July 31, 2018

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
4 stars out of 5

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette review and swatches

My review of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette ($42) is way late! Sorry about that! I ordered it the day it launched, got a shipment notice within hours of my order, tracked it, and got an estimate arrival but after that nothing. It never arrived. When I tracked it again via Fedex it hadn’t moved from the warehouse. I called customer service to see what was up and they told me they couldn’t do anything about it until a certain number of days had passed by. So, I waited and had plans to call back but within 48 hours I got another shipment notice and finally, it arrived.


That was a lot of trouble for one eyeshadow palette ๐Ÿ™‚

If you haven’t heard or if you’re living under a rock the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette is the newest, limited edition 14-pan eyeshadow palette from the brand that launched late last month which contains an array of purples and pinks. Of course, the whole makeup world went wild with this one because purple eyeshadow. Oh my god! Everyone run around in circles and squeal. With the endless nude palette releases it was understandable why people were excited not to mention the fact that we’re headed into Fall and purple, well purple is such a Fall friendly shade isn’t it?

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette arrives in a velvet compact that’s lilac in color which holds a mirror inside, a dual-ended eyeshadow brush, and 14 eyeshadow shades that are 0.02 oz each. It’s made in the USA and is cruelty-free.

This is an odd little palette as I think going into the purchase most people were excited about the prospect of it being dominated by purple shades as well as being a little cooler. It’s actually a surprisingly warm palette and isn’t completely dominated by purples and in fact only contains three shades of the color. Don’t ask me how they made it so warm but they did and I’m not complaining in the least as the shades are truly stunning and remind me of witches and Halloween! It’s a palette that has some really sultry shades that will look great for an evening out in the Fall.

The first line of shades are chunky shimmers and the second line are all matte. All the shades have the typically soft, powdery texture as past palettes from the brand. I mean you barely have to touch these shades before a ton of powder kicks up. This doesn’t translate to dry or chalky by any means though! I find the shades very buttery, soft in texture, and intensely pigmented. I didn’t think there was a dud in the batch! All of the shades were very rich without being dry, difficult to blend, or patchy during application.

The only thing that bugs me about Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palettes is I feel inclined to order a backup since I tend to hit pan fast on shades due to the very loosely packed formula. I feel like I’m tapping off so much excess eyeshadow. It’s such a waste.

There’s a good deal of fall out with the shimmers and I felt they worked best applied with a finger or a sponge applicator. The mattes applied easier with less fallout. The blending process was well enough but when combining certain shades I had to be cautious as they tended to blend muddy and it was difficult getting definition!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette Swatches (Passion, Eccentric, Drama, Base, Soul, Incense, Love, Volatile)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette Swatches (Dreamer, Summer, Wild Child, Rose Gold, Celestial, Dazzling)

There a lot of really unique shades here that I feel like I don’t already own which was a pleasant surprise like Love a gorgeous matte rose and Drama a dark shimmering plum. The palette just has some really outstanding shades. I was also surprised how easily I was able to pair up looks. Some shades look like they don’t belong like Eccentric but once you start messing around it’s easy enough to pair up shades and create looks even though a few shades appear mismatched.

All in all, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette has me pumped for Fall and Halloween. There are some very sultry shades in this palette that I really liked! I’m happy I added this one to my collection. I think it might disappoint those who wanted an all an purple palette or expected something cooler but I’m actually quite happy with how warm it turned out!

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette is a new, limited edition 14 shade eyeshadow palette available for Fall 2018. I was quite happy with the overall performance with this palette. The shadows are quite soft and powdery but they blended well although beware as some shade pairings did go muddy and lacked definition. There was some fall out with the shimmers but the mattes I had no issues with. The pigment on all the shades was very intense and rich. Overall, I had a really good experience with this palette but it wasn’t quite the cooler, purple shaded palette I think most people were hoping for as it only contains three purple shades and it’s quite warm in tone.


  • Really a great pick up for those that like warmer tones but aren’t so sure about purples. This successfully marries warm shades with purple tones.
  • No dud in this palette and all the shades were rich and pigmented and buttery.
  • Comes with a useful dual-ended eyeshadow brush.
  • Perfect for Fall looks!


  • Eyeshadows are very loosely packed which results in a good deal of wasted product.
  • Some fall out to deal with especially with the shimmers.
  • Blends muddy and lacks definition when pairing up certain shades.


I wouldn’t say this is the cool toned purple palette of everyone’s dreams but I think anyone seeking a warmer purple palette will be overjoyed with this. I think that is in fact what makes this a bit unique as I can’t say I own many warm purple palettes! It should be an instant love for anyone that loves the ABS eyeshadow formula and past palettes.

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Maria

    Funny Muse. I had the same delivery problem. Customer service told me there were Fed ex problems. I just got it a few days ago. I did not use it yet. Colors are pretty. I was concerned about the shimmer shades. They look very soft pressed.

    • Isabella Muse

      Yeah! Very weird. Mine said estimated one day but in reality never even left the warehouse. They didn’t even tell me it was a fedex problem they told me I had to wait a few days and at that point I could call back and get a replacement. Which they automatically ended up doing anyway I never even called. They are indeed so are the mattes but that’s fairly typical of ABS!

  • Christina

    Pretty! I keep getting tempted because I want to or three shades, but I just don’t care for ABH’s formula. I have to be really careful with blending or it gets muddy on me really quickly.

    • Isabella Muse

      ABS’s formula is very, very powder and it seems to get worst with each release. I feel like I’m wasting so much product! and yeah, I know what you mean! I have to be careful which shades I pair together to avoid muddiness! I’m still glad I got this though! Really a beautiful palette ;-D

  • KimMWC03

    All the reviews I watched made me not want to get this and then you come along and make me want to buy it. Maybe I should wait for a sale? I do love purple shadow though.

    • Isabella Muse

      haha I love you ;-D flattered to hear it. I liked it. I’m glad I got it. Not perfect but not bad either ;-D

  • Janessa

    As a green-eyed girl, I HAVE to have this. I just ordered it from Ulta. I wish Sephora had it for the 2 day shipping. I HATE waiting for Ulta packages! But I’m so excited to get this palette! I never bit the bullet on Soft Glam or Modern Ren, but this one is gorgeous! I think the last palette I got of hers was actually the Mario palette.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m sort of addicted to their palettes and feel compelled to buy the new ones! ;-D I’m glad you’re loving this! LMK how it works out for you! I liked it! Glad I purchased it!

  • Laurie

    Great review, and I love the looks you showed! Any tips about which shades muddied? OTOH, I don’t really layer shadows because when I do, I muddy them.

    This will be my first ABH palette, tho that you think it is warm has me second-guessing my decision to take the plunge. Honestly, I’m probably too old for this, but if it were cool as advertised, I’d be inclined to keep it. I can never differentiate between shades I like and shades that work as eyeshadows, like that light periwinkle matte. It’s so pretty but nobody seems to like it.

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks Laurie! I wanted to do a look with rose gold and celestial somehow but it went really badly! I just ended up with a brown shade lol! I also wanted to see if I could combine love and passion somehow but passion is so deep it overtakes the entire look! I also wanted to attempt some sort of pink and purple look but again I failed horribly ๐Ÿ™ It does run warm in my opinion! I think it seems weird they promote ias cooler! The only real cool shade to me is perhaps soul and wild child. The rest are deeper and warmer! I didn’t really like it either lol! But I can incorporate it into a look! it’s just not one I’d wear as an all over shade ;-D

  • Ashley

    I am excited to get this also, as I haven’t gotten a new eye palette for some time and I felt like this was something unique to add to the collection. I love purple, but not the kind of loud party purple that’s too young, best for clubbing, and nsfw. This palette kinda feels more like a pink and brown palette than anything else, with a few subtle pops of purple tones thrown in for variation and then a lavender cover/box top. It’s still got quite an appeal, me thinks mainly because it is a nice departure from the warm/neutral palette domination lately.

    But, speaking of shipping delays (or drama), I had a similar experience just yesterday with UPS, although I never got my package. It was for a philosophy set from QVC, and after tracking for 10 days from the shipping date, I finally got a call from a UPS driver to tell me they had “LOST” my package (I had to contact them about the delay). Like, they had made two attempts to deliver it, and then it just mysteriously disappeared from their possession. Which usually means they delivered it to the wrong address without accounting for its delivery, or they themselves “kept” it (it’s possible!), because the package was enroute at one point until yesterday afternoon. I mean, I applaud the effort of a UPS driver calling me personally, but there wasn’t any real excuse or apology, I just wasn’t getting my package. So I called QVC, the girl I spoke to I had to explain to her three times which order I was talking about before she finally accepted the order number I tried to give her initially, and still haven’t gotten a tracking number on the replacement shipment.

    I don’t know how Amazon does it, but I have never had an issue getting a delivery from that company. Not once. They sell and ship with a flawlessness that, in turn, spoils and makes me irritable about the customer service I get from others companies, sellers and shippers alike.

    Sorry for the rant, but your experience was so coincidentally relatable!

    • Isabella Muse

      I think they ventured outside the normal range of nudes too! I like the pinks, browns, and that little pop of purple in there too! it feels very unique to me ;-D Oh no that’s horrible ๐Ÿ™ What is it with customer service lately? I had to call Directv a few days ago as I had a service call to my house and they never showed up. I literally spent two hours on the line with customer service because they couldn’t find the order info. It’s like WTF am I speaking English? Everyone had no idea what was going on, they couldn’t tell me why the tech didn’t show up even though they confirmed the appointment via email and a phone call, they had me transferred about twenty times. It’s like NO one knows WTF they are doing. I just mention this because it’s not just with Directv but just about anywhere and everywhere that has a call center for CS. Be it qvc, sephora, or your local cable company or wireless provider. It’s scary how these people work there but have no idea what they are doing. I’m shocked at QVC as I typically have very good experiences with their CS team but I haven’t called in a while either so things could have dramatically changed. UPS/Fedex are a nightmare if they lose something because it’s an entire process to track the loss packaged with numerous calls that get you no where. I’m sorry you had to go through that! Rant away because I can seriously bitch for hours about the poor CS I get everywhere be it online or in stores. Honestly, I wish I could say Amazon is great for me but it isn’t. I pay for Prime but it really doesn’t arrive in a timely manner and I guess I can’t blame them, it’s my local PO. They mark stuff as delivered when in fact they didn’t deliver it and it arrives the next day. I guess they do it to avoid getting a call from Amazon about where it is and why it wasn’t delivered on time. Prime shipping is more like 3 to 4 days and no longer 2 days. It’s fine because you get so much more for the membership than just shipping BUT don’t promise me two day when it isn’t two days but more like 3 or more days. I ordered iphone screen protects on Monday they are arriving Thursday. I ordered sheets on Sunday and those are arriving Friday. It’s frustrating :-/

      • Ashley

        Lolololol, yes, yes, and yes!! You call customer service, I swear It’s like they are trying to complete a crossword puzzle! Or wait, here is literally every piece of information you could use, including a reference number you guys gave to me, and yet you still don’t know?? Oh my lord…

        And you’re right about Amazon, their prime promise is very misleading. I may get the package, but it could be more like 3-5 days in real time in some cases, which means then they should really credit something back to customers if they can’t deliver on expedited delivery, so to speak. Like, we’re paying for express shipping most of all, but have to be understanding if it can’t always get there on the guaranteed date. It doesn’t make sense.

        Ah, the pitfalls of ecommerce. On a positive note, I just got a my ULTA package with my Norvina palette – that I just ordered this past Sunday. It got here today, USPS. Go figure.

        • Isabella Muse

          I totally know what you mean. I mean I was on the phone and gave my name and number and within two minutes the rep is like, “ok let’s get your phone number and name!” and I’m like, “uhh I just gave you both!” and he’s like, “Oh yes that’s right!” WTF? Are you an idiot?? I dunno if I need to blame prime or my local PO! Amazon used USPS for most packages because that’s obviously economical as I doubt UPS/Fedex would be cheap and it’s ruining the prime experience. Nothing arrives within two days, NOTHING! It’s totally false advertising. They need to fix it or stop raising the price on prime every single year. YAY! ;-D at least there’s that!

  • kjh

    As to Ms Claudia’s eponymous palette, i want to see it in person first. Despite seeing what you and Christine say, still undecided. Usually waffling winds up as a no, but suspect this might be a yes. If I play the ‘cover the unique shades up,’ left pretty much with dupes. And yes, Ecentric is a bit jarring and almost cliche ABH, but it is easy to see the shades it works with. I need more e/s like I need more leg hair. I can wait, and don’t get riled about shipping, though 3 weeks from the local Sephora hub, an hour away, and arriving with cross outs, Portuguese, and Spanish tested even my patience. I believe Norvina is initially LE, but might move to perm status, with sufficient sales, though I read that somewhere, not an ABH direct comment. There’s FOMO, and there’s commitment-phobe with this one. Technique, even my limited ability, goes along way to counteract age, I find. Placement and combining with neutrals, or using in the outer vee or lower lash line only can make the most intimidating shades quite useable! Words of wisdom from an old crone….

  • Zoey

    Thanks for this review! Does the fall out of the shadows continue on your face throughout the day or is it just during application?

  • Jessica J Hammond

    Girl. So much god damn kick up. I was wearing shorts while getting ready and was everything was said and done it appeared my thighs were beat from the all the purple shadow.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh no! Typical ABS formula sadly! I feel like I waste SO damn much!

  • Susan C.

    Ooh, this is so pretty! Unfortunately I just don’t want to pull the trigger on this palette without swatching it first. And I just missed the 5x Platinum points multiplier at Ulta as well. Phooey.

  • Deborah

    Well, thanks for saving me money. This was to be my first ABH purchase. I’ve been waiting for them to make a cool toned palette. I thought it was cool toned! It’s like I’m seeing them for the first time in your photos. They are warm!
    They do look beautiful on you! I’m very pale and cool toned with grey hair……so.
    The Bare Minerals Bare Scentuals palette is so beautiful, purple and pink! ! I’ll just be happy with that.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m sorry ๐Ÿ™ I hate to disappoint! I don’t think this is cool toned at all! There are a few cooler tones here but a lot are quite warm!

  • Mindy

    I LOVED this palette! I think I was just glad to see a palette that had shades I didn’t already have. And I actually really love the ABH formula. You really do have to use a light hand, but the pigment is so strong, you just need a light touch of your brush on the mattes. The shimmers become the most amazing foiled shades of you pick up the color and then spray your brush with setting spray (meaning, apply them wet!). I also think people tend to get the muddy results because they are used to needing more of the product to blend, where with ABH less is more. And you honestly don’t need to use a bunch of different shades to get the dimension you might normally need from other palettes. You can really get away with a matte on the crease, a wet applied shimmer in your kid and a light highlight shade on the inner corner and brow bone. Loved this

    • Isabella Muse

      I liked it too! ;-D Agreed on a lighter touch. I’m klumsy and heavy-handed so I have to be careful ;-D I’m glad you liked it so much!!!!