May 11, 2018

Tarte Aspyn Ovard Eye & Cheek Palette for Spring 2018

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Tarte x Aspyn Ovard Eye & Cheek Palette ($39) is a new, limited edition Ulta exclusive palette that arrives just in time for Mother’s Day and the Spring season. The palette pre-books at today and at today!
More photos below!

The official date though appears to be May 15th for everyone else. I wish I had further information for you but it has become increasingly difficult to actually get a straight answer from anyone about details or a launch date for anything nowadays! No worries though, I’ll post as soon as I know further information.

I think the great news about this launch is the fact it isn’t another nude palette. Well, it is in someways but it isn’t your traditional round up of browns and golds. This is quite a lovely selection of dusky pinks it seems. I sure hope it is as pretty as it looks in promo images. I know the packaging is quite gorgeous with the pink metallic compact and pretty floral motif decorating the cover.

The palette contains nine eyeshadows, one blush, and a highlighter and it proves quite affordable at under $40. If you get your Ulta catalog in the mail featuring the Gorgeous Hair Event you’ll find a photo of the palette inside!


  • Brilliance (soft champagne luster)
  • High School Sweetheart (nude matte)
  • Endless Summer (golden champagne luster)
  • Santorini Sands (light tan matte)
  • Heart of Gold (bronze luster)
  • Road Trip (brown matte)
  • Married Life (cream matte)
  • Tea Time (warm brown matte)
  • Wanderlust (copper brown luster)
  • Made You Blush (nude rose blush)
  • Pure Soul (shimmering champagne highlighter)

Do you think you’ll be hauling the Tarte Aspyn Ovard Eye & Cheek Palette?

It’s on my wish list for sure!

Get it now at

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • kjh

    It’s pretty. Seems to me to be a warmer take on cooler colors, if that makes any sense. Neutral, feminine, etc. IDK why, but the color story reminds me of Winky Lux palettes I have yet to see irl. Like so many Tarte offerings, this could be a real workhorse for many. Of course, my first thought was WhoTF is Aspyn?

    • Isabella Muse

      lol man we must be old because I had no idea who she was either 🙂 I think more an instagrammer than a youtuber?! But don’t quote me! I really don’t follow youTube as much as I should!

  • Carol

    Yes, I saw this in the Ulta flyer and I thought it looked really pretty and am really wanting to get it, but Tarte can be hit or miss lately, so I’m sort of on the fence. I would like to see it in person because you are right, the promo photos could be misleading but it does look like it has some pretty pinks in it. But the Ulta by my house is kind of a hot mess so I don’t know if I can rely on them having this in person on the launch date. (I would assume that this would be available on May 13th in stores since it’s in their ad and that ad starts on May 13th, but who knows?)

  • Maria

    I also saw it in the new Ulta catalog. I will wait for reviews and swatches. Colors look pretty in the picture, but can be misleading. Btw, I never heard of this Ashyn lady before. I guess she is on you tube.

    • Isabella Muse

      I THINK she might be more instagram than youTube but don’t quote me! I could be wrong! I’m so not a youTube person so aside from the basic youTube influencers I have no idea who anyone is anymore! It’s either old age or I just don’t have the time to watch all all these vids lol!

      • Maria

        I agree with you 100 %. Seems every makeup guru is on IG or you tube.

        • Isabella Muse

          yes for sure! Blogging has changed a lot! And most people get their content from IG/youTube! I’m one of the dinosaurs lol!

          • wendy

            that’s why we LOVE you! I’m old school, and I LOVE YOUR BLOG

  • hayley

    Again with who the fudge is Aspyn Ovard? I am so sick and tired of these youtubers and instagrammers making millions of off doing nothing. It makes me so bitter and jealous, lol. I wish makeup companies would stop giving them handouts.

    • Isabella Muse

      I honestly didn’t know who she was either but if you have million + followers you are probably working your butt off to maintain that sort of viewership/popularity. Truly don’t underestimate the amount of work that goes into creating content, it can be crazy sometimes how much effort goes into a single video!

      • wendy

        not to mention that dealing with the public ain’t fun!!!!!!!! Ask me how I know? LOL

        • Isabella Muse

          Too true! I know from experience with this site! and I have no where near the followers she does!

  • Susan

    I saw this in the Ulta flyer that came in the mail two days ago, and at first I was interested because it all looked so pink-toned. But then I saw swatch photos from Tarte, and those looked beige, beige, beige-tan, tan, tan, brown, brown, and brown, just like almost everything else from Tarte. Will wait for swatches I can trust, and reviews.

    Honestly, if Tarte would just come out with their April Fool palette, Icy Betch, instead of all these boring brown releases, they’d have such a best seller!

    • Isabella Muse

      I saw those too and I was concerned! I hope those are in bad lighting! LOL agreed that was some crazy palette!

      • Susan

        Well, I saw more reliable photos over the weekend and this palette is seriously boring. They made it look way more pink than it is in the Ulta ad, and except for the one blush it’s all shades of nude, beige, and brown, several which look almost identical. Money saved!

        • Susan

          p.s. Muse, I don’t mean more reliable photos than **yours**, I mean ones that are more reliable than the Ulta ad and the fuzzy ones initially on the internet. thx

        • Isabella Muse

          I totally got you! Mine are blurry as well since I took them via iphone ;-D And yeah, I totally saw it and it isn’t pink at all! So disappointed 🙁

  • Isabella Muse

    just to correct my prior comments she’s actually a very popular youTuber with over 3 million subscribers! I’m living on Mars because I didn’t know who she was apologies 🙂

      • Isabella Muse

        Most youTubers do would be silly not to monetize a website as well as video content/instagram! Someone just brought to my attention she’s actually be creating content since 2010!

    • MJ

      She’s an OG on YT as well. Has been creating content for many many years and from a very young age. I wish her the best 🙂

      • Isabella Muse

        Thanks! I literally just traveled over there and saw she had 3+ million subscribers on youTube. Likewise! She’s young and seems to have accomplished a lot at her age! Good for her!!!

  • Jen

    I’m pretty sure I saw some real life photos and/or swatches and it just looks too light. But when I first saw it in the flyer, I was in fact drawn to it!

  • kjh

    So, being true to goldbrick friday, did a little look-see about Ms Aspyn. Predict some controversy about: Tarte same old /same old and non-inclusive choices; the Utah and LDS factor in beauty blogging; name styling; and the fact that Tarte took her and her mum to Maui. See what you can learn avoiding work? She is ripe for a lot of waggish commentary from Reddit fora, etc.

      • Susan

        Yeah, I wish Tarte would put more money towards developing products that aren’t the same dozen or so colors they’ve been putting out for the last five years, and less towards taking “flavor of the month” vloggers on expensive vacations.

        On the other hand, no one makes me buy their products. So I don’t. I have been so disappointed with all the same-y releases from so many companies lately that my latest purchase was a palette from Italy, cool toned and gorgeous. Take that, Too Faced/Tarte/Urban Decay!

  • Tammy Quraishi

    I dI’d not know who the girl was either. .But, think this is one of the most pretty neutral palettes I have seen in a while..I can’t wear orange myself and there isn’t purple either which looks more like a bruise on my fair skin..No matter who she is I will be getting this one.

    • Isabella Muse

      likewise! I like the shade selection, it looks quite pretty!

  • Macy

    That looks ALOT like the Melissa Michelle palette from Ulta. Nearly the same layout too…..

  • Tammy

    I went to Ulta and was told they had the palette ( it came in on Friday), but that they absolutely could not start selling it until the release date, which is May 13th. I have to work that day and will have to wait 🙁

  • kellly

    OMG that is so pretty! I love the colors and the packaging. I will have to see the ingredients, tho, since so many pinks and red colors have carmine and I am so allergic to it. I sure love it!

  • genevieve

    It looks quite a lovely palette – very pretty shades and I hope it is good.

  • Kayla

    Its funny because I rarely make a comment, but I seriously come to your page for every new product I want to buy, even if it’s not “new.” I find we almost always agree so I like to see what you think. I thought the same as you, that this looked like a different kind of nude palette and went to the store today so excited to see it in person and was utterly disappointed. I agree with the other comments I’ve read about it looking more pink/rosy in the photos. In person it was indeed more of the same gold-ish nudes. I also found it to be chalky, and that’s a huge disappointment because I love Tarte and have several of their palettes (the Toasted is my all time favorite). I didn’t even need alcohol or water to get the swatches off my arm. They wiped off dry. I left with a Bare Minerals trio highlighter, I forget the name, but it was exactly the champagne pinks I was looking for, and the UD Beached palette, because you know, I have to leave with something lol

    • Kayla

      Oh and for the record, I have no clue who Aspyn Ovard is either, and don’t think I care to find out lol

      • Isabella Muse

        I feel a little less old that others haven’t a clue who she is either lol!

    • Isabella Muse

      Oh wow thanks Kayla Super flattered to hear that 😀 It really does look like a really pink, blush palette I’m so sad to hear all the reports about it being another nude/brown palette (I haven’t seen it in person yet). Darn! that sucks! That sounds horrible!!!!!!!!! LOL ;-D yes I know this feeling well! I’m totally disappointed in myself if I leave Ulta empty handed ;D

  • Deborah

    Oh good! So I’m not the only one who didn’t know who Aspyn was!
    The swatches looked to me like the Lorac Unzipped but not nearly as versatile because there are no dark colors.

  • Meg raj

    I’m gonna be honest…..I thought I would disappointed with this palette. But I love aspyn and I needed a new neutral palette so I picked it up and decided to just give it a shot. And I’m so impressed. The colors are perfect for someone with fair skin and green eyes. And the highlighter is a really good one. The one shade I’m not a fan of is the heart of gold. It has way too much fallout…..but I probably wouldn’t be able to pull of that shade for an every day look anyway. I’m glad I’m a fan of aspyns or I would have missed out on a great palette.