November 15, 2018

Holiday Makeup & Beauty Christmas Crackers For All Your Festive Gatherings (Not the Kind You Eat!)

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This year it seems like Makeup & Beauty Christmas Crackers are having a major moment in the sun! There are so many different brands doing them I’m actually having a hard time keeping track of them all but I am enjoying discovering new ones daily.

Christmas crackers have a long history and have always been a Christmas tradition in the UK and it’s something I’ve always fondly taken away from trips to the UK and used in some of my own dinner parties and gatherings around the Holidays. I have a longstanding tradition of ordering a selection of Christmas Crackers from England that I use during Holiday parties. It’s been rather fun introducing some of my friends to them over the years as some people haven’t ever experienced the small joy of a Christmas Cracker!

If you’ve never used experienced a Christmas Cracker you’re in for a treat this year as many feature makeup and beauty items!

Here’s the deets!

Typically Christmas Crackers resemble a large wrapped old fashioned hard candy with a twist on each side. The sides are meant to be pulled apart and the cracker breaks open with a loud pop (there’s a small cap gun-like device/powder inside that makes the popping sound) to reveal any number of different contents. In the UK, the sides are typically pulled apart by two people and the person who gets the larger side “wins” the loot inside the cracker which is typically a tiny toy, chocolate, a small fortune or joke, and of course, the traditional silly paper crowns. I tend to set my table with a cracker for each guess and allow them to put apart the cracker themselves and keep the contents.

I can’t say if you’ll get that silly crown or that loud pop when you pull apart the Makeup and Beauty Christmas Crackers below but I know for a fact you’ll be happy with the contents if you love some good beauty! One of the best parts about some of these crackers are come in sets of four or more which means you can have a fun little gathering with your besties (if they love beauty too) and place a cracker in front of each of their plates as a little gift! They also make great Secret Santa gifts!

Sephora The Glowy Surprise Face and Lip Kit Popper $14
A fun little cracker that contains a Sephora Creamy Lip Stain, a chubby little blush, and a chubby little highlighter for a glowing look this Holiday season!

L’Occitane Holiday Crackers Set $34
This is an adorable little foursome of Christmas Crackers that each have unique items inside like 1 oz sizes of Almond Shower Oil, Cherry Blossom Shower Gel, Cherry Blossom hand Cream, Lavender Hand Cream and more! Perfect for sharing and setting out at a Christmas lunch or dinner with friends!

Jo Malone Christmas Cracker $48
Pull apart Jo Malone’s fancy Cracker to reveal deluxe sizes of Red Roses Cologne, English Oak & Redcurrant Body & Hand Wash, and Lime Basil & Mandarin Body Crème!

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Cracker Gift Set $32
A most perfect Christmas Cracker for those that love YSL’s sexy gourmand fragrance, Black Opium! This includes a 0.33 oz rollerball as well as a Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick!

Eve Lom Kiss Mix Cracker $35
I actually ordered Eve’s cracker for myself as it includes two Kiss Mix shades (one clear, one light pink) as I love the formula on those!

Marc Jacobs Beauty Anything Go-Gos Mini Mascara & Lip Set $20
Marc Jacobs’ Christmas Cracker is probably the nicest to check out his range of color cosmetics without breaking the bank! The mini mascara doesn’t excite me but it does also include a delux Le Marc Lip Crème in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and lord knows Le Marc Lip Creme Lipsticks are delightful so this is a nice way to check out the formula!

Winky Lux Surprise Holiday Cracker $14
Truly one of the cutest little crackers around that includes full size Flower and Glimmer Balms as well as a full-size Glossy Boss!

The Body Shop Hand Cream Cracker Gift Set $30
Here’s another fab set for friend gatherings! This little set includes six different crackers with six different hand creams in each (1 oz each).

Too Faced Christmas Cracker $15
Of course, Too Faced had to get in on this act! There little cracker includes deluxe sizes of Better Than Sex Mascara and a Melted Matte-Tallic Lipstick in You Better Work!

Have you purchased any cute Christmas Crackers this year?

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