June 15, 2018

Beautylish Is Coming for You Sephora and Ulta

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In the last several months Beautylish has started adding a variety of beauty brands to their line up that might just put them in direct competition with Sephora and Ulta. Beautylish has always been a go to source for higher-end brands or more obscure brands (like Anna Sui!) but as of late they’ve started stepping up their game and adding a good deal of mid-range makeup brands to their line up such as Stila, Benefit, and more.

Ulta has also stepped up their game in the last two years and truly is becoming better than Sephora in many aspects especially with their cash back rewards system. Sephora has long been the go to spot for many makeup lovers but the industry has grown so much over the past ten years it comes as no surprise that a lot of the brands they carry are migrating and becoming more readily available at a variety of different outlets.

I have to admit to some surprise that Beautylish is adding such popular brands to their site. I’ve always associated them with higher-end makeup and beauty. It’s nice to see them expanding and one wonders where this might lead. Will there be a Beautylish store in our futures?!

That could be a very, very interesting idea couldn’t it?

What do you think of Beautylish expanding their portfolio with more brands?

Do share!


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Denise

    ULTA’s rewards program is unbeatable. I also enjoy being able to return online orders to a brick and mortar location. I don’t think Beautylish will be able to offer anything to tempt me away from that, when it comes to brands they both carry.

  • Deb

    I love Beautylish. Shop with them as much as possible, the only limitation being their brand limitations. I’m so happy they’re constantly expanding. Their customer service is phenomenal, Sephora could learn much from them. And most everything they sell can be paid for in installments. Which is a nice perk if you’re making a big haul. I’m continuing to divorce Sephora, they basically suck. I could tell some stories…but why bother. It won’t change anything. Between sites like Beautylish, Beautyhabit , Ulta, department stores, and the brands own websites, Sephora is becoming a dinosaur. Yeah, I’m very unhappy with them, especially as VIB Rouge.

    • Isabella Muse

      ITA on everything you said about beautylish! They are truly great and CS is wonderful especially if you have a question about a product, they are always very knowledgeable

    • Carol G

      Deb, I broke up with Sephora at the beginning of the year. My Dear John letter started with: “it’s you not me”.

      • Deb

        Carol, good for you! Right now they deserve to lose customers. Being from the south, an old saying comes to mind….they’ve gotten too big for their britches.

    • kjh

      Uh, yuhhhh! TA aussi! Plus, our bigger big S is disgustingly disorganized/filthy and the employees are rude as hell. The smaller S is better, but Hardly exciting. Though a kinder experience is always appreciated. Sadly, at bigger big S, I know more about their products than they do….they never inform themselves at all. That’s really bad, when the customer is nearly 70. Rude and ignorant, great combo. And they wonder why they are losing the war. Entitled, entrenched, gee, they sound like the Trumps of the m.u. world, though at least he would keep up the real estate.

  • Swoozy

    I love Ulta’s rewards programs, but their web interface is terrible. I can’t find anything or browse easily. I wish they did more samplers like Sephora does. If they dideither, I’d likely do most of my shopping there. The only thing Sephora has going for it are the brands I can’t get at Ulta and the twice a year sale.

      • Lisa C

        Exactly, Sephora can’t hold a candle next to Ulta. I want so badly to divorce Sephora, if only Ulta would carry the same brands. I try to get from Nordie’s if I can’t get it at Ulta. I have over 3,000 useless points at Sephora from I don’t know how long ago and their weekly wows (really Sephora?) are laughable. Does anyone remember when their Rewards program was good? That was when they only did it about twice a year. Alot of ppl were angry because they couldn’t get what they wanted. I lucked out twice and they were both awesome rewards for less points than what you get now for points. I got the Drybar for 3,000 points and it came with their blowdryer, about 3-4 full size products and some minis. You can’t get anything close like that now for 3000 points.
        But it’s actually exciting to shop at Ulta with all the BOGO, GWP and good sales. Can’t wait for the day when I can say Adios Sephora

  • Eraser

    I’ve never shopped at Beautylish but I might have to investigate. I’m tired of going into Ulta, Sephora, and the department stores seeing the same stuff. I’m especially fed up with Ulta and their poor management of stock – no matter when I go, I see half-empty shelves and for weeks if not months, they’ll be out of things that I want. Despite being a platinum member for the past 2 years, I can never get on their e-mail list and they never acknowledge my birthday or anything else for special perks. At least Sephora does that. In any event, the world of beauty today has proven that bigger isn’t always better.

    Again, I don’t know Beautylish but if they want to make it more like the others, I wouldn’t like it.

    • kjh

      Somehow I got dropped from the emails, too…thought it was my fault, maybe not. Our U is behind a bit, but fairly well stocked. And it’s clean/well lit. As to Beautylish, what an outfit! Well informed, superb customer service, quick shipping that is gorgeously packed. I think that getting their package is anticipatory delight. They answer all questions and are always true to their word. You NEVER hear anyone bitch about Beautylish. They are quality. That could change, if they went b&m.

  • varya

    Honestly,I think Beautylish wants to grow big enough to be acquired. On the way to that goal,let’s shop. I like their customer service very much.

  • Val.

    I’ve never shopped at Beautylish, but I’m all for more competition in the makeup marketplace!

    I am Platinum at Ulta and love their rewards… And they give out so many 20% off coupons that they totally beat the twice a year Sephora sale.

    I will shop at Sephora for brands I can’t get at Ulta (Too Faced Peach Perfect Matte is one of my favorite foundations, for example), but I NEVER receive the samples I choose when I order. I get replacement products or nothing at all, which is super annoying since their rewards program is bad, too.

  • mylinda

    I shopped at beautylish a few times in the past for items that only they carried. Wayne Goss brushes, chikuhodo, one damaged order of Ellis Faas and their replacement was sent and received promptly. At some point, they opened a distribution warehouse in Philly which initially, I thought was great. Then the next time I attempted to order something, I noted that they were going to charge me Philadelphia tax (I live in PA but not Philly) so I inquired about this. Guess their fantastic customer service couldn’t do anything about the fact that a PA customer whose shipping and billing address should only be subject to 6% sales tax is going to be charged more. I don’t know the exact rules for such things but every merchant that ships me an online order only charges me 6%. That’s the tax here and that’s what I pay on all taxable goods when I shop. Why should I pay more? There was no attempt from them to correct the issue either, just a flat explanation that this is the tax bec there’s a warehouse in philly. So, I take my business elsewhere.

  • Tj

    Im ulta all the way. I accrued so many points from them and was able to use them to buy high end palletes. I don’t know any other place you could do that and i have no trouble buying from there website online!

  • Laurie

    It depends. Until reading your blog, I had not been to Beautylish for some time. So I clicked through. Oops. Among their featured products was one from a known racist. He has a lengthy history of bad behavior but apparently he makes beautiful products. I’ll never know because I won’t buy them after witnessing his hate. Unfortunately, he is his brand.

    It’s one thing for Beautylish to sell his stuff, but seeing it featured … which may simply mean he paid a premium or has something selling well … pushed my buttons. I suspect I’ll feel the same the next time I see KVD products featured at Sephora or on Sephora.com. Back in the day—before iPhones, social media and whatever it was that kept people from over sharing, understanding what it takes to be a public corporate figure or simply realizing that someone will film it if you are a lunatic—I didn’t need to do this kind of moral calculation in my head. I’m sorry to take your question in that direction, but in this day and age, the personalization of commerce makes it necessary and I resent it. Long story short, I probably will avoid Beautylish.

  • Missy

    Love Sephora because of the range of products and the sale twice a year. You can’t get all those high end luxury brands like Tom Ford, now Tilbury etc for 15% off plus free shipping. I’ve thought Ulta was ok in terms of products but the cash rewards is great EXCEPT that wave of news that they’re accused of putting out returned used products as new. Eck, ugh. I’ve seen products that I thought that of. Pretty much a deal breaker for me. I love beautylish since I think it has great service, etc. But no comparison for the store you can walk into and try on so I’ll stick to those. I want to support them in these hard times of retail stores being closed all over and folks losing jobs, even if I pay a couple extra bucks.

  • Tippy6

    I remember when Sephora first came onto the scene way back when and all the hype. They opened a location at Somerset Mall in Troy, MI and I was amped to pop in there and see what it was all about. The staff was horrible. All were very attractive, beautiful and attired in the obligatory black ensembles, but their demeanor and attitude was HORRIBLE. So rude, so dismissive that it just turned me OFF; however, there was one young woman there named Molly who was an absolute standout. Very helpful and she ultimately turned me on to the Decleor line of skin care and I still use Decleor to this day. I always called before stopping in there to see if she was in that day and would only go in and purchase (I dropped quite a bit of cash every visit) when she was there. She eventually left that location and I stopped going. Learned that Nordstrom at the same center carried Decleor and started purchasing there. Nordstrom was light years ahead of Sephora when it came to congeniality and customer service. Sephora’s website is awful to navigate regardless of internet browser and I just can’t see spending that much time trying to spend money. I will definitely check out Beautylish.

    • Isabella Muse

      aww I am so so so sorry you had such a poor experience at Sephora. That’s just horrible! No excuse for rude sales reps no excuse at all!