May 4, 2018

NARS Loves Me Blush Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

NARS Loves Me Blush ($30) is a new, limited edition shade that launched with the NARS x Erdem Summer 2018 Collection. I’m a major fan of Orgasm and upon seeing Loves Me I instantly wanted it as it looked like a deeper, warmer shade of Orgasm.

It’s actually not Orgasm-like at all and quite unique and different in comparison. So, if this was perhaps swaying your decision to get it or not rest assured you won’t be doubling up with more Orgasm-like shades.

NARS calls it a strawberry pink with golden shimmer. I’d go so far as to call it a watermelon shade with pretty flecks of fine gold shimmer. The color is intense! A little goes a very long way! I was quite happy with the pigmentation but the formula is a little drier and denser than NARS’ standard range of powder blushes but it still applied and blended out seamlessly on my skin with a solid ten hours of wear time that showed little to no signs of fading.

It arrives in limited edition packaging which is icy grayish blue compact. Lord knows I was excited about this since it doesn’t retain fingerprints or gross makeup residue the way NARS’s black rubber compacts typically do.

In the below pictures I used this in two different ways. The first one I used it by itself with a light, sheer application. I’m heavy handed and could very, very easily overdue this shade. I tried very hard to keep it as light and fresh as possible. In my second photo I paired up with one of the new and wonderful Wet n Wild Flights of Fancy Color Icon Baked Blush shades in Don’t Flutter Yourself. This added a nice glow to my cheeks.

NARS Loves Me Blush

NARS Loves Me Blush with Wet n Wild Don’t Flutter Yourself Color Icon Baked Blush

NARS Loves Me Blush gets a Muse Approval! As a NARS Blush fan this shade didn’t disappoint! It’s packed with pigment and adds a delightful touch of golden pink to cheeks.

Loved it.

NARS Loves Me Blush is on sale at

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • kjh

    Was psyched that the Erdem is available for the Macy’s 15. And Nordie’s Match. Whatta savings ho, that a discount pushes you over the edge in getting stuff. Love those rationalizations that cause more spending! Might do the taupier palette, the red lip, and this. The pkging is just glorious on the palette, and the case color on the blush! Mmmmm. Plus the rubberized don’t fare well chez moi…the pkging goes before the product. I get the design concept, but please go flat black metal like Audacious. Had to depot almost everything. The blush color looks splendid on you, both ways. Showcases the versatility of the product.

    • Isabella Muse

      couldn’t agree more about the sale! Amen for the 15% off ;-D I wish I scored it on sale but I was impatient and purchased it prior. Sad sigh! Oh well! Thankfully enough packaging didn’t collect as much grime and makeup as the black cases! but yes, please do away with this packaging nars!

      • kjh

        Did it for the fleur palette and Smashbox covershot punked. Gotta vote for those cool leaning palettes, if you want to see any more of them. I guess the blush will be irl in Sephora, eventually. Will check it then. Still 630 for rouge; pretty good Sephora low buy and rouge avoidance. It’s May, and at this rate, will downgrade to vib. Deliberately. Meanwhile, plat at U renewed, with about 100$ banked. You showed us how to play THAT game.

  • Susan

    Wow, lady you look so lovely and fresh. Such a pretty shade for spring/summer. The pretty pink tones look beautiful on you. Thanks for the review. I love Nars blushes but detest the black rubber packaging because it disentegrates after time. So wish they would change this one thing. 😉

    • Isabella Muse

      awww thank you Susan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My pleasure! I was actually relieved this didn’t turn into a magnet for grime and makeup! Better than the black! And agreed the compacts need to change!

    • kjh

      Big bloody true. Deep six the rubberized, Francois. I have >1 Z with just Nars blush, and love it, but don’t use it often enough. I like this one, bec it isn’t primarily pink, but can pull pink-ish. Curious about the other one. It pulls peachy on Temptalia swatches, but looks lavender elsewhere. Guess I can wait for instore inspection. Not all of this collection is lust-worthy, but much of it is. Isabella certainly showed how versatile Loves Me can be.

  • Hollie

    Is there anyone who is like “ohhh yes I love this black rubber packaging that’s grubby five seconds after opening”? One wonders why they don’t change it.

  • D

    Such a gorgeous color and it looks so beautiful on you! Totally agree re: NARS black packaging but here is an easy tip to make it look like new: just buff with a cleansing wipe or a cotton pad moistened with micellar water or eye makeup remover. Oil-based or not…it works! This also works really well for cleaning the tops of Bare Minerals pots too ;].

    • kjh

      Yeah, when it’s new and has not endured a summer (or 5 or 10 or more). Then it gets sticky, the chemicals separate and seem to negatively impact the product, at times starts to crumble. I have 1/2 of it in the mini fridge to prevent further deterioration. Bad when the pkg goes before the product, even lipstick.

  • Kris

    Both looks are so pretty on you. What lip colors are you wearing? I love the blush shade but I think I’m too old for such a bright color!!!!!

  • Chris

    And think how easy this compact will be easy to find in the big black hole of a purse or cosmetic bag.

  • Celine D

    What is that gorgeous shade of gloss you are rocking girl?

    Also love the Nars Blush ! ; )

  • Sara

    Okay that neutral lip in the first pic…you’ve gotta be kidding me you’re pulling that off SO well. Really suits you!

  • Michelley

    Wow, I want this as an eyeshadow.

    I know I’m totally in the minority but I love their compacts! I’ve actually only got 2 Nars products and one of them I depotted so I could use the compact for the mirror in my work vest, and I just used hand sanitizer wipes or windex to keep the outside clean. I wouldn’t mind completely if they did away with the rubber finish (though I enjoy it, just like on the Bic pens) so long as they keep the color and style the same! I love how the mirrors take up the whole lid.