June 18, 2018

Revlon’s New Prestige Flesh Makeup Collection Arriving this June

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Revlon has a new prestige makeup line called Flesh that will be arriving at Ulta on June 24th. The name, Flesh, refers to the brand’s philosophy of creating a shade-inclusive collection of makeup that has 40 shades of foundation.

The line is small with 12 different products available including blush, highlighter, lipsticks, and other notable base makeup products.

Linda Wells, Revlon’s Chief Creative Officer, recently told WWD, “It’s really focused on the idea of flesh being all flesh colors — we’re redefining the notion of what flesh color really is and having it be inclusive on every level… Now, 40 foundations has almost become the industry standard, but it’s really broadening that conversation and proposition out to other products as well.”

Thanks to Fenty Beauty’s launch many, many brands are starting to include all inclusive shades in their launches which makes finding your perfect color match a heck a lot easier.

But Flesh doesn’t come cheap and the prices are more along the lines of a mid-range brand that would be carried at Sephora Starting at $18 and climbing to $38 this isn’t Revlon’s line of pricing that’s for sure.

The thing I find most interesting about Flesh would be the fact it could pave the way for other drugstore brands to start introducing their own prestige lines. Covergirl is opening a flagship store in New York very soon and a lot of people questioned if they had enough of a product line to fill shelves. Someone was clever enough to say perhaps they’ll have their own prestige line of makeup available in store. My mine went to perhaps having an exclusive or two but why not an entire higher-end line!? That’s a real possibility isn’t it?

Many people that don’t follow beauty might not know Flesh’s relationship to Revlon though and just take it at face value as a new brand that just launched. But those of us who do follow beauty will likely form a little bit of prejudice when shopping the line simply because we know the Revlon Flesh relationship and connection which might make it harder to digest the higher price tag.

I think it’s an interesting idea but does it hit to close to home for Fenty I wonder!? The name, the idea, it just seems very Fenty Beauty-like. I wonder how Fenty Beauty fans will feel about Flesh.

We’ll see how it goes!

Flesh is set to launch at Ulta.com on June 24th.

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Jen

    I am so excited for this launch! When I first saw this, my mind went right back to Ultima II! (I’m a makeup dinosaur, lol!) Coincidentally, Revlon also owned Ultima II. If I remember correctly, Ultima II had an extremely inclusive line (for the 80’s/90’s) & made some of my favorite products (who remembers Glowtion?!!). I really hope this line is as good as Ultima II was. I cancelled my Allure subscription after Linda Wells left & I’m thrilled to see her resurface again here! I cannot wait to try this line!

    • Dee

      I wondered if this was Linda Wells from Allure. I haven’t read Allure in such a long time but used to love it.

      I remember Ultima too! My mom used it and I thought the packaging it came in was so pretty.

      To pay $38 for a Revlon product is not something I will rush to do. It’s going to have to be pretty spectacular.

    • kjh

      And remember that Kevyn was UII, before he became himself, lol! He started all that Naked stuff, that is still overwhelmingly with us. I loved this, too, and it was Revlon at Bloomingdale’s, so Flesh is not really unprecedented. And, thanks, Muse; had no idea about this, and was wondering who Flesh was.

  • Saoirse

    Though the idea behind this line seems very good, the word “flesh” and the big fingerprint kind of creep me out a little.

  • Jen R

    Thanks, Muse – I saw this pop up on Ulta’s website over the weekend and did not know any of the backstory, so I assumed it was a foreign line that I just hadn’t heard of before!

    In general, I don’t think I mind a mass market brand coming out with a prestige line (I know that similar relationships already exist, like with Lancome and L’Oreal), but I think the product quality, and hell, even the packaging, really needs to be there to justify the price point. If it’s just gussied up mass market cosmetics, then I think that’s a big fail.

    • Isabella Muse

      My pleasure Jen! ;-D ITA! And flesh so far isn’t really doing it for me packaging wise!

  • MJ

    I’m just grossed out by the product names. “Flesh foundation thickstick”, “ripe flesh glisten drops”, “flesh to flesh highlighting powder”???

    Who thought these were good names? Hahahaha

      • MJ

        Maybe instead of fairies and unicorns the next trend will be zombies and vampires. Now that’s a makeup theme I can get behind! Hahaha

    • Caitlin

      Glad it’s not just me! I, too, support the aims here, “flesh” is not what I think of when I think of inclusivity and diversity in beauty. It sounds gross and creepy, evoking both the porn industry and serial killers…It might have worked as an edgy tie-in limited-edition with Hannibal or something, lol! Surely a big company like Revlon did market testing on that name, though?

  • Linda

    I am old enough to remember when Ultima was Revlon’s prestige line and sold in department stores. (I loved the counters which had little lamps on them and the cosmetics name on the lampshade. Those were the days of Helena Rubenstein, Frances Denney, etc.)

    I did not know that Linda Wells had landed at Revlon. Thanks Muse! When Allure fired her I was really ticked and, this might be a bias, but I think the magazine has gone downhill. It used to be a “must” subscribe for me but I haven’t read it (unless I’m in a salon) in several years.

    • Isabella Muse

      Allure became a bit teen-ish for me! I haven’t read it in a long time either! It used to be a fav of mine but I dunno, lately magazines just don’t do it for me at all! I guess in the age of the Internet they have become obsolete on some levels! I remember Ultima but don’t recall actually owning any of it myself!!!!! 😀

    • Eraser

      I remember that too – in the not-so-distant past, at least for me, Revlon’s main line was also a prime fixture in department stores. When I started with makeup, Revlon, its younger line Natural Wonder, and its upscale line Ultima II were all to be found at the department store. For a while, they even had a cosmetic line to accompany the Charlie fragrance, which was also exclusive to department stores. Sigh…

  • Paige

    Wasn’t it Revlon that had that higher end Ultima II line in the 80s? Looks like they are getting back into the mid-higer end range again.

  • Kish

    I don’t think I’ll be buying anything from this line. Just doesn’t do it for me. Names are kinda gross, packaging boring, prices seem a bit much.

  • Jane

    Thank you to the commenters who mentioned Ultima II – I was just a bit too young to actually buy anything just when it disappeared, but Kevyn Aucoin was its creative director, and I’m sorry I missed it. This is exciting – provided that, as another person said, that it isn’t just regular products tarted up.

    And yes Allure has gone so far downhill, although I hated the annual nude feature and they finally got rid of that. We get plenty of nekkid women used to sell products and mags; there was nothing in more women stripping.

  • Carol G

    Agree with all of you about Allure. Linda Wells was an excellent editor-in-chief and once she was gone, so was I. And I was a die-hard subscriber from Allure’s inception! Recently I received a 6 month complimentary subscription of Allure. I just laugh. Literally takes me 10 minutes to page through it. Allure was my bible for many years and now it just caters to young people. I see it folding soon.

    • Jane

      There’s no substance anymore! I love the inclusivity and diversity, but I like words, too.

  • Dot

    Any plans to review, Muse? I’m curious about those glisten drops, but not enough to blind buy since there are plenty of other good affordable highlighter options.

        • Isabella Muse

          😉 I can’t either! I’m a little worried it’ll be crap!

          • Dot

            Same! (In no small part because the name grosses me out.) But Revlon has put out some solid products in the past, so fingers crossed!

          • Isabella Muse

            fingers crossed too! At this price it better be worth it lol!

  • Sarah

    Honestly, the names are cracking me up.

    “What lipstick are you wearing?”

    “Oh, it’s just Fleshy Lips.”

    I have no idea why that is making me cackle but it is!

  • genevieve

    I am always fairly dubious now about anything that Revlon does, because it is quite expensive in Aus (nearly $40 for a bottle of Colourstay foundation), acts like it is on the same level as HE brands in department stores and yet has delivered some pretty poor products (eyeshadows, blushes to name a few) over time.
    I don’t quite like the naming of the new line either – however it is good that the brand is extending its foundation range to suit everyone.