December 17, 2018

Clinique ID Let’s Your Customize Your Skincare Routine

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Clinique has launched a new Clinique ID Custom-Blend Hydrator Collection that includes five different Clinique iD Active Cartridges that allows you to customize the moisturizer of choice. I’m always up for playing Herbert West with beauty. So, of course, my inner mad scientist loves this idea. Some other more logical part of me is thinking it’s a bit of a gimmick…! But let me have my moment in the sun where I can mix a serum with my moisturizer of choice to create some uber fancy moisturizer that probably doesn’t do what it promises.

I’m sorry, don’t kill me all you Clinique fans πŸ™‚ Clinique has my heart when it comes to some of their color cosmetics and they even capture my attention with SOME of their skincare but a lot of it does prove a little disappointing at times and doesn’t quite work the way they promise! For example, I put so much time and effort into Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector it became a career for me. No, seriously, I really put a lot of effort into that product. I applied it religiously every single day and purchased three bottles of it! I was a woman with a mission! I was going to MAKE it work! There were just too many people raving how great it was and I was convinced I was somehow doing something wrong because it sure as hell wasn’t working for me.

Three bottles and $240 dollars later I still had the pesky dark spot I was trying to get rid of on upper cheek bone. I think Clinique’s skincare can be a hit or miss situation for me. To this day I still love Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. But other products, well, sometimes they can be over marketed. And I have my suspicions maybe the Clinique ID Custom-Blend Hydrator Collection might prove a miss but I will be trying none the less because you never know!

Clinique ID Custom-Blend Hydrator Collection is an interesting idea. Basically you’ll choose either Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly or Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion for $25 and one of the new Clinique iD Active Cartridges for $14.

Each Clinique iD Active Cartridge address different issues and there are five total to choose from!


  • Lines & Wrinkles (purple): Smooth lines and re-plump
  • Uneven Skin Tone (white): Even tone and brighten
  • Uneven Skin Texture (blue): Reduce the look of pores and retexturize skin
  • Irritation (green): Calm and comfort irritated skin
  • Fatigue (orange): Energize and revive glow

Now Ulta sells these separately at the prices I listed above. However, sells them as a set which sets you back a one time price of $39. Either way, you’re paying $39 it’s just that Ulta for some reason has the cartridges as a separate purchase.

At first, I was happy that Ulta had the cartridges separately as I have both a Hydrating Jelly and a Moisturizing Lotion and didn’t need another one. That meant I could spend $14 rather than $39. However, I am little unsure if the cartridge will fit on my current bottle. I did notice that both the jelly and lotion a little cheaper because they are smaller in size as Clinique left room for the cartridge. Where as either one of these formulas is typically 4.2 oz in size and $28 they are now marked down to $25 with and contain 3.9 oz of moisturizer. I’m not sure if the bottle openings are larger to allow for the cartridge to fit into them or if they are fact the same 4.2 oz bottles. That’s sort of my question of the moment since I already have the lotion and jelly and each is half full I am sort of unwilling to buy another one just to use with a cartridge. That would mean I’d have to wait until I use up one of those moisturizers. If in fact, the cartridge does fit over my current bottle I’d be quite happy as I can easily try one of those without spending more money as the cartridges are fairly affordable at $14 each.

Now the real question begs to be answered would be if they actually work…..! I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of this system!

Where to buy

Sephora Ulta Nordstrom

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Miko

    I had been seriously considering buying this with the purple cartridge, but I think I will wait and see more reviews on it.

    • Isabella Muse

      I was playing with the idea too! I am curious if it’ll fit on my current bottle though as I have no need for an extra moisturizer right now!

  • Elaine G

    Hey, I hear you on Clinique. I agree. I only did 1 bottle of Clinical Dark Spot. No removing for me. This does not excite. I only love moisture surge now. Perhaps I am showing my age…or I have learned so much from you…that I have moved on. !? Happy holidays, merry Muse!

    • Isabella Muse

      I just wish Clinique had more options that worked for me :-/ I hear ya on dark spot, everyone raves it but I used it diligently and didn’t see any difference! darn shame ;-D Happy Holidays my dear!

  • Lisa

    The cartridge won’t fit on your current bottle, unfortunately you need a new bottle to work with it. Sorry, let me know how you like it!

    • Isabella Muse

      that’s sad πŸ™ means I can’t indulge for a bit as I have a jelly and a lotion I’m currently working my way through!

  • Elena

    I work for Clinique and trust me, I’m just as much of a skepticist when it comes to pricey skincare.

    However, I really am excited for this product because it offers a more affordable way to use Clinique anti-aging skincare.

    The products that Clinique has for anti-aging are quite pricey so this is definitely a middle ground if you have minor skin concerns or if you don’t have any immediate concerns but want to begin a preventative anti-aging regimen.

    The fact that you can customize it to your liking is even more appealing to me. For example, I have oily skin. So, I can use a lightweight combination in the morning to combat oiliness but then layer for luxury at night with a more hydrating combination for the evening.

    Also, being able to mix it with your moisturizer makes it one less step to worry about.

    I’m looking forward to your review!

    • Isabella Muse

      I really love the idea of this too! But I hate that I can’t fit one of the cartridges over my current bottles :-/ Makes it hard for me to indulge in it right away, I’ll have to wait until I am done with at least one of my current bottles!

      • Elena

        Oh yes, I can definitely understand that. And as a consumer that would bug me, too.

        If you didn’t enjoy the dark spot corrector, I would steer clear of the ‘white’ cartridge.

        • Isabella Muse

          thanks! I was thinking that the moisturizing one would be the way to go for winter ;-D

  • Bernadette

    I have this one, and if you want to know a little secret I do is I also have the dramatically different lotion so I bought the ID one, the lotion and the cartridge.
    So I have used enough of the ID one which I love by the way, and poured the remainder of my other bottle into the ID bottle. Just remove the cartridge and of course you can gauge how much room you have in the bottle and then just pour in your other regular one, now I know they are 90% lotion and the cartridge is 10%, but if the cartridge runs out before the other, oh well. I know it sounds stupid but it worked for me and I did not want to waste my regular dramatically different.
    I know they did this so you would have to purchase another bottle but I am not wasting anything these days. Hope this helps. Love your blogs look forward to them everyday, you are amazing.

    • Isabella Muse

      omg thanks for the tip haha ;-D you’re awesome ;-D Awwww thank you so much <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that means the world to me <3!

    • Elena

      I completely understand where you’re coming from.

      They didn’t do it so you would have to purchase another bottle, they did it because the capacity of the current DDML would overflow if you stuck a cartridge in there. HOWEVER, I’m sure they could have gone about it a different way if they were interested in keeping the current packaging.

      • Bernadette

        They are not changing the packaging, you just have to purchase the larger one so the cartridge will fit.