August 1, 2018

It’s Every So Ridiculous That The Tarte Pretty Things & Fairy Wings Brush Set Is On Sale

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I have admit I find it a little bit ridiculous, ok, a lot a bit ridiculous the Tarte Pretty Things & Fairy Wings Brush Set is already on sale (Originally $42 now on sale for $29).

Does makeup have absolutely no value nowadays? I mean ok, you might think, “Well, makeup isn’t going to give me financial security later in life!” No, it isn’t but I think ten or so years ago makeup did have some value. When you purchased something that was limited edition it was actually limited edition! As in it wasn’t around for five years after the release. It was also something that was coveted once it disappeared and the value didn’t decrease! In fact, the value was likely higher as it became more difficult to locate. And it rarely, RARELY or even never went on sale for 50 or more percent off!

It’s rather sad that we have so many disposable makeup collections and launches lately. I mean this brush set came out in June and it’s already on sale!? I feel like it really decreases the overall brand’s image not to mention once you start clearancing items out and putting things on sale all the time your fans are never going to want to go back to paying full price for anything again. I do wonder what the game plan is here with all the sales and clearance.

Is the makeup market just to heavily saturated with endless product releases? Maybe it’s a wake up call that you need to slow your roll and release collections seasonally the way things used to be rather than every other month a la MAC Cosmetics? Or maybe it’s time to sit down and evaluate your collections and put more thought into what people want. I could be wrong but I think unicorns, rainbows flying out of your ass, and fairies are probably not top of everyone’s makeup list.


Just my two cents.

Feel free to share yours if you agree or disagree!


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • kimkats

    I totally agree with you Muse. Every company has overdone the “limited edition” thing until now it’s meaningless…. There’s still an initial stampede for some LE things, but like you said, so much of it goes on sale shortly after its release. You’d think that fact would tell the MU companies something – like stop. with. all. the. dam. LE. stuff. already…. We’re on to you, and YOU are the ones who haven’t caught on. We know that whatever you’re trying to create a madness for will be half price in a month or two, so we’re just gonna wait a bit. I’m really surprised the LE craze hasn’t died down by now, but = it sure hasn’t! Well, all the better for us consumers if we want something cheaper, right? 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      It’s a shame! Before I was bitching when it sold out too fast now I was bitching because it’s available for too long and on sale lol! can’t win with me! but I still stand by the fact that limited edition really has no value any more! Too true! It is a feather in the hat for those who wait 😀

  • Deb

    Hahahaha, oh Muse I didn’t know how bad I needed this statement until I saw it:

    I could be wrong but I think unicorns, rainbows flying out of your ass, and fairies are probably not top of everyone’s makeup list.

    It’s obvious that these brands are just copying each other over and over. They just can’t seem to understand that themed makeup has a very short shelf life, pun intended. But I do wonder about it. Are they afraid another brand is going to make a few more dollars than they do? Are they afraid they won’t be “ cool and trendy “ if they don’t immediately rush out whatever is trending? Or are they just out of ideas? I suspect it’s a combo of all of these.

    Whatever it is, it needs to stop. I won’t even look at products anymore by certain brands because of this crap.

    • Isabella Muse

      lol! It’s just so much repetition after a while! please someone give me something unique and original!

  • Carol G

    Couldn’t have said it better. I have not purchased anything at full price in the last 6 months after noticing this trend within the past year or so. Ridiculous. You are correct: it’s going to piss people off who paid full price for it originally. I’ve gotten burned in the past and I learned my lesson. So no more for me. And I’ve been right about waiting for every palette I’ve wanted. I also agree that the market is totally saturated with – for lack of a better description- a bunch of half-assed junk that it seems they are just churning out to make a quick buck.
    To all makeup companies out there who will listen: STOP making 20 new palettes a year! (Not to mention that 2/3 of them are always similar to each other). As I’ve stated before: I am very jaded towards makeup right now. It’s all very off-putting, tbh.

  • TropicalChrome

    I’m with you – it’s ridiculous, but not for us, for the companies. As you and other commenters have mentioned, I don’t pay full price for anything any more – either it will go on sale shortly for at least 50% off, or someone else will make a duplicate that will go on sale shortly for at least 50% off.

    There are so many releases now I can’t remember most of the individual products. I don’t worry about it, because there will be more to forget about tomorrow :).

    • Isabella Muse

      I swear I forget collections so easily now! They leave no lasting impression! Which is really quite sad!

  • Christina

    I completely agree! Collections aren’t special anymore. I have a limited edition item from Chanel back then (anyone remember the Byzantine collection?), and my goodness is that truly special to my collection. The items in that collection were beautiful and of high quality (not to mention really hard to get). I don’t get that same sense of satisfaction with all the newer releases nowadays.

  • Kylene

    Couldn’t agree more! I remember freaking out when Gwen Stefani and Urban Decay put out a collection. I’m so glad I waited because I got the eyeshadow palette for $25. I think Tarte put out too many lately and they’ve been duds in my opinion. Those makeup brushes look cheap. Slow down and people will probably buy it if they truly believe it’s limited edition. But it probably won’t happen anytime soon unfortunately.

  • Tracy

    I’ve been burned by this a few times recently – bought something “limited” as soon as it came out only to see it go on sale a few weeks later. It’s really made me decide to wait releases out and see what happens on the sale front (or at least wait for an Ulta/Sephora/SpaceNK coupon). I haven’t regretted it yet when I do wait.

  • Tay

    Omg, YES! I feel like Tarte and Urban Decay are the worst offenders. Unless I’m having an, “oh, sh*t I’m out of foundation moment,” I feel zero pressure/urgency/whatever to buy makeup since I know it will either be on sale in a month or an extremely similar one will be.

    I kinda miss the days when having an untouched MAC Queen’s Sin lipstick was an exciting thing.

    • Isabella Muse

      Agreed! tarte is worst but UD is pretty much up there. ITA! I miss those days a lot!

  • Janki

    Makeup collections are following the trend of fast fashion or movie releases- it’s all about getting the new/hottest. Then, after a few weeks it’s all over. Half the time I want to see a movie only to realize it’s already out of theaters.
    The faux frenzy of LE set seems so false now. Buyers are willing to pay a price for quality vs being able to say they got it first or because of a scarcity. Unless you are a blogger I doubt anyone in real life stops you on the street to ask if you’re wearing the “Norvina palette”.
    As for the sales- I am starting to use full price as my litmus test for whether I really need it. I love a bargain but I was sometimes buying things because it was a good deal. I’m trying to get a curated collection like I do with my clothes . I have a list of items I want for the fall VIB sale but deep down I’d be willing to pay full price.

    • Isabella Muse

      I try always try to ask myself “Do I need it? Or do I just want it?” Most times I don’t need it!

  • CL

    My attitude from the beginning has been to never pay full price for any HE item, or even a mid-level item. The overcrowded market is probably what’s accelerating the processes in the cosmetic industry. *I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them were in financial trouble.* Ever since Bobbi Brown became super-rich by selling out her line, people have been trying to get that for themselves (instant billionaire [or close] status), leading to a vastly overcrowded market. Another thing – probably a LOT of these products don’t sell well (I’m not surprised that those brushes wouldn’t sell well), and they have to be discounted in order to free up space for new products.

    • Isabella Muse

      right there, you made a really, really good point, “I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them were in financial trouble” A lot of the releases/sales techniques seem like a ponzi scheme!

  • Starbucks4Ever

    Considering there was a class action lawsuit filed back about 15 years ago against the big companies for price fixing, this is kind of enjoyable. You would never see makeup on sale. Now with so many brands cannabalizing the consumers’ dollar the big companies have to pony up or be starved to death. That said, when some lipsticks went to $30+, I deliberately back to drug store lines. Its a F***king lipstick, not a book, not Rx meds. The drug store lines have made quantum leaps in quality that makes the department store lines irrelevant. Specially skin care…..La mer? Bit on that once. Never again.

    • Isabella Muse

      but honestly, drugstore makeup seems just as high as mid-range lately. Quality has improved but so have the prices :-/

      • Starbucks4Ever

        still a better deal than main lines? I wait till I can get a Bogo or just on sale. At least you have a chance of a price break…

  • Ashley

    I completely agree Muse! I don’t buy LE makeup anymore until it goes on sale because I know it will.
    And I’ll tell you what about the mermaids, unicorns and fairies…I absolutely LOVE mythology but for the love of god I’m sooooooo tired of seeing this trend beat to death…I thought it was dead 6+ months ago but they just keep going lol
    I’m already over the Astrology trend everyone’s jumping on. I might sound kooky but I do love astrology and I have studied it for years but I’m already so annoyed with this trend.
    I guess I’m just salty lately haha. Had to rant! Love ya!

    • Isabella Muse

      I am totally with you! I LOVE mermaids, unicorns, fairies, etc…! I really do! But I swear it is such a tired, beaten down horse lately. I’m so so so so exhausted of it. They are sucking the joy of mermaids out of me. Now I see them and roll my eyes! I am too! The zodiac thing will be a beaten dead horse soon too! I’m sure Tarte will jump on that very very soon! Because they are constantly advertising with astrology so I imagine a collection is next! rant away!

  • Emily

    Definitely agree! It does decrease the brand value in my eyes, and also firmly agree on the point of fairies, unicorns etc. I don’t understand the cosmetic industry’s fixation on peddling product lines with themes that seem more appropriate to 5 year olds than adults. Much prefer the approach of brands like Nars, whose limited edition collections focus on collaborations with artists/photographers and include innovative formulations.

  • Winnie

    Hi all! I think we should look on the bright side and appreciate whatever changes have made these sales possible. As a student with a limited income (at least for now hopefully) I am grateful for all sales, as otherwise I probably wouldn’t be able to own many of these, and especially considering how overpriced most makeup is. I do agree that the mermaid/unicorn theme has been overdone, when will it end??

  • Randi MacDonald

    Those brushes look so unpractical with those stars on the handle. The older I get, the more I realize that less is more and I don’t need 100 makeup brushes. I still have a Shu Emura kabuki brush that I bought in 1989 and a MAC eyeshadow brush( never reach for it because its huge) that I also bought in 1989.

  • Karen

    I think companies are releasing new stuff constantly. In the past it was seasonal only but nowadays it’s weekly. I agree that the need to grab something before it is gone is rarely there anymore. Maybe once/ twice a year there is an item I want that badly. Otherwise I wait for sale. I won’t even buy my holy grail items unless it is on sale or with some promotion.

  • Beth

    I couldn’t agree more! I know some may not want to hear but I blame the big makeup giants like L’oreal for pushing so much on consumers. They have too much influence on the market (they own EVERY brand practically) and too much money is what it comes down to. I completely agree with make-up use to have value because it did. This also goes with my thoughts of companies like NYX bring out too much stuff and don’t focus on quality ingredients. It’s like an assembly belt of product after product that just translates to junk after pushing it on us for so long. That’s why I like the smaller companies and family owned because they tend to put more effort and pride into their products. Nothing more I can’t stand than when companies sell out and their quality gets cheaper and ultimately have to start doing sales like above to exhaust inventory. The beauty industry needs to chill out seriously.

  • Adrienne

    There are so many great comments and I agree with them all. I don’t pay much attention to LE but I look at quality and us it worth it? Maybe they go on sale so quickly because they were overpriced from the beginning? We are all savvy shoppers now and I read your reviews daily so when the items appear I can make a determination if I want it or not. I think you mentioned a few months back about mass production or overproduction in anticipation that all the hype would generate more sales. If I see its poor quality like a lot of others we pass and it sits on their shelves, or goes to TJX. I can only think of one LE item that I kinda wish I had gotten based on the reviews as I haven’t seen it come back or any good dupes and thatso the first ABH Mario Eye palette. I can’t remember the name but people STILL rave about it.

  • Theresa

    I wonder how these companies are going to produce new and interesting items as the years go on! The YouTube that we know now with all the paid advertising and collaborations has only been around 6 or 7 years. In order for these youtubers to do all these reviews these companies have to keep chugging out the stuff. When there is nothing new to review, the interest dries up. Everything has been done in terms of tutorials so now Youtubers are doing silly makeup challenges now, like ‘put makeup on with my eyes closed’ to get content up and get paid. When a new product comes out all the other companies try to copy it and it just gets overwhelming to me. Not sure when reinventing the wheel will collapse and I wish I had a crystal ball to see how YouTube will be in 10 years.

    • Isabella Muse

      I feel like youTube is already somewhat over. It’s reaching the same peak as blogging at this point and now most people seem to have turned to instagram for their content. I find the evolution of beauty across different platforms very interesting. I can’t agree with you more about the constant repetitive videos. But a lot of youtubers have a really, really strong following that’s almost cult-like at times and their fans are rabid for anything new they put out which works in their favor as far as revenue goes and endorsement!

      • Ashley

        I completely agree muse! Speaking of blogging dying out I just wanted to tell you how much I really appreciate you continuing to blog! ❤️

    • Isabella Muse

      ps I hope these youTubers are making good investments! I see many, many posts with expensive cars, purses, shoes, vacations etc…I just hope they are also taking the initiative to save some of that money and invest it because just like everything in life youTube won’t be around forever. Video killed the radio star and I’m sure something will pop to kill video if you get me!

      • kjh

        My grad school accounting professor always told us that the most important thing to have was FUCK YOU MONEY. So there’s a cushion, when the proverbial hits the fan. Great advice. The YT stars remind me of highly paid athletes, who came from zero and now have everything. So often that goes so wrong. (Our own Aaron Hernandez come to mind. The Hernandez story was a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions.) This whole drill has definitely hit a sore nerve; you and the commenters are soooooo right. There is a rainy day in almost everyone’s future, so put some $ in the FY$ fund, at least 50/50 with whatever m/u you get. You’ll be in better shape than I am now!

        • Isabella Muse

          when it comes to saving money and preparing for a rainy day I am as serious as a heart attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • CL

        I agree with that! If you’ve seen “Grav3yardgirl” on YouTube lately, she seems to be having a nervous breakdown. Her viewership is down enormously (even though she hasn’t lost a significant number of subscribers), and her income would also be down. She has around 8 million subscribers, but the viewership isn’t anywhere near that high a number. I’ve been saying for some time that all YouTubers, especially young women, need to have another idea for income after they become yesterday’s news (which is bound to happen eventually).

        • Isabella Muse

          I’m by no means an expert on Graveyardgirl but I was definitely really sad for how poorly she is doing. With google’s changes to SERP, mobile first indexing, the monetizing changes on youTube, and a number of algo changes things are harder for youtubers and bloggers. I don’t think youTube can be a long term career nor can blogging. Not sure if youTube or blogging will get you into retirement simply because technology changes far to quickly for it to be a long term platform. I do think if you take the $$$ you earned and do some smart investments with it that could get you well into retirement with no problem or even early retirement however, it should not shock Bunny or anyone, when the gig is up. it’s great she has such a beautiful home and cars but I also hope she took part of that money and made some other smarter investments!

  • Anna Thomas

    I absolutely agree with you! Urban decay is doing the exact same thing. They keep pushing out new palettes & collections. Quite honestly it takes the fun out of it. The companies aren’t unique at all.

  • Angie

    Omg! Yes! It’s at the point now with hot buys and weekly wows I don’t even want to (gasp!) buy new makeup when it’s going to be 50% off! ABH, Urban Decay, Tarte. Uggghhhh! Maybe for once I’ll have a successful no buy month! Wish me luck!

  • Diane

    I’ll never pay full price for tarte again. It’s silly too. The brand as a whole changed so much since Maureen sold it.

  • Jujubes

    Completely agree!! I hesitate to buy any Tarte products nowadays for so many reasons. It must suck when you paid full price and a month later it’s half off. It’s so disrespectful to customers who go out and buy their products on launch date!


    Wasn’t it so wonderful way back when each prestige brand had ONE amazing launch a year and that was the time to get that special thing? I think we promote so much consumerism these days and there are so many MORE brands out there that they have to try and differentiate themselves. But the harder they try, the worst it gets for the whole industry. Outside of a select few launches (looking at your NARS Erdem…), I stay away from LE. I feel like they purposely make LE things lesser quality/cheaper than main line items. Am I crazy?? Don’t even get me started on holiday packaging of minis…. they can’t possibly be the same quality as the full sized retail items…