September 20, 2018

Charlotte Tilbury Stars in Your Eyes Eyeshadow Palette for Holiday 2018

I just ordered the new Charlotte Tilbury Stars in Your Eyes Eyeshadow Palette ($75) and I have no regrets! YOLO right? This new limited edition eyeshadow palette contains 12 eyeshadows which is broken down into four looks. I love that! Sometimes you get a palette and you have no idea which colors go with which. This palette is broke into three trios you can use to get a different look.

The first is the Look of Love which contains soft, rose shades. The second is the Happy Look which contains warm, sunny shades. The third is the Power Look which contains molten shades of gold for a glided look. And the forth contains topaz and ruby shades to create an enchanting evening look!

I wouldn’t be surprised if this sells out by the end of the day considering how many people are talking about it. Charlotte does a larger palette almost every year but it is a rarity as she typically sticks to quads so that makes the addition of this to my makeup wardrobe quite exciting.

Will you be grabbing the Charlotte Tilbury Stars in Your Eyes Eyeshadow Palette today? I admit I wanted to wait to see if it popped up on Sephora since Sephora is now carrying the brand but I was too worried it wouldn’t and I’d regret not purchasing it if it sold out on her website!

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Charlotte Tilbury Nordstrom


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  • Lori

    This is beautiful and I agree that I love palettes that break up the colors for you. I have never tried her before but likely will during a sale at Sephora!

    Off topic but with Sephora’s last Rouge sale, I ordered the Christen Dominique Latte Palette and am really liking it for fall! It has a nice selection of neutral satins and mattes with two matte pops of color that are easy to use. I have never heard of her before but it was cheap ($42) and then 20% off so I’m glad I gave it a try!

    • Isabella Muse

      I really wanted that one I’m glad it is working well for you! I might pick it up during the Holiday sale since it sounds lovely ;-D thanks for the heads up!

  • Wendy Sue

    OMG it’s freaking gorgeous!!!!!!!! How can I justify this? UPS has SEVEN boxes out for delivery for me today! hahahahaha!

  • Maxima

    OMG yes. NEED. I’m totally broke right now (I even tried to squeeze the purchase out on my credit card, which declined LOL) so I’m really hoping it sticks around long enough for me to buy. I have a $100 gift card for Sephora as well, so I was also hoping Sephora would have it. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please, Muse! πŸ˜€

      • Maxima

        Yay, it arrived today!! My other half very kindly purchased it for me on the weekend πŸ™‚
        The packaging is gorgeous, but I admit I was a little disappointed in the colours of the shadows, as for some reason, I thought it would lean more pink and purple, but it’s definitely more warmish/brownish. It seems like every photo I saw it looked different. I swatched it against my Tarte Be a Mermaid palette, and it’s very, very similar. I’m going to play with it, but now I’m trying to decide whether I should keep it. Don’t get me wrong, the colours are gorgeous, but, it’s $100 that I could put towards something else, right? Did you get yours, Muse? What are your thoughts?

  • Jujubes

    We are not even near Black Friday or Christmas yet and my wallet is crying! This is so beautiful! I love that they sectioned the looks so it takes the guess work out, a lot of times I find myself intimidated by the big palettes not knowing how to put a cohesive look together when faced with so many shades. I have similar shades but nowhere near CT quality so I am trying to justify the purchase, and I am guessing I won’t have long to decide because it’s selling like hot cakes!!

  • Beth

    Are you talking about the same palette that’s in your picture? Because that’s broken down into 4 looks, not 3.

  • Arcy

    Beautylish had one similar last year or the year before. It’s been the only palette that I have returned thus far. It had no pigmentation. I would literally have to go into each color about 5 times to see something. It didn’t sell out. I’m going to hold off to see reviews. The reviews for the last one was terrible too.

  • kjh

    Layouts like this are super, because random can be overwhelming. This takes the guesswork out, though you still can use as you please. Excellent workhorse of a color story, too. Enjoy. Somehow, just not a CT person, and I think it’s probably pretty duped in stash. I like the distancing of online stuff. If I saw it and swatched it IRL, it would probably get basketed and taken home. And I do NOT need it. Trying for restraint here; awaiting at least 4 palettes, as it stands. Ya know, we are all hopeless. The devil in me says weak and happy.

  • Janessa

    I’m so drawn to everything about this palette! The packaging and colors are beautiful! The three purples on the end are my jam lol

  • Christine

    Ordered it! What is this weakness for palettes? There is so much I can pass up but eyeshadow palettes, and an eyeshadow palette from Charlotte with this many gorgeous colors? No. BTW, I hope that you get something in return for me clicking onto their site from your page, because you do an AMAZING job with giving us all the latest info. You have been the reason I have found out about new products many times, and no regrets when I buy.

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL i know likewise! I’m honestly not even sure why I got this because I have a lot of the shades but omg pumpkin! ;-D Aw Christine thank you! I do get a small commission from your purchase! I really appreciate that thank you so so much! You’re going to make me burst out in tears here πŸ™‚ hugs xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox!


    I have been looking for this eye pallette every where….Can you please let me know which website may have it? Thanks