May 15, 2018

Here’s What The Montale Discovery Set Looks Like

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As you know I picked up a few of the new Montale Discovery Sets that launched at last week and they were super fast to arrived at my doorstep with the free shipping they offer. I got two out of the five sets on offer each of which holds 7 perfume mists in 0.06 oz vials. I have a lot of the Montale scents offered in these sets so only two appealed but I was considering going back for the others because they would make really nice travel companions!

Each set is $22, ships free, and allows you to try a variety of Montale Fragrances. The sets would make a beautiful gift as well since they arrive in a slick looking black booklet that also holds a catalog giving you Montale’s background and history as well as introducing you to the notes of some of their more popular scents.

If you’re a gourmand lover there’s quite a few vanilla blends in some of these sets and many sophisticated florals as well! I’m trying Rose Elixir for the first time today that arrived in the Roses & Flowers Discovery Collection and it’s quite a delightful rose jam scent with fresh, tart citrus notes.

I can’t rave these sets enough! Such a great value and an excellent way to experience this niche fragrance house’s offerings.

You can snag the Montale Discovery Sets now at with free shipping.


I hope you love these as much as I did!