July 26, 2018

I’ll Be the First To Admit Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation Looks Pretty Cool

Beauty Blender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation is a new liquid foundation with a velveteen matte finish that’s launching in 32 shades on July 24th and I have to admit I’m intrigued. In a repetitive beauty world, it’s a little hard to capture my attention lately. It’s also hard to create something truly unique and different especially when it comes to foundation. I can’t speak for the formula but Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation does have some might unique packaging.

Arriving in a square pump jar the packaging acts as a palette of sorts which allows you to pump a small amount of the foundation right onto the surface of the packaging. It has a well shaped like a beauty blender which allows the foundation to pool into it and you can bounce your Beautyblender right into it for easy application. I think the packaging is rather brilliant but I imagine it can get a little messy at times plus if you’re a germ freak you might not love the idea of having your foundation on a surface that hasn’t been sanitized first.

Packaging aside the formula itself sounds quietly lovely and is giving me Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation. Apparently it has a 24 hour wear (I have my doubts), a velveteen matte finish, and contains Hyaluronic Acid and Birch Extract. It acts to even out your skin and provides a natural skin-finish. I don’t wear a lot of foundation so I’m all about really lightweight natural looking foundation formulas.

You might wonder if a company that’s spent most of their beauty life creating tools to apply foundation knows anything about actual foundation. That’s a good question and remains to been seen!

I think I’ll be picking this up when it officially launching and see what I think!

How about you?

Beauty Blender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation is available now at sephora.com.


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  • Carly

    I’ll definitely check it out in store, it is interesting. IG is already having a field day ripping it apart for not enough darker shades. Judging by one picture. Ugh I want makeup to be fun and relaxing, not race and class warfare. People are insulted that Bad Habit isn’t giving away palettes for free, it’s just never ending. $24 is too much, blah blah. Then don’t buy it. But don’t worry yourself if other people do buy it. So tired of everything.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh no really? I didn’t see the drama. Honestly, didn’t even look over the shades as not much around about them yet?? So can’t really judge yet!

    • Amy

      The shade range is appalling. Beauty Blender said the filter on Trendmood’s photo was making it look as if they were practically the same. The press photo shows it looking the same. Which is exceptionally dismal.

      People have a right to be upset when they are constantly excluded – the first row of foundations are the same color.

      • Isabella Muse

        I didn’t see any of the shades yet just a promo image of the packaging….why can’t anyone get colors right!?

        • Isabella Muse

          forget it, just saw, you’re right first two rows look identical. What’s up with that?

          • Kish

            I don’t understand how brands do this. But at the same time I also don’t understand why only certain brands get crap for it. Tarte is roasted, meanwhile Too Faced and Smashbox release more shades and no one is all over them for their 24 shades prior. I hate the pile on mentality. Also, if brands are going to complain about photos being off, they need to hire better photographers. It’s not rocket science. In the latest photo I feel like rows 2 and 3 are almost all the same. What the heck?

          • Isabella Muse

            We’ve evolved a lot as women, as a nation, as people. Too Faced and Smashbox haven’t really taken on a big foundation launch the last two or so years. Somehow people forgot that when Born this Way launched just a short time ago that it didn’t have a huge array of shades available (people forget easily! For example, I bet Matt Lauer has a job in two years and no one will remember his drama). Tarte’s launch was a turning point, people started to finally understand and sympathize with others that couldn’t find their perfect shade and people started to become more vocal about this and demanded more. You’re going to see more and more brands under the microscope when it comes to concealer/foundation and base products so if they are doing these launches they really have to take time out and think about their shade range before they bring it to the public as the public is going to be their biggest judge, jury, and executioner if they get it wrong. Agreed. They really do need to get on board with getting these promo images right. Not only for foundation but even eyeshadows as everything is way off base.

          • Cil

            I couldn’t believe those images. I couldn’t believe a brand would be that stupid.

            So, I went investigating BB IG. They have a picture with women representing every shade. From their face features, it seems to me half of the foundation are woc friendly. So, it seems one more case of bad launch pictures as in Huda’s case. I’ll wait to see.

      • Cil

        But if you look at the pictures with the women representing each shade in their IG, it seems to me that half the shades are woc. Until I see it, it seems we have another Huda case of bad pictures.

    • Sarah

      New makeup should be inclusive. 32 shades mean nil if the majority of the shades are in the light and medium shade range. There should have been more inclusivity.

      I feel like people are realizing that makeup can and should be inclusive to all shade ranges and that’s why these brands get the flack they get. When I looked at the shade range, all I saw was a few deep shades and plenty of light shades. That’s just not excusable in our present day and age.

      • Paige

        I saw the photos of this on IG too. I think the packaging is innovative. It’s probably messy and not at all environmentally sound (how do you empty that bottle completely?) and annoying to store. But points to BB for trying to make an integrated (albeit way overpriced) addition to their product line.

        I don’t know that the photos are really a misrepresentation of the actual product. My take is that the photos of the shade range reflect a process where they frantically tacked on a small block of additional shades at the last moment. Since foundations can take many years to develop, even more than eyeshadows and other color cosmetics, BB likely put together their shade range initially at a time well before people were paying attention to inclusivity. That odd deep red shade looks like what happens when you try to do more but don’t give the development of your product the proper amount of time and effort.

        $40 though. That’s a nope with nope sauce. And that slime Matt Lauer better not try to get a job in media again. He’s revolting.

        • Isabella Muse

          ITA about ML. But knowing how media/hollywood works I bet he has a job in two years when all of the drama blows over.

      • Kish

        And Laura Geller just dropped one with 12 shades. I rolled my eyes.

    • Moda31

      Sorry, but being tired of the shade range discussion in beauty is a really privileged position. People of all skin tones should be able to enjoy and use makeup, and brands simply not bothering to make products that can be used by anyone darker than someone with a mild tan is a problem. A lifetime of walking into stores and not being able to find shades close to your skin tone is a very legitimate problem, and should be discussed. If brands can make 30 shades of white for every undertone, there’s no reason they can’t and shouldn’t make more than 3-5 shades of brown. Sorry if that exhausts you.

      • Susan C.

        Not only that, but Tarte in particular was problematic because they followed up their appalling lack of color range with offensive social media posts. Specifically, there were blatantly racist social media posts. After they were deservedly censured for their extreme insensitivity, they blamed one of those posts on an intern and basically shrugged at the other, and tried to erase the whole thing. That seems a pretty valid reason to boycott.

        • Isabella Muse

          really? I hadn’t heard about them making racist comments wow! When did that happen?

    • Jane

      Yeah, but…
      I will wait to see what actual swatches look like. The available pic looks so blown out (like Beauty Bakerie’s foundation launch pics – I was intrigued but I’m not pulling the trigger when the pics are so filtered/‘shopped/poorly lit that I can’t tell what the person looks like) that I can’t tell how deep the shades go.

      I’m on the lightest end of the scale. Since having kids I’m not as pale as I once was, but I know what it is not to be able to find yourself represented and it’s got to be a million times worse at the melanin rich end of the spectrum. It isn’t race warfare to note that it’s tacky and poor planning and flat out racist not to have shades for deeper women. They have undertones, too. Two or three deeper shades doesn’t really cut it. Like I said, I’ll wait to see if there are deep shades and this is just bad photography, but… every makeup wear deserves to see herself reflected in her products.

  • kimkats

    Count me intrigued!!! Of course, Imma wait and see what My Muse has to say about it first before I dive into it. But the packaging is brilliant, I think! If a person gets all germaphoby about it, then just clean it off with some rubbing alcohol after each use! Geez, people… It’s not that hard!!!

    Muse, do you know the price point on this? I think this is just genius packaging, myself!!

    • Isabella Muse

      ;-D thanks! Flattered Kim! ;-D Too true, or a makeup wipe! $40 which is pretty $$ for first time foundation!

  • Sue

    No to the matte part. Its shows every pore and line if you have dry skin, heck even normal skin. The package does looks awesome.

    • Isabella Muse

      don’t judge it too quickly! Some of these new matte foundations are actually really wearable ;-D

  • Stalepha

    Definitely not interested after seeing pictures of the shade range on instagram. I don’t even to know what to say to people who aren’t bothered by it.

  • Sheree

    Ha, Beauty Blender has figured out that using a Beauty Blender causes people to use twice as much foundation, and now they want to cash in on that.

  • Christina

    The packaging is innovative, but I’ll probably never bounce my beauty blender on it because that would be messy. LOL! Since it’s matte and fuller coverage, I’m curious how lightweight it actually is. I’m into really light feeling foundations nowadays.

    I know they have a lot of lighter and medium shades, but as someone who pretty much wears the lightest shades in most foundations but still can’t match anything, I don’t really see myself finding a match in this range either. I feel for all the ladies out there who struggle to find their shades. While we can’t expect brands to release 100 shades to match everyone, an equal amount of each shade range would have been nice. I’ve pretty much giving up hope of ever finding my tone because I have a really strange pale complexion to begin with, but I hope Beautyblender releases more on the dark end.

    • Isabella Muse

      yeah! I feel like I won’t either. One part of me is like wow that’s nifty and another part is like but I have to clean up the mess after! My q match was a bit weird, it’s like a medium tan shade! I have to see it in person! I feel like you! I consider myself light medium neutral but most times that doesn’t really work out for me. If I got with a light medium with warmer undertones it tends to be too dark! One day we’ll all be like the 5th element and just have a computer that puts makeup on for us and we don’t have to worry about color matches or anything else ;-D

  • Jan Aiello

    I was so excited to see the launch until I saw that it’s matte. The reviews on Sephora mention it’s not for dry skin. Darn! I really need a new foundation but this is a no go for my mature, dry skin.