October 3, 2018

Dior Rouge Blush Midnight Wish Timeless and Not Cheap

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Dior Rouge Blush Midnight Wish ($45) is starting to trickle onto makeup counters and at retailers like Sephora and I think it will likely sell out fast because it’s such a timeless piece. It also happens to prove that higher-end brands haven’t given in to the soft market and endless release and sale culture we are currently seeing from mid-range brands (well, that is if you don’t count Marc Jacobs Beauty which seems to have a knack for going on sale lately).

Not to be confused with the blush but still sporting the formula as Rouge Blush, Midnight Wish is actually a luminous shade of glow that will produce a fine golden shimmer on cheeks.

I am terribly addicted to collecting Dior’s Holiday Highlighters! I think my collection goes back at least 12 years so, of course, I’m weak enough to purchase Midnight Wish and add it to my makeup vault of “Pretty highlighters I like to look at but never use”!

I know for a fact this one was up on higher-end department store sites earlier and has now disappeared so if you do want it you probably shouldn’t wait.

Dior Rouge Blush Midnight Wish Timeless is available now!

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