October 25, 2018

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your Sephora 20% Off Discount

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As you know the Sephora 20% Holiday Bonus Event starts tomorrow for Rouge and next week for VIBs and the week after for BIs in stores at Sephora.com. If this is your first time taking advantage of this event I’ve compiled a few trips, tricks, and hacks to get the most bang for your buck. I’ll also have a few gift guides going up to help you make some great selections.

Considering Sephora recently offered 20% Off I was a little concerned they wouldn’t again extend the discount for the Holidays but thankfully enough we are getting a second run with 20% off. It’s a pretty exciting time since the sale has absolutely no exclusions. Chanel, Dior, Guerlain, there are no brand exceptions and you can buy whatever you want at 20% off.

Here are some trips and tricks for getting the most out of your Sephora 20% off discount!

What is the 20% Holiday Bonus Event?
If you’re a Rouge or VIB Member with Sephora the Holiday Bonus Event entitles you to 20% off your total purchase at Sephora and Sephora.com as well as Sephora at JCPenny with no exclusions. If you’re a BI Member your discount is 15% off with no exclusions

What are the dates for the 20% Off Holiday Bonus Event?
There are four different weeks that the sale takes place which are listed below.

  • Rouge: October 26th and October 29th
  • Rouge: November 2nd to November 5th
  • VIB: November 9th to November 12th
  • Beauty Insider: November 16th to November 19th

Is there a special coupon code or promotion code to use?
Yes, each member has a special discount code that you can use upon checkout at sephora.com which are as follows:


Can the promo code be used more than once?
Yes, you can. Last year, this wasn’t possible but this year it works fine over as many orders as you wish to use it on!

What about the in store discount?
Sephora has sent out e-mails coupons that contain a bar code which can be used in stores. The first week of the sale Rouge Members can extend the discount to a friend so long as the friend accompanies them in store. There are also snail mail coupons that were sent out which can brought in store and used. If you haven’t gotten one don’t worry as last year Sephora sales reps would check your status using your membership info and would apply the discount at checkout.

Hey, how about Canadians?
Yes, Canadians are also included in the sale and can shop at sephora.ca.

Shop the Sale During the Sale
I recommend this every year and it’s still one of the best hacks ever in my humblest opinion! You see, Sephora.com has a slew of sale items that are already reduced 30% to 60% off which means you can get an additional 20% off on sale items! It’s a nice way to grab some stocking stuffers or inexpensive gifts.

Donโ€™t Shop All Brands
As always I recommend NOT shopping all brands during this sale. Go with luxury items, higher end fragrances, or items that you know Sephora exclusively carries but try to avoid brands like Philosophy, Stila, and other mid-range brands. Brands like Philosophy, Stila, even Tarte and Stila tend to have a higher discount during the upcoming Holiday season and you’d be looking at a discount greater than 20% off if you wait. Not to mention Black Friday and Cyber Monday are on the way which means even more discounts. Just remember to ask yourself while shopping at Sephora, “Is this brand going to have a better deal or sale later in the season?”

Get Your Cart Ready Right Now and Shop Early
I find it recent years this little hack doesn’t always apply as it seems like stuff doesn’t sale out as quickly as it once did but hey, you never know right? Might as well get your cart loaded up early and be ready to check out early in the AM so you have no problems!

My item sold out now what?
Try not to worry too much about this as I notice that they tend to restock within a few days! And Rouge does have two weeks to shop so, if it remains out of stock that first week, check back, it might just pop back up!

Is there anything first during the sale?
Yes, on the first day of the sale Rouge Members get a sample set.

I hope these trips and tricks help you shop the Sephora sale!

Enjoy! Have fun!

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Dee

    Just started making my list so this was a great post! I have never purchased anything from Natasha Denona due to the price but will use the 20% for one of the smaller palettes. After that, no clue. But will take advantage of the sale. I used to dislike Sephora’s brush cleaning towelettes. Don’t believe that is the actual name! But I hated how oily they were but now love them as I realize that is what gets the brushes clean and they are great for travel. Hopefully I can snag a bunch of those.

    • Isabella Muse

      yay! ;-D ND is a good one to haul because that is def never on sale so 20% is a good discount! ;-D OMG I love those ;-D I know the ones you mean!

  • Jujubes

    Thank you!! I LIVE for your news about sales, and of course your reviews too. Please do not ever stop posting about these sales, or I would not have known! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kjh

    I think itโ€™s unlimited instore and online; read that somewhere. My question is about using the $100 gift card during this time. Iirc, there is only one box for coupon codes, etc. online. it seems that if you use the 20, at least online, you might not be able to use th GC for pmt. not doing any m/u until the second coming. (Ykwim). It seems SMARTER to go to the store (which means the larger, grosser local mall store, as little S does not have it.). Looking for Phlur Greylocke and Olmstead & Vaux frags. If bigger S has it, then the register SA can fix using the GC as the pmt, as well as the 20. Amirite? Plus, online can be a major zoo during a 20.

    • Isabella Muse

      Don’t quote me but I don’t think we can use the coupon code during a sale. You mean the $100 reward GC right? I think the reward card even says you can’t use it during a sale but don’t quote me I could be wrong!

      • kjh

        Thanks. Was afraid of that. I screen shot the email but did not read the fine print. Might as well wait, then, make a list, scroll. Iโ€™m near the big mall for Mon day job, so use the card and poke around. Thereโ€™s always S brand eyeliners. Itโ€™s like if the shoe fits….buy โ€˜em in every color. Iโ€™ve talked myself out of virtually evert BTI (big ticket item) at S, but may need to reconsider.

        • Isabella Muse

          don’t quote me but pretty sure it can’t be used! I have to read the fine print too!

  • Paige

    As a perfume aficionado, I was wondering if you had tried the Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume. I am tempted to blind buy during the sale so I can get it with the discount, because I donโ€™t have the time to run to my local Sephora to see if they have it and if I like it. I should probably bite the bullet and go Friday, but the thought of the crowds leaves me cold…anyway, I was wondering if you had tried it and what were your thoughts if you had. Also, thanks for the last post about the sets, there are some in there I am definitely considering.

  • Annie S.

    Hey Muse-

    Not to be greedy or anything, can you find out if Rogues can also shop when VIBs and BIs can shop? Or do all tiers have their own weekends to shop?

    • Isabella Muse

      The two weeks/dates are in this post for Rouges and those are the days you can shop. Hope this helps!

  • Carol I.

    Thank you so much Muse! I read all your posts and appreciate the reviews and news you post. I went to Sephora today and stocked up on the DE kits and have an order in for the one that is available only on-line. Next item is the ND Sunset Pallette as I’ve been wanting it but didn’t want to shell out full price. I was able to get a few of her pallets during the last sale for Rouge and love, love, and LOVE the quality! The other make up just seems so-so to me and I think it is because I’m saturated and tired of mediocre performing make up! I’m not a snob as my favorite lip item is a Sephora Cream Stain (staying power galore and matte) but all the other usual brands like Kat Von D., Urban Decay, Tarte, Two Faced and even Huda seem to just be reinventions of prior releases and don’t have pigment, I guess my ND splurges have set the bar to a higher level and have emptied my wallet! Would rather have a few quality items so the sale is definitely one I’m going to be mindful of my choices! Best to you and you are beautiful inside and out!

    • Isabella Muse

      aw thanks Carol ๐Ÿ™‚ Those DE kits are a deal for sure ;-D Glad you got in on those! I am as well with makeup lately. Little burnt out ๐Ÿ™ I totally agree with you! It’s a lot of repetition with mediocre formulas sadly ๐Ÿ™ Aw thank you my dear your comment made my day ๐Ÿ™‚