June 7, 2018

Why Does Urban Decay Born to Run Eyeshadow Palette Seem Massive and Larger than Life!?

The new Urban Decay Born to Run Eyeshadow Palette is winging its way to us late this Summer (July) and contains 21 shades. 21 shades? That isn’t a lot! Urban Decay has done eyeshadow palettes that size before like the Full Spectrum Palette so why does the Born to Run Eyeshadow Palette seem so damn massive!?

Maybe the rectangle palette design is what makes this seem like one of the brand’s biggest eyeshadow palettes to date but in reality its not that big at all. Or maybe I’m the weird one that thinks it’s huge.

Anyway, size aside, the second thing I noticed about this was the fact I was so not excited about it at all. Like, I didn’t even bat a lash when the buzz started and everyone was all, “OMG NEW URBAN DECAY PALETTE!” I literally feel bad and guilty that I couldn’t muster up some excitement for this and I hope that changes once I get my hands on the palette and try it out.

Right now, the firs thing that entered my head, that not a single person mentioned, was the fact that the colors seemed so mismatched (or I lack creativity). There are some really rich colors in this palette but it feels like I really have to think about what kind of eye look I’d create using them together!


  • Breakaway (warm ivory shimmer)
  • Stranded (pale rose gold with tonal micro-shimmer)
  • Blaze (light metallic peach with pink shift)
  • Weekender (light neutral beige matte)
  • Still Shot (bright peach)
  • Riff (brown-nude matte with floating micro-sparkle)
  • Good as Gone (deep brown with iridescent micro-shimmer)
  • Hell Ride (deep fuchsia matte)
  • Baja (burnt orange matte)
  • Accelerate (reddish copper metallic)
  • Guilt Trip (smoky purple shimmer)
  • Ignite (rose gold metallic)
  • Smog (deep coppery bronze shimmer)
  • Wanderlust (forest green with gold micro-shimmer)
  • Wildheart (bright fuchsia)
  • Punk (red-brown matte)
  • Double Life (metallic rust)
  • Jet (black with deep shimmering purple shift)
  • Drift (charcoal satin with tonal micro-sparkle)
  • Radio (deep emerald satin)
  • Big Sky (frosted green shimmer with iridescent micro-sparkle)

Never in my life have I prayed so hard to be wrong but I’m really hoping I’m wrong about this palette! None the less, the good news is since it gets such a late Summer launch the shades will work well into Fall because they are quite warm, dark, and rich.

Urban Decay Born to Run Eyeshadow Palette will be available this July.

What are your feelings about it?

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  • Kelly

    Sadly, I couldn’t get excited about it either! I agree that the colors feel a bit mismatched and all over the place, and I feel like there are too many orange tones. I can’t do oranges. It makes me look like someone socked me. I love the palette theme though.

    • Isabella Muse

      I just couldn’t muster up any sort of excitement for it 🙁

  • Jackie

    I’m glad I got a backup of the last couple Vice palettes because they’ve done nothing as interesting since. This has too much frost for me, and unless I see it in person & it shows me something more than I see here, it isn’t very exciting at all, and I wouldn’t use any of it.

  • Adrienne

    It doesn’t necessarily look bigger, I think we got accustomed to their rectangle pans instead of squares and I’m sure once you get all the details you will be able to tell us per ounce/color/price if it’s a good deal. This looks like Smashbox set up. The colors are pretty and the first thing I thought was early fall. I have been disappointed ever since Back talk and haven’t purchased any UD. Oops I take that back I purchased Lucky eyeliner since it was to be Limited Edition.

    • Isabella Muse

      Maybe that’s why! It seems HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s very Fall to me but some shades do look like they might work for Summer just mostly warmer for the Winter/Fall though! ;-D We shall see how big it turns out/value/etc!

  • Carol G

    I’m interested but only if the shades are new. I have a lot of UD palettes so these shades will have to be new and somewhat different. Maybe their layout is for trios when you go down each column vertically?
    That looks like the most cohesive shade pairing to me. I agree, have to see it in person though…

    • Isabella Muse

      I agree I think that seems like the best way to pair them! Seems like some reruns here! Didn’t compare them all but some names sound like shades I own!

    • Kay

      I came to the comments to say the same thing about using the shades together with those on the same vertical line! I’ll consider this palette I think, I haven’t bought a big UD palette since the 20th anniversary Vice and this has the potential to be a good go-to (which the XX definitely wasn’t!)

  • Camille

    Oooh, unlike you Muse – this is actually the first palette, regardless of brand, that catches my attention in years! Precisely because, as they describe, it has all the basics plus a few bells and whistles for funsies.
    My feeling is that this palette is more aimed at people like me, who just want one or two very versatile palettes. This one has enough neutrals to use everyday for simple looks, and just the right amount of pops of colour and jewel tones to get a bit daring once in a while without feeling overwhelmed (or forgetting the palette in a dusty corner because it’s “special occasions only” 🙂 )

    • Isabella Muse

      I think you’re right Camille! It really is one of those solid shade ranges that’s good to have around for daily looks. Maybe I’m too into the bells and whistles and wanting something super unique that I don’t already own that I forget sometimes it is good to get back to the basics!

  • Maria Esposito

    I agree to mismatch. I would have trouble deciding what shades to use and pair with. Yikes.

  • kjh

    Frankly, hope this is zero to my taste, as I don’t want to want it. I see a lot of combos, but agree about the somewhat haphazard nature of the layout. I have enough UD shadow to do all of Eastern Mass. at least once. agree with Adrienne; Backtalk burned me good….and I’m getting Lucky, too. (That does not sound right…). Unless there’s an oldbie hanging around the house. Btw, for all you liner freaks, did you check out the liner storage cases on Melt? Holds up to 96, and this ole ho ordered two. Waiting for reviews on this, much as Beached redeemed Balktalk.

    • Isabella Muse

      I think if you look at it as trios going down it makes a little more sense as someone mentioned. But I just looked at it overall and I’m like damn how do these work together!? LOL ;-D git a link for the storage?!

  • Susan

    It looks like UD took their Naked Heat, Backtalk, and Beached eyeshadow palettes and smushed them together. With several companies I get the vibe that they kinda-sorta-really know they should put out something different yet they can’t let go of the overdone warm neutral fad. I like some of the colors here but the last thing I need is more peach/orange shades, which look awful on me. Le sigh.

    • DeeS

      I was thinking the same thing about the various palettes. I think this is looks like a great way to get key colors from previous palettes. Like, I wouldn’t buy any Naked Heat palettes or the beach palette, but I would buy this. And I always love UD packaging.

  • Christina

    It didn’t excite me nor does it look like it’s inspired by travels–it looks more like it’s inspired by sunsets at the beach. When I look at the outer packaging, I don’t see a lot of the colours in the pictures reflected in this palette other than the sunset colours and maybe the ocean picture; but where’s the brighter blue sky, the green palm trees, the rich blue of santorini, the rich gold statue, etc.

    It’s not a bad palette; just not terribly exciting. Maybe it’s the places they’ve travelled to…because I’ve seen some fantastic dazzling colours the places I’ve gone.

    • Isabella Muse

      lol we are so sisters in another life because I was like, “Travel!? eh!?” It didn’t really inspire travel in me either.

  • Laurie

    It seems enormous to me. A bigger issue is that it looks to me super warm-toned [again]. Worse, after the fifth shade in the first row, it starts to get really dark really quick. As in, it’s another palette that is personally unwearable. The low-buy I started a couple of months ago is getting easier and easier to do. The only palette I’m at all interested in is the Too Faced anniversary palette, and I’m guessing it’ll be too expensive for me to buy.

    • Isabella Muse

      right? It just seems really big! LOL! Or sold out really fast (the TF one that is)!

  • sarah

    I’m actually not a big fan if UD and their Naked series. So repetitive, I bought one Chocolate palette(TF) and a Basic palette a few years ago and that gave me my fill for big palettes of brown eyeshadow. I’m really digging the color range in this one. It doesn’t feel mismatched at all! You have an entire row of neutrals to work with and then 2 rows of fun colors that work with multiple other fun colors (because do you really need more than 3 or 4 shadows for one look?). If I didn’t feel that UD was way over priced for the quality I’d be really tempted, but I feel like I already own a BH Cosmetics palette with a similar vibe, and there are still some Colour Pop Palettes I’d prefer over this.

    • Isabella Muse

      Don’t mind me I’m likely in the majority that feels overwhelmed with how to create a look with this ;-D

  • mndiamondgirl

    Is every palette require to have a burnt orange shade? I’ve been waiting for a beauty brand to “WOW” me with cool-toned or jewel-toned shadows, but all of the brands are stuck in a rut producing palettes with the same shadows over and over again. C’mon beauty brands! Let’s see a blue/green/purple palette or blue/purple/gray palette…..we’re ready to see something new!

    • Isabella Muse

      lol I like burnt oranges but I agree lots of them floating around lately ;-D

    • Michelle Liberman

      I was thinking the next palette I wanted to see would be maybe a dove gray, deep green, purple affair. As I thought about it I realized I dont want to look like a mermaid or a desert….I want to be a pigeon lol!

  • Diana

    The color scheme reminds me of the vice 3 with orange/warm tones thrown in. I enjoyed that palette but think mine has lost pigmentation so I may actually pick this up when it goes on sale.

  • DeeS

    I’m not sure what you guys are seeing with the layout that’s preventing you from seeing looks. When I look at this, I see a ton of combos just by looking at the color layout in squares of 4. For instance, look at the first 2 colors in the top row and the first 2 colors in the middle row. That looks like a great combo to me. Now look at the first 2 colors in the middle row and the first 2 colors in the bottom row. Another great look. Now move to the 3rd & 4th colors in each row. I think the 3rd & 4th colors in the middle and second row would make a stunning orange and purple look. The 4 colors in the very bottom right would also be stunning. This is also a great way to try out combos you wouldn’t normally pick out on your own.

    • Isabella Muse

      I think I was thinking more in terms of four shades per look. Highlight, transitional shade, lid, contrast. There are def a few nice duos though!

  • Silvia

    Where was this when I was running marathons with my dear Roadrunners?! The name got me! Why in the world name it Born to Run? Lol! Last thing I would think of when running to wear eyeshadow of any form or kind! But I love it! I think it is a great palette for someone starting out as it includes so many shades from light to dark and brights. I need to see it in person and swatch but I like the selection of colors. Just don’t really like big palettes so bulky and I’m running out of space.

  • Liza

    I agree! I love the packaging more than the palette colors themselves. This is a palette I may get when it’s on sale. I can still have some fun with it, but lately I’ve been into things with more sparkle and brightness, the aurora lights palette, various shades and brands of liquid eyeshadow as a couple different mermaid palettes.

  • Michelle Luna

    My thoughts/feelings exactly, I don’t think I’m creative enough to come up with pairings out of all these rando colors (and personally I only wear one color at a time, as I have extremely hooded lids and I’m extremely petite so I ignore the whole 3plus-color looks everyone online does bc I just end up looking like a drag queen, but nowhere near as pretty). I only like 5 colors out of this whole palette so even though I have gift cards to Sephora and Ulta burning a hole in my wallet and UD is my fave brand (or has been since like 99/the days of the Face Cases…. past few years I’ve kinda cooled I guess) I’m going to pass on this. Plus, you’re right, the physical size of this seems honkin huge!