November 27, 2018

I’m Just Saying We Don’t Need Another Too Faced Glow Job Radiance-Boosting Glitter Face Mask

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I’m such a sucker because I ordered Too Faced Glow Job Radiance-Boosting Glitter Face Mask when it launched and now I have a migraine because there’s a new Too Faced Disco Glow Job Radiance-Boosting Glitter Face Mask for Spring 2019 that launches shortly.

Hold a second, I need to go lay down and rest.

Ok, I’m back.

I’m just saying we don’t need another Too Faced Glow Job Radiance-Boosting Glitter Face Mask. Please stop with the Insta-beauty BS.

If you somehow live under a rock Too Faced Glow Job Radiance-Boosting Glitter Face Mask launched several months ago and was obviously an excellent social media marketing strategy. I mean, think about it, a glittery pink facial mask and hundreds of people snapping selfies with it on and posting it on Instagram. Of course, it’s going to go viral because glitter and pink just gets us every time! If we could we’d eat glitter pink cornflakes in the morning! We’d sleep on glittery pink bed sheets! Well, some of us would. I’m one of those girls that lives for glitter and yeah, sure, I like the shade pink.

In reality though, the whole Insta-beauty thing can be annoying and grates on the nerves after a while. Because brands like Too Faced and Tarte rely very heavily on social media to gain portions of their sales and they do spend some of their time catering to that social following by creating products like Too Faced Disco Glow Job Radiance-Boosting Glitter Face Mask in the hopes of gaining new followers.

You know someone out there is insta-famous hungry and is gun ho to create a 1 minute video of themselves with the latest Drake song playing in the background (or maybe they’ll get really creative and put some disco music on like Boogie Fever) while they apply and peel off Too Faced Disco Glow Job Radiance-Boosting Glitter Face Mask in the hopes of gaining 1000s of followers when Too Faced re-grams it.

I tried Too Faced Glow Job Radiance-Boosting Glitter Face Mask and it was drying as hello because hey, it contains alcohol! Surprise! And other unsavory morsels like carmine, heavy fragrance, and aluminum powder! Of course, I’m no chemist but I didn’t really notice all the benefits they promise this mask will do to my complexion when I use it. And the questions remains, do we really need glitter in a facial mask?

Don’t quote me here but I can’t find any differences in the Disco Glow Job formula. It appears it is simply a black sparkly version that’s launching.

I’m just throwing my opinion around here but do we really new shade of this mask? Really?

Anyway, you can expect Too Faced Disco Glow Job Radiance-Boosting Glitter Face Mask to arrive shortly at for Spring 2019.

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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    • Isabella Muse

      ITA! It seems they just changed the color! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY stop!

  • Corey

    Finally, someone is saying it! I hated these last year and cannot understand why they would release it again– move on the the next Insta-trend. At this price point, I wish people would buy a nice mask that would help their skin!

    • Isabella Muse

      WHYYYYY! I swear I rage so much when I see this stuff. I mean do we really need a new shade of the same formula?!?! WHY! I agree just move on to the next dumb insta-trend! stop trying to rehash the success of the last one!

  • Paige

    Why on earth do I need an alcohol and glitter mask alternately drying out and scratching my skin, and then I’m washing a giant scratchy wodge of glitter down the drain and into the water table? Do I hate both my skin and the environment that much?

    And I didn’t even have to reference the stupidity of the name or the improessionable young things buying this nonsense. Shut UP, Too Faced.

  • kjh

    Y’all are so right!!!! Damaging ingredients…forget the skin effects…think about the aluminum depositing in your central nervous system and possibly contributing to dementia! They (medical people, like PMS docs) have been warning against heavy metals since the 80s. Only selfie mad twits would consider this. And Jerrod gives us a new version. How yay! The mfgrs know there’s a sucker born every minute…and here is more proof.

  • Hana

    For my my biggest issue is still the name of the product. NARS has plenty of sexually named products but their sleek packaging, price point and ad campgains are clearly geared towards grown woman. Too faced with their unicorn collections and cutesy packaging has attracted a large fan base of young girls. My little sister is almsot 14and she and all her friends are too faced obbsessed, the thought of them all using a product named glowjob just makes me squirm.