for sensitive users.

The thicker gel is pleasant on my face as it absorbs quite easily, has a cool feel, and thankfully did not show any of the signs of pilling I experienced when I swatched it on my arm. That pilling would have been an immediate deal breaker for me but thankfully it didn’t do it on my face. I do think more is less though to avoid the issue. The thing I did dislike was the fact it wasn’t nearly as hydrating as my regular daily moisturizer and it doesn’t quite play nice depending what you wear under it. Some days I am drier than others and this factors into how I prep my skin in the AM. If I overloaded on moisture, the application of this formula would suffer a little and feel like it was laying on my face rather thank fully absorbing. I didn’t feel comfortable enough using as both a primer and a moisturizer since I did require a bit more moisture than it provided. But if you get the perfect combination of products down when using it you’ll find it absorbs easily, smooths, and preps well for makeup. Not only that but it gives you a solid canvas for foundation to adhere to. I used it around my nose where I do have visible pores and smoothed the area quite nicely. I wouldn’t say it is an end all for larger pores as the formula might not completely fill and blur larger pores but all in all it did a great job with smaller pores around my nose. It also allowed my foundation to look fresher a little longer.

Kiko’s formula is quite interesting and worth checking out for yourself especially if you’re looking for an all-in-one product if you have normal or perhaps combination skin that isn’t overly dry. For drier folks, you might require more moisture which is fine and determining the right products that work under this primer is fairly simple. Those with oily skin, don’t expect any mattifying abilities here. This offers light moisture but won’t keep oil at bay. It’s talent is smoothing skin and prepping it nicely for foundation.

Kiko Free Soul Blurring & Moisturizing Face Cream is available now at kikocosmetics.com.