November 25, 2018

Ulta Cyber Monday 2018 Recommendations (Things I’d Totally Buy)

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All these sales are not only tempting but so damn overwhelming! I am literally exhausted seeing it all my inbox as I am sure you are too! I thought I’d do a brief roundup of things that are worth purchasing during the Ulta Cyber Monday 2018 Sale that starts tonight at 7PM CT at This way you can sort of weed out stuff that’s not worth looking at in my humblest opinion! Hopefully, this breaks things down for you a little bit and helps you to score stuff that’s awesome!

I loved Lipstick Reign & Shine Lip Gloss ($12)! It was a great formula and the shade Ruler of Rose was a particularly lovely color worth looking into (as seen on my lips below)! The finish has a lovely golden sheen that’s perfect for Holiday looks and at this price you can totally afford to indulge! I wish I had paid that price when I got mine!

The entire J Cat Beauty brand is on sale at 40% Off! Here are a few items worth looking at:

J Cat H20 Fresh Dewy Hydrating Face Primer (Winter weather is here which means dry skin! This is a nice, lightweight gel primer that provides light moisture while prepping skin for makeup)



J Cat X-Treme Access Pocket Shadow Palette (I haven’t tried these yet but I’m going to indulge today with the sale going on! They have some really great shade roundups in some of these palettes and at this price, I don’t mind getting a dud if things don’t work out well!)

J Cat Dry Makeup Brush Cleaner (I reviewed this earlier this Summer and have to say I really quite like it! It makes switching eyeshadow shades super easy during application without getting your brush wet!)


Flower Beauty’s Entire Line is 40% Off but their Petal Pout Lip Color is really worth looking into! This lipstick has a creamy, pigmented formula that wore quite long on my dry lips!

Flower Beauty Wild Azalea Petal Pout Lip Color

Soap & Glory’s entire brand is on sale for 30% Off and if nothing else please grab some Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss! It’s such a great gloss that makes lips look incredibly full!

I was happy to see the entire Too Cool for School Line is on sale at 40% off as I can stock up on some of my favs! Pick up the Egg-ssential 3-Step Skincare Set! It’s worth indulging in as it includes my fav moisturizer, Egg Mellow Cream as well as other skincare goodies!

As I said before, Winter is here and moisture is a good idea. Try out the Egg Cream Mask Hydration Set which includes 5 Egg Cream Sheet Masks which are super hydrating!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick is such an underrated drugstore lipstick! During Ulta’s Cyber Monday Sale all the shades $3.99 each! Find a few to indulge in and thank me later 🙂

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Bare Affair

Revlon Bare Affair Super Lustrous Lipstick

One item I’ll be purchasing for sure that’s already in my cart is Perricone MD No Mascara Mascara! I reviewed this when it originally came out a few years and it remains one of my favorite mascaras. It’s really a great formula that adds excellent volume and lenght to my lashes! Well worth picking up at $15 since the original price is $30!

Perricone MD No Mascara Mascara

Please if you haven’t done so already get your hands on Bare Minerals bareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer which is $11 bucks during this sale. I raved this when it launched and I still rave it because it’s such a great formula for drier eyes! It’s creamy and quite hydrating! And excellent pick for dry, aging eyes!

Bare Minerals Bare Skin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer

It’s the Holidays and glittery eyes are never frowned upon! If you don’t already own it I’d suggest picking up Urban Decay’s Moondust Eyeshadow Palette which is $24 bucks! I reviewed this quite favorably when it launched. I love sparkly eyeshadows and these have an excellent texture with plenty of sparkly for festive looks!

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette8

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette fotd

Wearing Lithium

Urban Decay Moondust fotd

Wearing Lithium

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Supersize Concealer is available at 40% off which means it is $6 bucks! If you haven’t, please dry it! It’s quite comparable to Tarte’s Shape Tape but creamier and lightly hydrating with excellent pigmentation!

I think it truly goes without saying that picking up Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes for $10 bucks is most definitely advised! It’s a favorite of mine and I highly recommend stocking up at this price! P.S. Don’t bother with any of their other mascaras!

The Smashbox Ablaze Collection is a whopping 50% off and I just say haul it all! I never reviewed it sadly but do own most of it and love it! I just wish I had paid this cheap for it!

Another item I own and love is the Smashbox Next-Level Neutrals: Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick Set which is $24.50 during this sale! There are five full-size natural lip colors in this set! The deal is outstanding, the shades are brilliant, just get it!

I hope this helped you make some great choices from the Ulta Cyber Monday Sale!

Feel free to share your purchases in the comments! I do so love hearing about them!

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • julie fielding

    I forgot how GREAT that nude Revlon lipstick was on you! I know you aren’t typically a nudie lip lover, but you should break that one out now and again. It looks fabulous. Btw, you have really outdone yourself on the sale updates this year…much appreciated!! xoxo

    • Isabella Muse

      ONG thank you <3 and thanks for commenting on the sales! I was worried I was overwhelming everyone! It's just SO much! <3! Did you buy any fragrances during the sale?! I went a little crazy ;-D Niche scents on sale are hard to come by! Twisted Lily, Neiman Marcus, they all had sales on niche houses and I jumped on it! haha!

  • Stephanie

    What is the name of the Revlon lipstick? It looks like it could be a dupe for MAC High Tea. Thank you!

  • Lauren

    This is so tempting! Alas, I’m trying to save some money so I can eventually pick up TF Fing Fabulous and Lost Cherry. I did find a tester of Creed Love in Black for $75 on a Facebook fragrance swap/sale group I belong to, so that’s my one Black Friday purchase, lol.

    • Isabella Muse

      please try Lost Cherry in stores! I purchased it blind buy and love it but the silage is a little bit weak! Oh nice score! I was able to get a few lovely bits on Twisted Lily and Osswald as both are having killer deals! Ejoy your Love in Black!

      • Lauren

        I’ve gotten several samples of it! I love it, but it definitely does lack decent sillage, especially for the price (same for FF, to be honest). I’m holding off buying it for now, in the hopes that it shows up on the swap/purchase FB group at a significant discount. It’s gorgeous, but definitely not $320 of gorgeous, lol! My most expensive perfume that I’ve bought was $250 (The Different Company I Miss Violet), and I agonized over purchasing it for well over a year, so that extra $70 is making me cringe, big time.

        • Isabella Muse

          ITA on FF! I really have to get a few sprays in before I get good throw from it. Most people hate and say it smells like baby powder but I actually love FF more than LC! LC seems to go a tiny bit incense-like on me which I’m not loving! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got it during Sephora FF but I still felt I paid too much just because it isn’t as good as his other juices! I have to admit I’ve overindulged in far too many niche fragrances at that price, I feel your pain completely! I have too many addictions to niche houses! I’ve never heard of a Different Company! Something new to discover ;-D Does it smell wonderful and do you love? If so, it was worth the $250! 😀 Not sure if you like gourmands but Ganache is having a great sale today!! His scents are divine 😀 Oh PS you know what really breaks my heart? Love Don’t Be Shy. I consider it my signature scent but I CRY at $295 because it has ZERO silage! My body chemistry just sucks up all that deliciousness ! 🙁

          • Lauren

            I Miss Violet is beautiful, a really nice candied violets/iris/suede scent. I think you might like a lot of the Different Company scents. I got IMV at Aedes in the West Village, if you want to go sniff!

            See, the incense layer of LC is what I really love! Makes it so much different from the other cherry scents out there, like Escada’s Cherry in the Air. At the same time, though, i think the additional charge on top of TF’s already high prices is ridiculous, especially since the sillage and lasting power of FF and LC is not nearly as good as the majority of the rest of the line.

          • Isabella Muse

            Oh I’ll stop by tonight! I do so adore a good candy violet! Although, I might hate on you if I love it and buy it LOL! ;-D I don’t do incense so well sadly. It’s just not a note I favor. I was actually hoping LC would be more gourmand and sweeter. For me it almost feels like air freshener. I still have to test more though before I throw that kind of blasphemy about TF fragrances around lol! I don’t understand why TF always has to mark up new releases! Within a year LC will likely be $235! Grrr!

          • Lauren

            The Different Company has quite a few nice scents! I will warn you that IMV doesn’t have monster sillage, which is why I agonized for a year over buying it, lol. But I loved it so much that I had to finally pull the trigger on it. It’s one that makes me instantly feel better when I spray it.

          • Isabella Muse

            ha! hmm maybe I’ll grab a sample before a blind buy! I always love the beast mode ones if I’m paying $200+! ;-D Honestly, if you love it, it’s SOOOOOOOO worth the $$ imho!

  • Kelly

    Woo whoo, thank you!!! I have been tormenting myself trying to find a decent party palette that would have a good mix of light to dark colors, and minimal browns. I was eyeing the Moondust palette the other day, and then saw your suggestion and review. I am thinking I need to snag that one now! I feel like every palette out there lately is all browns and oranges The Revlon nude color looks sooo good on you!

    • Isabella Muse

      omg you’re welcome 🙂 I totally agree! There are A LOT of warm shades lately! Moondust def has more fun shades ;-D awwww thanks kelly <3!